Porta Ogari was a city on the Serrogar Peninsula that had Imulsion refineries.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Porta Ogari was an important stop for vessels of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Merchant Navy, with many sailors passing through the port after long trips. Dizzy Wallin often stopped at a bar called Canopus on his way through the city.[1]

Emergence DayEdit

Six weeks after the Armistice between the UIR and COG, Porta Ogari was attacked by creatures that emerged from underground. They tore through the city, destroying the Imulsion refineries, which set parts of the city on fire and caused several vessels to divert to Cape Aelis. The port harbor master contacted the CNV Audacious and asked for assistance in fighting the attackers, and warned the Betancourt Star away from the port.[2]

Stranded CampsEdit

In the aftermath of Emergence Day and the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, Stranded camps were set up in Porta Ogari. During the Lambent Invasion, the Stranded there had some contact over the radio with other camps, including one at Hatton.[3]


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