Port Slaughterhouse was the only city on the island of Galangi in the South Islands. It had a port where several trawlers operated, and a ferry that went to the island of Noroa. It was named Port Slaughterhouse because the main business in the town was to slaughter livestock before shipping the frozen carcasses to Noroa.[1]


Locust WarEdit

During the Locust War, Port Slaughterhouse was spared a Locust attack due to the deep abyssal trench in between Galangi and the rest of the South Islands preventing them from tunneling to it. Councilman Dan Barrett represented the town, and worked with Sgt.Bernadette Mataki to set up a militia to defend it should the Locust ever reach it. Several refugees from other islands fled to Port Slaughterhouse. Nine years after Emergence Day, a group of fifteen civilians and three Gears left Noroa and went to Port Slaughterhouse, as it was one of the few cities left on the planet with working facilities such as plumbing and electricity and shielded from Locust attack by the abyssal trench.[2]


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