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Oscar Diaz was a former Gear and an Outsider in the post-Locust War era. He is Kait Diaz's uncle, her father's brother, and Reyna Diaz's brother-in-law.


Oscar served for fifteen years in the Coalition of Ordered Governments and became a highly decorated Gear,[1] but decided to leave and join an Outsider village that was led by Reyna. 25 years after the end of the Locust War, Oscar was relied upon by Reyna to protect and train the people in her village.[2]

Oscar accompanied Kait, JD Fenix, and Delmont Walker to COG Settlement 5 that was under construction to raid a Fabricator needed for the village. After surviving a Windflare outside the settlement, they make it inside, passing through several areas undetected and avoiding the Watchers until one catches them. When the Watcher called several Shepherds to escort them off the premises, Oscar shot the first one that addressed them, as he did not like being referred to as a citizen when he was an Outsider. They fought their way through the settlement to the construction hub, where Oscar stayed outside to guard JD and Del who went inside to retrieve the Fabricator. Much to his disappointment, Kait also went with them.[1]

He is later captured by two DR-1s, accompanied by Jinn's personal Shepherd, but after the trio return with the Fabricator, a transport smashes through the DR-1s and Shepherd, and Oscar is quickly freed.[3] Oscar and Del carry the Fabricator through the settlement to the gate, and the four raiders escape the settlement.[4] Back at the Outsider village, Oscar helps organize a defense against the COG who were attacking the village for kidnapping people. After a successful defense of the village, Oscar would be recruited to help find out who was kidnapping people, but the following night, mysterious creatures raid the settlement. Oscar tried to fight the creatures off but was wounded, and kidnapped by a Snatcher.[5]

When Marcus Fenix was taken by a Snatcher and podded, he was connected to the Swarm's network. After being freed by JD, Kait and Del, Marcus revealed that every Outsider that had been snatched from the village, except for Reyna, had been killed, with Oscar believed to be among those dead.[6][7] However, this was not the case. Oscar managed to kill the Snatcher that was carrying him with his knife, freeing himself. However, he does not know where everyone went.[8]

Personality and Traits

"I'm more of a shoot-than-salute kind of guy."
— Oscar Diaz

Oscar was a boisterous and opinionated warrior who, along with being annoyed at JD and Del's smugness, resented them for leaving the Coalition of Ordered Governments, believing they abandoned their duty as Gears. He has a love for wine and women.[2][9] It is also shown that he does not like the "tin soldiers" that the COG were using.[4]

Behind the scenes


  • Oscar is a playable multiplayer character for the COG in Gears of War 4, and has ten unlockable character skins, excluding his Outsider skin: Champion Luchador, Champion Wrestler, Color Blast, Day of the Dead, Luchador, Rookie Luchador, Rookie Wrestler, Vintage, Wrestler, and Zombie. His three Luchador skins are only available in the Luchador Oscar Gear Pack, his three Wrestler skins are only available in the Wrestler Oscar Gear Pack, and his Vintage skin is only available in the Vintage Oscar Gear Pack included in Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S bundles.



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