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Pelruan was a small town situated on the island of Vectes in the Lesser Islands chain. It was home to 3,000 civilians led by Mayor Lewis Gavriel and had several outlying farms. The town had a war memorial dedicated to members of the Duke of Tollen's Regiment, the Andius Fusiliers Regiment, and the NCOG Corps of Marines who had died during the Pendulum Wars.



Pelruan was founded to help supply Vectes Naval Base with food and supplies, and as a place for visitors to the island to stay at.

Locust War[]

Cut off From Sera[]

The island of Vectes was on the far side of the abyssal trench that prevented the Locust Horde from digging to the islands.

Return of the COG[]

Stranded Insurgency[]

Lambent Pandemic[]


When the COG was forced to evacuate from Vectes because of the Lambent, the civilians from Pelruan traveled with Col. Victor Hoffman and a group of his Gears to the city of Anvegad in Kashkur. Pelruan itself was flooded and sunk by the Lambent.

Known Residents[]