"We had a lot of trouble with Shaoshi raiding our herds. I’m good at ambushes."
Bai Tak to his Tyran officer

The Pesanga-Shaoshi conflict was a series of cross raiding from the Shaoshi side of the conflict into Pesang. The Shaoshi marauders would raid the pesanga for their herds. The constancies raids shaped the Pesanga people into a natural fighter, letting many of them become natural warriors and with a great reputation for stealth, along with their machete like knifes. The Shaoshi sometimes would dam rivers leading into Pesanga to irrigate their farmlands, leading to more skirmishes and a few deaths. Bai Tak’s father was able to “sort it out”.[1] By the 67th year of the Pendulum Wars, a drought lead to the a temporary end of the conflict since there was no water to fight over. Promoting many Pesang to join the COG Army, as riflemen.[2]


"My father—he sort it out."
—Bai Tak on his father during the water disputes.

The border conflict would turn the physically small Pesanga people into naturally adept mountain warriors that specialized in stealth combat. With their light armor, the Pesanga were nearly impossible to hear. Pesanga that ended their tour of duty for the COG cameback from the war with extra revenue and were able to support their families like Seng Tak who used his army pension to set up a clothing company and built a home with plumbing. Something unheard of in Pesang.[3]


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