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The Pariah Tank was a tank used by the Union of Independent Republics. Pariah Tanks were the main workhorse of the UIR Army and often dueled with COG Tanks and Centaurs. They were heavily armed and heavily armored with a modern active protection system (APS) that could fend off anti-tank munitions. However they would have a flaw in their design that made them vulnerable at the rear.


Battle of Ragani[]

During the Battle of Ragani, a Pariah Tank led the assault on the COG position on the outskirts of the city. It killed several Gears, but one of its tracks was taken out by a RPG, immobilizing it. It was then destroyed by Captain Adam Fenix and Cpl.Collins, who threw Molotov Cocktails into the vents on the back of the tank, lighting it on fire from the inside and killing the crew.[1]

Swarm War[]

While exploring an old UIR base, Kait Diaz, Delmont Walker and JACK came across fleets of abandoned Pariah Tanks. According to Garron Paduk, the Nomad Base established in the Vasgari international airport had stripped the nearby Pariah Tanks for parts. By the time Delta Squad arrived in Vasgar, Paduk's Nomads has already stripped these parts for more parts.

Design flaw[]

The Pariah Tank had a design flaw, with vents on the back of the tank that could have grenades or molotov cocktails tossed in them and destroy the tank from within.


Behind the scenes[]

  • A Pariah is an outcast in lower India and Burma.[2]


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