Pinnacle Tower.

"It's a friggin' palace! Thanks, Prescott, great use of my taxes!"
Damon Baird ranting about the tower.

Pinnacle Tower was the largest building on Azura, and the residence of the most important civilians in the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Heart of AzuraEdit

In the many parts and buildings of Azura, Pinnacle Tower served as the main, central tower. The Hotel would house the most prominent residents of Azura, designed for the upmost isloation and for the housing of government leaders. While the main atrium served to house the majoirty figures, the top floors and penthouse served to house the Chairmen, Generals, and Scientists.

While the roof served as a helicopter landing, it was later used in the years Azura held Adam Fenix to build the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon.

Captured by the LocustEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Professor Adam Fenix had a lab on the top floor of Pinnacle Tower, where he worked on the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, which was located on the roof of the tower. When the Locust captured the island, members of the Onyx Guard attempted to defend the door, but were defeated.[1] When the Locust entered the tower, they slaughtered everyone inside of the tower except for Adam, and began fortifying the tower both inside and out. Adam was trapped in his lab, and Queen Myrrah forced him to continue working on the weapon and make it only affect the Lambent.[2]

Second Battle of AzuraEdit

Several days after the Locust captured Azura, the remnants of the COG launched a attack on the island in an attempt to recapture it and rescue Adam, and use his weapon to end the war. Delta-One entered Pinnacle Tower, and fought their way up through the Locust entrenched within. The tower took heavy damage during the battle, including the collapse of one elevator and the loss of a counterweight halfway up the tower. Many windows were also smashed by Lambent Stalks and Myrrah's Tempest. Adam was freed from his lab, and the Imulsion countermeasure weapon at the top of the tower was activated and ended the war, but the tower took further damage from the battle, leaving much of the roof in ruins.[2]

Azura Hotel logo

Pinnacle Tower logo.


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