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The Outsider Movement was an Interwar Period conflict fought between the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Outsiders who refused to obey the COG. Following the end of the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic, the surviving humans loyal to the COG sought to rebuild their government and their civilization as well. However, many of the Stranded, the survivors of the Hammer of Dawn strikes by the COG in 1 A.E. still held their hatred against the government and remained living outside COG jurisdiction. After the death of First Minister Anya Stroud, the COG began to favor authoritarian control over civic-minded rebuilding. The COG corralled the remaining Seran population into the walled city states called Settlements, making it illegal for anyone to live outside COG jurisdiction. Between the lack of personal freedom and use of the modified DeeBees robots to control the population, the citizens that are once loyal to the COG abandoned the Coalition and began to join the Stranded groups outside the Settlements. This officially became known as the Outsider Movement. The group now known as the Outsiders rejected the COG's viewpoints on how the human race was going repopulate the planet, deciding that returning to the frontiers of the countryside was better than submitting to an authoritarian government. The COG-Outsider conflict began when the Outsiders started raiding the Coalition's settlements for resources such as the Fabricator which held the ability to build almost anything. [1]The conflict became heated when the Outsider leader, Reyna Diaz and her people are involved in the raid of Settlement 2 which prompted First Minister Mina Jinn to respond with deadly force. Six months later, Jinn's people began to disapear and blamed the Outsiders, resulting in the climax of the war. The conflict ended when it was discovered that the Locust Horde survived and evolved into the Swarm which was responsible for taking Jinn's and Reyna's people including Reyna herself. The Swarm became a notable threat to mankind, making the COG and the Outsiders to join forces to fight the common enemy.


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Conflicts of the Interwar Period and Outsider Movement
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