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Port Farrall was a city on the northern Tyrus coast,[1] abandoned sometime between Emergence Day and the Hammer strike in 1 A.E. After Jacinto had been sunk, it became the COG's temporary capital. Port Farrall was used to house a refugee camp of over three million displaced Jacinto citizens and Stranded, subject to raids by Locust stragglers and other Stranded. The remnant of Jacinto and the known government was located in Port Farrall for seven weeks during the Frost, although Port Farrall was uninhabitable in the climate the COG arrived in the city with. Many were dying from the cold and weather, and a relocation was needed to ensure the survival of the human race. Delta Squad was sent to Vectes to scope out a possible new area for the COG to live in, and Vectes Naval Base was discovered with still acting COG personnel.[2].

When Vectes came under attack by the Lambent, Port Farrall was looked at as a possible relocation site for the entire population, but was found to be overrun by Lambent Stalks. This and the fate of several other places like it forced the COG to disband and the surviving population to split up into several different locations.

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