"I've seen it maybe three, four hundred times. Because I see it, right? I'm the only one who does, not even the guy I hit. Close up. Magnified. That's what my job is about. I pull the trigger, and the guy's gone. One minute he's having a smoke or thinking about home, and the next he doesn't even know he's dead. His brain's liquefied like that. In a fraction of a second, he's got nothing left to feel pain or fear with. Good way to go, Dom. Few of us get that privilege."
—Padrick Salton, wistfully talking about death after viewing the destruction from the Hammer of Dawn counterattack

Private Padrick "Pad" Salton was a Southern Islander Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who was known for being one of the greatest snipers in the Pendulum Wars, fighting at Anvil Gate and along the Sarfuth-Maranday border. During the Locust War, he fought in several battles one year after Emergence Day, until he fell into a depression and became a long range scout who only returned to base every few years. He eventually left for Pesang in 13 A.E., joining the remaining Pesanga living there. Fourteen years later, Pad learned Col.Victor Hoffman had moved back to Anvil Gate with thousands of civilians and several dozen Gears, and traveled there with the Pesanga to join him. Red-headed and freckled, Pad had the typical "Islander" attitude to go along with his tribal tattoos, even though he was descended from a "northerner" immigrant to the South Islands.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known of Pad's early life, except that he grew up on the South Islands, and possibly grew up on a farm. He eventually joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments army as a sniper.[3]

Siege of Anvil GateEdit

Stationed at Anvil GateEdit

"Make that ninety-nine here. Maybe a hundred."
—Pad, on the ratio of boredom to panic in Anvegad

Seventeen years before Emergence Day, Pad was stationed at Anvil Gate, in the city of Anvegad, Kashkur. During the first week of Rise,[4] Pad was cooking for the rest of his platoon when Lt.Victor Hoffman arrived in the mess hall. Pad offered him a fried egg sandwich, which Hoffman accepted. As the rest of the platoon came into the mess, Pad continued to cook them food. The Gears talked about how boring it was being stationed in Anvegad. They listened to the news on the radio, and heard about Vasgar, a neutral country that Kashkur bordered, and its political and financial trouble. Pad then read a letter he had received from his home in the South Islands.[5] After the Vasgar government collapsed, the Union of Independent Republics began moving in to take the country over, while also launching attacks on Kashkur. Pad began inspecting every part of the fort to find the best sniper position, although Hoffman doubted that any Indie soldiers would get past the main guns. Pad held the view that one or two always did, and that that was why he was there. They then observed the large amount of supplies that Captain Ranald Sander was having brought into the fort. Pad wondered if Sander was worried about a siege, but Hoffman was just glad that Sander was taking precautions. They discussed how far the Indies would get into Kashkur before being turned back, and Pad felt sorry for the citizens of Vasgar, since the COG had cut off Imulsion supplies to them.[6] Pad then headed to the mess hall, and listened to the radio with Sgt.Samuel Byrne. Hoffman arrived soon after, and Pad and him encouraged Byrne to marry his pregnant girlfriend.[7]


"Holy fuck. You nearly made me shit myself. You little buggers really don't make any noise, do you?"
—Pad, after being startled by Bai Tak and the rest of the Pesanga troops

Shortly after this, UIR sabotage teams set off explosives on the canyon walls overlooking the only road out of Anvegad into the rest of Kashkur, beginning the Siege of Anvil Gate. Pad and his squad covered Byrne as he investigated the explosion.[8] After the incident, Pad began staying on the highest points he could find, and used his Longshot Sniper Rifle to keep an eye out for more enemy activity.[9] After a rocket was fired into one of the artillery rooms from behind the fort, killing Captain Sanders, Hoffman took over command of the fort and ordered Pad to head out with Byrne and find the person who had shot the RPG.[10] They went out with a local man, but were unable to find the Indie. Pad recommended to Hoffman that they set up an observation post that gave a three-sixty degree view of the fort, so they could keep an eye out in every direction. Hoffman approved, and ordered him to set it up.[11] A short time later, Pad was sent out to meet with six Pesang troops who were being dropped off at night outside the fort. He was startled when an explosion lit up the sky and he saw them standing right in front of him. Pad was instantly impressed with the Pesang troopers, and their leader, Pvt.Bai Tak, introduced himself to Pad. He escorted them back to the fort, and asked them questions about their machetes along the way.[12] He took them to Hoffman, who was also impressed by the soldiers. He had Pad take them to get settled in and fed.[13] After a few patrols, Bai brought back a sniper rifle he had taken from an Indie soldier and gave it to Pad. He was happy to have the rifle, and impressed because he hadn't heard any shots, meaning that Bai had used his machete.[14]

Breaking the SiegeEdit

"We did it, sir. I got a call in to Brigade. They know we've held it. Still the Unvanquished."
—Pad, after Hoffman's plan to break the Siege of Anvil Gate succeeded

By the third month of the siege, Hoffman came up with a plan to defeat the enemy army: fake surrender, have the enemy let the civilians leave, let the enemy in, and burn the city down around them. Pad attended a briefing where Hoffman laid out the plan, and Pvt.Lau En reported that there were two hundred Indie soldiers outside the fort. Hoffman told them that they would escape the trap by going into the tunnels under the city, and that they the majority of the city was made of stone, so they needed the herd the Indies into the wooden areas. Hoffman made the call on the radio to surrender, and got a guarantee of safe passage for the civilians. Pad and the rest of the soldiers then tried to convince Byrne to go with his wife, but he refused, saying he could not abandon his comrades.[15] During the fake surrender, Pad and the Pesangas monitored the enemy, and were tasked with closing the gate once they were all inside. Once they were in, Pad informed Hoffman, and was given the order to close the gate.[16] Pad made it to the tunnels safely, but several other Gears, including Byrne, were killed during the battle. Pad called into command to let them know that they had held the city. However, they then learned that they hadn't needed to fake surrender: hundreds of reinforcements were inbound to relieve them.[17] Pad and Hoffman never told Byrne’s wife or his daughter, Samantha Byrne, who became a Gear herself, that their husband and father hadn't needed to die.[18]

Stationed on the Sarfuth-Maranday BorderEdit


Pad with his sniper rifle during the Raid on Gralia.

Raid on GraliaEdit

"Bugger it... thats better."
—Pad, as he destroys a searchlight tracking the rest of the squad

Two months later, Pad and the rest of the 26th RTI were transferred to the Sarfuth-Maranday border. He was selected along with Baz, Pvt.Sommers, Bai, and Cho Ligan by Hoffman for a mission across the neutral border of Maranday to take out a radar station at Gralia in the Republic of Lauczi. After Hoffman informed them that he would be going with them, Pad remarked to Baz that Hoffman was worried about being promoted again and being stuck in an office. The team used a delivery truck to drive through Maranday, with Sommers and Hoffman up front while Pad and the others hid in the back. They passed through the checkpoint into Lauczi without incident, and hid the truck five kilometers from Gralia. They armored up, and proceeded on foot to the radio outpost, where Hoffman ordered Pad to climb up into a tree to provide cover with his sniper rifle. Pad was worried that they didn't know how many guards were in the base, but Hoffman told him he didn't plan on a shootout. Pad then selected the best tree he could find, and climbed up into a position to guard the others. A guard blocked their entrance point, but Hoffman denied Pad permission to snipe him, instead sending Bai and Cho to kill him quietly. After the explosives were planted the team was noticed, and was tracked by a searchlight, but Pad shot and destroyed it.Sommers blew the charges, and Pad climbed out of the tree and joined the others in racing back to the truck to escape the country. They were forced to shoot their way through a Maranday border checkpoint to get rid of witnesses, but managed to reach the town of Senio in Sarfuth, linking up with the rest of the 26th RTI.[19]

Sarfuth-Maranday Border IncidentEdit

"Hey, the pipeline's still intact. Cheer up, Santiago."
—Pad, to a glum Carlos after he stabbed an Indie saboteur to death

Fourteen years later, Pad was in sniper team Three-Zero, which was stationed with C Company of the 26th RTI at a base along the Sarfuth-Maranday border, with Baz serving as his spotter during the Sarfuth-Maranday Border Incident. They worked with Alpha-Five, consisting of Cpl.Marcus Fenix and Pvt.Carlos Santiago to guard an Imulsion pipeline on the border between Sarfuth and neutral Maranday. He and Baz hid in a snow-hole next to a hill, giving them a view of the entire pipeline. When Pad spotted somebody digging animal traps near the pipeline, he informed Marcus and Carlos. After the hunter left, they inspected the hole, and Carlos contacted Pad, telling him that it was just a snare, but could be the preparation for a bomb. Marcus and Carlos hid near the hole while Pad and Baz kept an eye out for possible follow-up saboteurs. When a man on a Ski-Bike began approaching the hole sometime later, and Pad kept his Longshot trained on him as he reached the hole. When the guy began taking out large amounts of something, Pad knew he was a saboteur, since the animals in the region were not large and did not need traps that big. He informed Marcus and Carlos, and informed them he had a clear shot on the guy. They continued to monitor him for a bit, until something spooked him and he began running for his vehicle. Marcus told Pad to hold fire while he and Carlos pursued, much to Pad's annoyance. When it appeared that the guy might make it across the border, Pad informed them that he still had a shot, but Marcus did not give him approval to fire. When they chased them over the border, Pad began yelling at them to come back, but Carlos tackled the guy and was forced to stab him.[20] As Marcus and Carlos dragged the body back across the border, Pad and Baz moved from cover to cover to meet them back at their APC. Pad told them to leave the body, but Marcus told him they needed to take it back for identification. After they got back to base, Pad went to the barracks to watch the Thrashball finals with Baz, and told a glum Carlos to cheer up, and that they had saved the pipeline.[21]


Pad sniping Indies to cover his squad in Ghato City.

End of the WarEdit

Skirmish in Ghato CityEdit

"Night-night, Indie boy. Five to go."
—Pad, as he sniped an Indie manning a machine gun

Three years later, Pad was assigned to a squad with Marcus, Pvt.Dominic Santiago, and Pvt.Tai Kaliso. C Company was involved with fighting in the Independent Republic of Furlin, and Pad and the others were sent to take out a group of Indies in Ghato City. They took cover in a ruined building to avoid Indie mortar fire, and Marcus asked Pad if he could reach a roof in order to snipe the Indies. He told him he could reach it if he was given covering fire, so Marcus had Tai fire an RPG at the Indies. As Tai prepared the RPG, he stated that they often sought balance in war but often only found stalemate, causing Pad to tell him to give his philosophical statements a rest and fire the rocket. After he did so, Pad began running across the battlefield while the Indies recovered from the rocket blast, reaching the building with the roof and climbing up it. He looked through his scope and saw six Indies holed up with a machine gun. Pad sniped the Indie manning the machine gun position, and Marcus, Dom, and Tai rushed the other Indies. Marcus contacted Pad and asked him many there were, and as Pad shot two more, he told Marcus that there were only three left. The rest of the squad killed the remaining Indies, and Pad climbed down from the roof to rejoin them. After informing command their mission had succeeded, they began walking to Tenla to regroup with the rest of C Company.[22]


Pad taking cover with Marcus and other Gears as C Company comes under attack.

Ceasefire Announcement and Cliffside AmbushEdit

"This is fucking mental, Marcus. They must know it's over."
—Pad, after Indies begin attacking them after the UIR surrender was announced

Two weeks later, Pad was driving a truck in formation with the rest of C Company's vehicles when the unit stopped on a cliffside road overlooking a Furlin town. As the got out of the vehicle, another Gear called them over to listen to the radio, and they heard that Chairman Tomas Dalyell had met with Premier Yori Deschenko to discuss terms for the UIR's surrender. The UIR was surrendering because of the deployment of the Hammer of Dawn weapons platform which had been developed by Professor Adam Fenix. Pad and the rest of the company began celebrating, but were interrupted when Indie forces began shelling them and the nearby town from another mountain. Pad took cover with the rest of the company, and told Marcus this was crazy and that the Indies had to know the war was over. Marcus told him that if it was them, they would probably fight to the last as well, and they might think the news was propaganda, to which Pad commented that it had better not be. They began returning fire with the Indies, and Lt.Preston told them that the captain was trying to work out a ceasefire with the Indie commander. Eventually, the Indies stopped firing and surrendered after gaining confirmation that the surrender was real. The Gears then occupied the nearby town, and Pad gathered with the rest of the squad by their vehicle and counted down the seconds to noon, when the surrender was put into full effect and ended the war.[22] With the end of the war, Pad was hailed as one of the greatest snipers in the army, having over four hundred confirmed kills.[2]

One Year after Emergence DayEdit

Battle of JannermontEdit

"Maybe we can bolt Tai's home improvement kit onto a Lancer. Worked bloody well, I reckon."
—Pad, discussing how useless the bayonet's on the Lancer's were against the Locust, and suggesting they add a chainsaw to them

Barely six weeks after the Pendulum Wars ended, the Locust emerged and attacked Sera. Baz was killed less than a year into the war, which deeply affected Pad. One year into the war, Pad was still assigned to a squad with Marcus, Dom, and Tai, and they were ordered to patrol in APC-Two-Eighty fifteen kilometers south of Kinnerlake. They were issued a recall order back to Ephyra, and Pad drove the APC with guidance from the squads bot, Baz, which Pad had named after his spotter, and considered it to be another member of the squad. When they became stuck in a traffic jam, Pad got out of the vehicle and saw that a sewer line ahead had collapsed, so he took the APC off-road to bypass the obstacle. The rough off-road driving awoke Tai, who had been sleeping in the back of the APC, and he told Pad they would reach their destined place in the world no matter how fast he drove. Pad told him that he didn't believe in destiny, and that doing so could lead to one accepting anything. Tai made another strange philosophical comment that Pad needed to embrace what he couldn't change, but Pad dismissed this advice as well. As they drove, Baz diverted them further off course under orders from Control. Pad contacted the Kinnerlake Sector Control and asked them about the diversion, and was informed that the Locust had attacked the city of Jannermont, and the COG didn't have any forces defending it. Pad and the others decided to disobey orders and head to the town and see if they could help. When they arrived, they discovered the Locust attacking a general store in the middle of the city. Pad got the civilians out while the rest of the squad killed the Locust, with Tai saving Marcus from a Drone by using a power saw. Pad was impressed with Tai's use of the power saw, and thought that it worked better than the bayonets on the Lancers, and wondered if they could somehow attach a power saw to the Lancer. They then gathered the wounded civilians and took them to a first-aid station. Pad and the others then got back into the APC and got back on route to the rendezvous, but because they had stopped, they were going to miss the convoy made up of the rest of A Company. As they drove, the APC broke down, and Pad was unable to fix it after several attempts, and contacted Control to inform them. He was told that no engineer units were nearby, and that they would have to walk to the nearest convoy point. They stripped it of everything usable, and began walking along the highway, led by Baz and his flashlights.[23]

Rushing back to EphyraEdit

"You're a fucking martyr, Sarge."
—Pad, to Marcus after he refused special evacuation orders and sent civilians to safety instead

After walking all night, Pad and the squad reached a vehicle checkpoint along the Ephyra-Kinnerlake highway, where they heard Chairman Richard Prescotts announcement of the Hammer of Dawn counterattack. Pad and the others helped hold back people from rushing the bridge, and escorted several civilians back to their cars. He helped Marcus get the phone number of the wife of man who had a baby with him in order to help get him calmed down and back to his car. Marcus was then told by Sgt.Mendez that he was being held at the checkpoint because his father had requested he be evacuated, but Marcus refused to leave the squad. Pad watched as he instead went back to the civilian with the baby and put them on board the King Raven that had come to pick him up. Pad was amazed that he had chosen to stay behind, but Marcus told him he was just doing his job. Pad and the others then began to move abandoned cars out of the way, in order to allow military and civilian traffic to move again. After they finished, they boarded a convoy heading back to Ephyra.[24]

Clearing the Voslov BridgeEdit

"Shit. Nice shot."
—Pad, to Tai after he used a Longspear to blow up a fuel truck along with many Locust

After making it back to Ephyra, Pad and the others were deployed to reopen the Voslov Bridge a mere seven hours before the Hammer strike. They arrived to find fifty Locust Drones had destroyed a convoy crossing the bridge, and were looting the remains. They headed to the bridge control booth, where Pad used his sinper rifle to watch the Locust, and they tried to figure out a plan to kill the Locust and clear the convoy remains before another one arrived. Marcus decided they would raise the bridge, sending the cars and Locust on it sliding down towards the other Locust. Tai began setting up the Longspear launcher, and Pad noticed that he was smiling as he did so, and remarked that nothing was ever going to wipe it off his face. Pad waited for a majority of the Locust to be on the bridge, and told Marcus to lift it up, killing all the Locust on it as they were crushed by vehicles. Tai then fired a Longspear into a fuel truck, killing most of the other Drones. Pad complimented his nice shot, but Marcus was worried that a bulldozer he had seen was damaged by the blast, but Pad reassured him it was okay. The four of them then mopped up what was left of the Locust, and waited a few minutes to let the fires burn themselves out. Pad then entered the bulldozer, and cleared all the wreckage and cars blocking the bridge by pushing them into the river. He had fun doing it, clearing a larger area of wreckage then was needed, until Marcus forced him to stop. They got back into their APC, and Pad drove it to the rear of the last convoy to make it safely to Ephyra.[25]

Scouting a WastelandEdit

"It's all bodies. I was having a piss by the wall, and when I looked down on the ground I thought it was just burned wood or plastic or something, but it was all bodies. It was people."
—Pad, after stumbling across dozens of burned corpses

Five days after the Hammer of Dawn strike, Pad and the others were selected to scout areas near Ephyra that were hit by the Hammer of Dawn strike. While waiting to be briefed, Pad remarked to Dom that Marcus was probably feeling pretty terrible after the strike, since his dad had been the one to build the Hammer. Dom warned him not to say anything to Marcus about it, but Pad thought that sooner or later, someone was going to give Marcus trouble over it, and that it would likely further increase his need to try and save people. After Col.Victor Hoffman briefed them, Pad drove PA-Five-One during the mission, and he was forced to take a cross-country route because of all the abandoned cars on the road. He drove it on a course toward Gerrenhalt for several hours, stopping every few hours to take recon pictures, but they found nothing but devastation. They stopped a kilometer away from the city, and decided to turn back after a quick break because the terrain was too rough on the APC. As Pad went to relieve himself, he was horrified to realize he was standing on top of dozens of burned bodies. He returned to the APC shaken up, and told the others what had happened. After getting into the driver’s seat and trying to start the APC, he was unable to drive it back to base because he couldn't stop shaking. Marcus took over driving, and Pad stayed quiet for the entire ride back, with his head in his hands. After they got back, Pad sat down in front of the APC, and talked about shooting people with his Longshot, and their instant, painless death in a wistful tone. After sitting for several more minutes, he left the APC hanger, and his squadmates became worried about his safety, and decided to take shifts watching to make sure he didn't try to hurt himself.[26]

Returning to the WastelandEdit

"Got a last reported location? I'm up for it if you are, sir."
—Pad, offering to help Hoffman search for his wife

Twelve days later Pad got into a bar fight with a person who insulted Marcus's dad, and gained a black eye. The next day, he went back out on a scouting mission along the Corren-Kinnerlake highway with Hoffman, so that he could adjust to patrolling without losing it again. Hoffman told him that there had been no word yet from the South Island, but Pad told him that it had taken awhile after Emergence Day for contact to be reestablished with them, so he could hope they were okay and just couldn't contact them. Hoffman mentioned that Tai hadn't talked about any of it, and Pad told him that he had his mystical fate and eternity stuff going on to help him cope. Hoffman asked him how he had gotten his black eye, and Pad told him, saying he felt he had needed to defend the 26th RTI's honor. Pad then told Hoffman he was sorry to hear about his wife, who was presumed dead after the Hammer strike. Pad offered to help Hoffman look for her if he had a last reported location, but Hoffman told him he did not expect to find her and that it would be a waste of time. Pad then spotted movement, which they tracked to a cellar, thinking it was a Drone that had come from an Emergence Hole. As Pad approached the hole and sighted up, he discovered that it was a woman who had survived the Hammer strike. She spoke in a foreign accent, and told them that she had survived by hiding in the drains. As Pad attempted to help her up and offered to take her with them, she attacked him, screaming that they were the ones who had tried to kill her. Her nails cut into his face, but Hoffman managed to grab her, and Pad tried to explain to her that they were only trying to help and get her to safety. She spat in his face and told him that he couldn't help her, and that all the COG had done was try and kill everyone who had come to Ephyra looking for a safe place. When she stopped struggling and began to collapse, Hoffman let her go. Pad tried to apologize to her for what had happened, and Hoffman asked her to please come with them to Ephyra, but she fled back into the sewer, claiming she would stay with people she trusted. This made Pad and Hoffman realize that there were more survivors down there, and Pad wondered if they could be everywhere. Pad left food and water at the entrance, and the two of them returned to their vehicle. As he and Hoffman headed back to their Packhorse, Pad was left feeling even worse than he had before the patrol.[27]

Long Range Scout and PesangEdit

Roaming the WastesEdit

Pad never recovered from viewing the aftermath of the Hammer strikes, and became a long range scout for the COG army, wandering for months at a time gathering information from the Stranded and tracking Locust troop movements.[28] He began keeping a log of Corpser sizes when he encountered them, and noted that the Locust sent smaller Corpsers to narrower fissures, which meant they could get further into the Jacinto Plateau than the COG thought. Pad guessed that this would lead to more attacks, and the increased use of smaller Locust creatures like Tickers. Pad sometimes encountered Gear patrols, and once ran into a squad from the 4th Ephyra Light Infantry that contained Cpl.Damon Baird and Pvt.Augustus Cole. He was impressed by Cole, but felt that Baird needed to get his ass kicked.[29]

Meeting with HoffmanEdit

"Okay, tell me what I've missed while I was off camp, sir."
—Pad to Hoffman, after arriving back in COG territory after months of scouting

Several months after the Battle of Ephyra, Pad returned to base, and after reporting in to the CIC, he headed to the Tomb of the Unknowns to pay his respects to Carlos Santiago. As he said a prayer at Carlos grave, Hoffman came up behind him and waited respectfully for him to finish. Pad then turned around and greeted his friend, who commented that Pad was looking thin and asked what he was living on. Pad told him that Islanders simply lived off the land, and began rolling up a smoke who had developed to be scentless to avoid detection by Locust patrols. Hoffman suggested they go to the mess and eat a large meal, but Pad suggested they could do that later once he had eased himself back into being around people and began walking to the vehicle bay. He got into a Packhorse while Hoffman took the driver’s seat, and as they began driving through southern Epyra, Pad asked him how he was feeling the situation with Marcus, who had disobeyed orders during the Locust assault on Ephyra and attempted to save his father, but failed, with his actions costing the COG most of the city and with Marcus ending up sentenced to forty years in The Slab. Hoffman asked Pad to talk some sense into him about the situation, but Pad informed him that he had not had a conversation in months, and was not sure he knew how to convince him. Hoffman guessed that no other officer had had so much trouble busting one Gear, and Pad noted that he had started out as a grunt, not an officer, so he knew what it was like for them, and that the tribal nature of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry just made it harder. Pad admitted that he would not have believed what Marcus had done if it had not been Lt.Anya Stroud telling him, and felt sorry for Marcus, guessing that the finally cracked under the pressure. Hoffman told him the medics said he had not cracked, but Pad retorted that the medics did not want to admit that everyone was severely messed up due to their situation. Pad then told him that even if Marcus had gone crazy, there was nowhere for him to go but civilian life, and that he would have hated that too. He also noted that the Locust would overrun the Jacinto Plateau within a few years, and that they would have to let Marcus out to fight them. As they drove through the city, Pad asked him how they had managed to evacuate all of the civilians, but Hoffman admitted they had lost a lot and were still tallying up the losses. Pad then spotted a small Corpser emerging ahead of them, and told Hoffman to stop. They got out of the Packhorse, and Pad lined up a shot with his Longshot and put a shot in its head. It struggled slightly to get up, but Pad put another shot into it, which put it down for good. They then examined the Corpser, and Pad explained his findings to Hoffman about the Locust's use of Corpsers. Hoffman noted they were out of good news, and as they got back into the Packhorse, Pad told Hoffman he was ready to eat and mix with people again, and that he needed to accept that there was nothing else he could have done for Marcus.[30]


"Okay. Nineteen hundred. Outlier out."
—Pad, promising Hoffman that he would return to Jacinto, which he was unable to do

In Bloom of the next year, Pad once again visited Jacinto, but several of his friends, including Dom, missed seeing him during his visit.[31] In Frost of 13 A.E., Pad discovered a Locust fissure near Ilima from which Reavers were emerging, and established an observation post to keep an eye on them. He contacted the CIC, and informed Lt.Donneld Mathieson of his position and asked to be put through to Hoffman. He informed Hoffman of the situation, and offered to serve as a FAC for an air strike on the fissure. Hoffman told him that it might be a ground operation if the scientists at the Defense Research Agency finished a project they were working on, but Pad was skeptical of everything they turned out. Hoffman asked if he was fine watching the position, and Pad reassured him that he had been doing just fine on his own for years. Hoffman joked that he had been eating bats out there, but Pad informed him that they were too fast and had little meat on him. Hoffman then told him that he would get back to him soon, and signed off the radio. Several minutes Hoffman contacted him again and ordered him to come back to base, and that they were going to plan a raid on the tunnel. Pad told him he could get back to the CIC by nineteen hundred, but that they needed to hit the fissure soon. He also wanted to scout around more and see if there was another exit from the fissure, but Hoffman told him to call it off and get back to base. Pad agreed and signed off, but he never made it back to Jacinto for unknown reasons.[32] Many of Pad's friends and comrades wondered what had happened to him, and assumed that he had died.[18] Pad wound up travelling to Pesang and joined up with the remaining Pesangas who lived there, including Harua Tak, the wife of his old friend Bai Tak.[33]

Return to Anvil GateEdit

Reuniting With Hoffman and BernieEdit

"We heard you moved back into the fort. You don't mind, do you? We just though you might need some backup. They're no trouble. Well, not to us, anyway."
—Pad, asking Hoffman if they could join him at Anvil Gate

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Lambent creatures had begun to invade the surface. Pad heard a rumor that the COG had collapsed, and that Hoffman had lead a group of Gears and civilians to Anvil Gate. Pad and Harua decided to travel there with several of Bai's children and grandchildren to reunite with him. They drove for several days through Kashkur to the fort, and arrived to find the Gears there preparing for an attack from their convoy, fearing they were Stranded. Pad drove up to the gate and got out of his vehicle as it opened, and Hoffman came walking out slowly with his Lancer pointed at him. Pad put his hands up to show he was unarmed, and Hoffman was shocked when he realized it was him. Pad began to salute, but stopped when he saw that Hoffman didn't have a cap on. He remarked that Hoffman hadn't changed much, and still didn't have any hair. Hoffman shook his hand, and then pulled him into a hug and asked him where he had been. Pad explained that he had joined the Pesangas, and he then noticed that Sgt.Bernadette Mataki was standing behind Hoffman. It was his turn to be shocked, and he told her he had thought she was dead. Pad remarked that it was like a 26th Royal Tyran Infantry reunion, and Hoffman asked if he had brought any Pesangas with him. Pad said that they had heard Hoffman had moved back into Anvil Gate, and thought that he might need some backup. Hoffman told him that they were all welcome, and that they had plenty of room for them. Pad told Hoffman that the Pesanga leader wanted to have a word with him. Hoffman said that his Pesan was a little rusty, so he hoped that the leader spoke Tyran. Pad said that she did, and watched as Hoffman met Harua for the first time, and gave him his Embry Star that he had sent her after Bai's death. Pad joined Bernie, who said that she couldn't wait to hear what he had been up to for all these years. He asked her if Marcus and Dom were still alive, and she told him they were at sea on the CNV Sovereign. Bernie said that the whole situation called for a drink, and that she would find him later after she made sure Hoffman wouldn't have a heart attack. Pad laughed and got back into his truck and led the convoy into Anvil Gate.[34]


Pad and Dizzy subduing the group of hostile Stranded.

Trading With the StrandedEdit

"For your situational awareness... we go where we like. We hunt where we like. And there's no COG now. Which means I don't have any fucking rules of engagement. So go piss off and count yourself lucky you're still alive."
—Pad, to three Stranded who tried to ambush him, Dizzy, and Nathan

Five months later, Pad was scouting for supplies and groups to trade with when he encountered a town of Stranded who had been draining Imulsion pipelines. Pad worked out a deal to trade them animal skins in exchange for fuel, and headed back to Anvil Gate to give them the news. He headed to The Mess first to have a drink, and was found by Hoffman soon after. He told him about the Stranded group and how the fuel would help keep Pvt.Dizzy Wallin's convoys going, and Hoffman noted that they had plenty of animal skins since Bernie was hunting everything nearby. After the animal skins were loaded onto a Packhorse driven by Nathan, Pad joined Dizzy in a fuel truck, and the two vehicles began heading for the Stranded settlement. An hour into the drive, they spotted a roadblock ahead of them, and Pad told Dizzy to stop the truck. He grabbed his Lancer and told Dizzy he would cut ahead through the hills, and told him to drive slowly to give him time. He got into position as three Stranded stopped the two vehicles and attempted to extort their supplies from them as a "toll" for using their road. Pad snuck up behind the leader and forced him to the ground, and ordered the other two to drop their weapons or he would kill him. They surrendered, and Pad told them that they could go wherever they wanted, and that there was no COG anymore, so there were no rules against him killing them. He said they should count themselves lucky he was sparing them, and took their one rifle. They protested, saying they were dead without firearms, but Pad retorted that they should have thought of that before they tried being bandits. An hour later, they arrived at thte friendly outpost. Dizzy asked if they were civilized, but Pad told him that they were all Stranded now, and he had spent a long time outside of the wire. Dizzy asked him if he was ever going to talk about that, and Pad told him that it was in the past now. After they made the trade, they headed back to Anvil Gate, but the Packhorse hit a hole in the ice and became stuck. After rescuing Nathan and pulling the truck free, Pad realized that it was the entrance to a Emergence Hole, but noted that it was old and collapsed. He told the others that it was time to go, and that he had seen too many Locust tunnels for one lifetime.[35]


Pad, Bernie and Rossi after a short battle with some locust.

Searching the Kashkur HillsEdit

"Payback time, you bastards..."
—Pad, as he and Bernie engage the Locust

Three weeks later, one of Dizzy's convoys came under fire from a hillside. Pad headed out with Bernie and Sgt.Drew Rossi that night to the Kashkur Foothills to find the attackers. Pad asked Bernie why she was just leaving Hoffman alone with only former Chairman Richard Prescotts data disc for company. She noted that it kept him occupied for hours, but he countered that they still idea what was on it. When they arrived at the ambush point, Pad wondered what Prescott was doing now, and Rossi bet that he was laughing his ass off about Hoffman and the disc. Bernie's dog Mac picked up the trail of the Stranded, and they located a tent with three Stranded in it. When one Stranded came out to investigate the noise they made, Mac and Bernie took him down, while Pad and Rossi entered the tent and captured the other two. The Stranded insisted they had only attacked because three of their guys had been killed by the COG, but Mac then began barking and headed off further into the hills. Bernie had Pad follow her while Rossi guarded the Stranded, but he was worried they were about to run into Stranded reinforcements. Bernie told him that this was how Mac reacted to Polyps, and they found a lighted tunnel nearby that Mac was barking at. Pad wondered when polyps had started installing lighting, and six Locust then emerged. Pad eagerly engaged them, seeking payback for the war, and he and Bernie charged them. He cut through the last one with his Chainsaw Bayonet, and they entered the tunnel to investigate. Pad was disappointed that there were no more Locust to kill, but Bernie noted they were a long way from Jacinto City. Pad noted that they were too, and they exited the tunnel. Rossi arrived and was shocked to see the Locust, and told them he had let the Stranded go with a warning. Pad said they should get back to their Packhorse and get back into radio range with Anvil Gate to inform them about the situation.[35]

Pad drinking a beer

Pad having a drink at The Mess bar after returning from a long scouting trip.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Bugger destiny. Believing in that makes you accept all kind of shit is inevitable."
—Pad, after Tai told him he would reach his destined place in the world no matter what he did

Pad had the typical South Islander attitude, and was an expert marksman.[36] He enjoyed cooking, and added hot South Island spices to all of his food. He had pale skin, which contrasted sharply with his full-face blue tribal tattoos.[37] Pad did not believe in destiny, and thought that those who did were likely to accept all kinds of things as inevitable.[38] After his spotter was killed, he became noticeably surlier.[39] After scouting the aftermath of the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, Pad became wistful, and talked of instant death like it was a good thing.[40] This depression may have led to his eventual desertion of the army,[18] and his joining and protection of the Pesanga.[33] After returning from long scouting trips, Pad would often go directly to the The Mess to grab a drink. The citizens of Anvil Gate knew to give him at least an hour to drink before going and discussing business with him.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • Padrick Salton's character is based on a New Zealander family that immigrated and settled and integrated into the Maori culture.[41]
  • Padrick speaks Commonwealth English.



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