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Pesang was the homeland of the Pesanga people.[1] Pesang bordered Kashkur and Vasgar. It was a willing ally of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, but not a full member.[2][3] It was located east of Tyrus[4] and was considered a neighbour of Vasgar, despite the hundreds of kilometers, which was mostly mountains, between them.[3]


Conflict with the ShaoshiEdit

For years, the Shaoshi marauders attacked Pesang for their cattle and water rights for the rivers.[5] The Pesanga people naturally learned how to fight the Shaoshi with stealth, using their most famous farm tool - the Machete. The Coalition of Ordered Governments, from across the Eastern Central Massif, discovered how formidable the Pesanga warriors were and started recruiting them, setting up the Pesanga Brigade of Rifles, with its headquarters in the Gulan Province.

Alliance with the COGEdit

"I accept it for all the Pesang troops who didn't get the recognition I recommended. Pesang is a willing ally, not a conquered territory. They volunteered for our war. So this is for Sergeant Bai Tak and his countrymen."
—Hoffman, accepting his Embry Star in honor of his Pesang troops and embarrassing Chairman Dalyell

During the Pendulum Wars, Pesang entered into an alliance with the Coalition of Ordered Governments. They were also one of the few nations who still had their independence. The COG Army set up recruiting offices in Paro city and posted several Propaganda posters depicting a friendly Gear. Some Pesanga people joined the COG army for patriotic reasons and fiscal opportunities, especially during the harsh winter in 17 B.E.

Known Provinces and CitiesEdit


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