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The Outsider Movement was an Interwar Period conflict fought between the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Outsiders who refused to obey the COG.



One year after Emergence Day, the Coalition of Ordered Governments initiated the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, ordered by Chairman Richard Prescott, to scorch 90% of Sera's surface outside the Jacinto Plateau to deny the Locust Horde their spoils of war and advancement on the capital Ephyra. While successful in stopping the Locust Horde and killing many of their soldiers, billions of human lives who could not make it onto the Jacinto Plateau in time were killed. The survivors of the Hammer Strikes were known as the Stranded. Forming gangs and groups, the Stranded survived in the ruins and wastelands of Sera and developed a hatred for the Coalition due to their willingness to sacrifice their own civilians. In the years that followed, the Stranded accepted members who were once loyal but had since left the COG for various reasons.

Shortly after, Sgt. Gabriel Diaz and Major Sid Redburn were assigned by Chairman Prescott to assassinate Locust scientist Ukkon. During their mission, they employed the help of a Stranded group from Aldair, led by Doctor Mikayla Dorn. While trying to hunt Ukkon, Major Redburn revealed that Ukkon and the Locust Horde were a result of unethical experiments on human children to find a cure for Rustlung, as well as supply the COG with genetically enhanced soldiers to end the Pendulum Wars. When Chairman Prescott discovered Sgt. Diaz learned the truth, he attempted to kill Sgt. Diaz and his squad with the Hammer of Dawn, but failed. Now an enemy of the state, Sgt. Diaz abandoned the COG. Gabriel Diaz later found and liberated a Locust prison camp, which held a woman named Reyna Torres. Reyna held the same sentiments about the COG as she and her father, Dr. Torres, were also enemies of the state. Gabriel Diaz and Reyna Torres later married and would become the eventual creators and leaders of the Outsiders.

Fifteen years into the Locust War, during the Lambent Pandemic, Chairman Prescott abandoned the COG, resulting in the Coalition of Ordered Governments to dissolve - rendering the remainder of humanity Stranded. In reality, Chairman Prescott retreated to the secret island bunker known as Azura. There, Professor Adam Fenix had designed a targeted radiation device aimed at destroying Imulsion cells and Lambent organisms, called the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. The COG army reorganized for one final battle against the Locust Horde and Lambent as Professor Fenix detonated the device. The Lambent were vaporized by the Imulsion countermeasure, while the Locust formed an Imulsion crystalline shell. After Victory Day, the Coalition of Ordered Governments was reestablished, led by First Minister Anya Stroud.


It's unknown when the Outsider Movement actually started, but it began sometime after the end of the Locust War. As the Coalition built New Ephyra from the ruins of Old Ephyra, the COG also started to recruit Stranded members back into the government, including Mina Jinn. However, many of the Stranded still held their hatred against the government and remained living outside COG jurisdiction. Since the world was no longer in danger, the Stranded were no longer the Stranded. Former Stranded that became lone survivors or marauding gangs became known as Pickers, whereas the other Stranded who formed together became Outsiders. Gabriel and Reyna Diaz, the first known Outsiders, constructed the first Outsider village, Fort Umson. Others joined them and began building other villages for trade. Living off of land in the Wilds, the Outsiders lived in relative peace.

COG-Outsider Conflict[]

After the death of First Minister Stroud in 27 A.E., the COG began to favor authoritarian control over civic-minded rebuilding. The COG corralled the remaining Seran population into the walled city states called Settlements, making it illegal for anyone to live outside COG jurisdiction. Between the lack of personal freedom and use of the modified DeeBees robots to control the population, the citizens that are once loyal to the COG abandoned the Coalition and began to join the Stranded groups outside the Settlements. This officially became known as the Outsider Movement. The group now known as the Outsiders rejected the COG's viewpoints on how the human race was going repopulate the planet, deciding that returning to the frontiers of the countryside was better than submitting to an authoritarian government.

The Outsiders suffered a major lost when the creator and leader, Chief Gabriel Diaz, died of Rustlung in 30 A.E. He was replaced by his wife, Reyna, and supported by Gabriel's brother, Oscar Diaz. The COG-Outsider conflict began when the Outsiders started raiding the Coalition's settlements for resources, such as the Fabricator, which held the ability to build almost anything from recycled materials. [1]The conflict became heated when the Coalition massacred civilians of Settlement 2 who were protesting the authoritarian practices the COG developed after First Minister Stroud's death. This caused more COG civilians to abandon the government and join the Outsiders. Among them were Lt. James Dominic Fenix and Lt. Delmont Walker, who were present at the Settlement 2 massacre and became disillusioned by the military and government they served and later joined Fort Umson, where they befriended Gabriel and Reyna's daughter, Kait Diaz. Six months following the Settlement 2 massacre, civilians and Gears of the COG began to disappear. During an Outsider raid on Settlement 5, First Minister Mina Jinn accused the Outsiders of taking her people.


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