The Packhorse was a vehicle used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments armed forces. It was a small, four-wheeled vehicle armed with a mounted machine gun on the roof. The Packhorse had been used on the battlefield by the COG military since the Pendulum Wars.


Pendulum WarsEdit


Kennen fires the Packhorse turret at several Indies.

Acastu Imulsion FieldsEdit

In the seventy-fifth year of the Pendulum Wars, Packhorses were used by C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry to patrol the Acastu Imulsion Fields. When an Indie special forces unit attacked the fields, Sgt. Bernadette Mataki drove a Packhorse to reinforce a Gear squad fighting them, with Sgt. Daniel Kennen manning the gun. Kennen cut down several Indies, and after the UIR forces retreated, Cpl. Maxon, who had been shot in the throat, was loaded into the Packhorse and taken to a medical facility. A week later, Pvt. Carlos Santiago drove a Packhorse during a patrol around the base with Pvt. Marcus Fenix and Pvt. Quinn.[1]


A group of Packhorses and personnel during the aftermath of the Hammer of Dawn testing.

Garadaner Test RangesEdit

During the test of the Hammer of Dawn at the Garadaner Test Ranges, four Packhorses were used by various scientists and military officials who observed the test.[2]

Locust-Human WarEdit

One Year After Emergence DayEdit

Shortly after the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, Col. Victor Hoffman and Pvt. Padrick Salton drove a Packhorse out into the wasteland left by the Hammer. After finding a survivor who did not want help, they took the Packhorse back to Jacinto City.[3]

Stranded InsurgencyEdit

Several months after the COG moved to Vectes, Lt. Anya Stroud and Sgt. Bernadette Mataki patrolled the island in Packhorse P-Twelve. As they headed to assist Pvt. Samantha Byrne and Echo Squad in ambushing a group of Stranded insurgents, the Packhorse was hit by a roadside bomb, and badly damaged. Anya and Bernie survived and stripped P-Twelve of all of its useful supplies, and left it in the middle of the road after they were picked up.[4]

Lambent InvasionEdit


Anya and Hoffman used a Packhorse to drive from Vectes Naval Base to Pelruan, and then back to the VNB, but were stopped by a Gorasni roadblock on the way. Hoffman used the Packhorse to ram through the roadblock, and they continued on their way back to VNB.[5] Several days later, Bernie drove a Packhorse to Pelruan,[6] and she and Anya used it in battle against a group of Polyps released by a Lambent Leviathan.[7] Bernie drove the Packhorse back to VNB the next day.[8]


Polar Camo variantEdit

This variant of the Packhorse, the Polar camo variant, was a version that was just like the standard packhorse, but added with specialized polar camo. This polar camo variant would normally be expected to be found in combat areas such as a tundra or a frozen wasteland, but during the Locust War, the Polar camo variant was used as all available technology was called upon to use against the Locust Horde.

Flatbed variantEdit

The flatbed variant of the Packhorse was much different than the standard Packhorse. The variants entire back end was flat, which was equipped with a machine gun turret for defense. The flatbed variant was seen at Vectes Naval Base, and when a small group of civilians and military personnel led by Col. Victor Hoffman relocated to Anvil Gate.[9]

Known PackhorsesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Packhorse bears an unmistakable resemblance to the real-life Humvee that is employed as the main infantry, all-purpose, utility vehicle of the United States Armed Forces.


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