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Clayton Carmine salivating for bacon after a Stranded tried to make deal to trade Samantha Byrne for it.

A Pig or otherwise known as a Hog or Boar is a common domestic farm animal used by humans as an important food source and waste disposal. These hoofed animals varied in size depending on the breed, with some weighing just 10kg to monster hogs tipping the scales at half a ton.

Like humans, pigs are omnivorous animals that could eat anything, this makes them good for waste disposal and incredibly adaptable and versatile animals. Their various cuts of meats can be cured into either ham or bacon, with the latter being a favored food item for many Gears such as Clayton Carmine.[1]


Evacuation of Vectes[]

After evacuating the island of Vectes during the Lambent Pandemic, the CNV Sovereign was able to recover a small farm of domesticated pigs for food. Damon Baird did not find the living conditions on a ship to be comfortable and complained about his problems to a pig.[2] It is unlikely any pig survived after the destruction of the Sovereign by a Lambent Leviathan.

Mission to Hanover[]

During the Mission to Hanover, Baird's squad met a Stranded sniper who almost shot Clayton Carmine for access to the local Stranded at Hanover for supplies. The sniper almost convinced Baird and Clayton to trade Samantha Byrne for strips of bacon, in which they haven't had in a couple of months. However, Cole chimed in and used his Thrashball fame to gain entrance to the Stranded compound.[3]


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