Ormond was an engineer in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Engineering Corps.


Anvil GateEdit

After the Coalition of Ordered Governments collapsed and evacuated Vectes, Ormond chose to go to Anvil Gate in Kashkur along with Col.Victor Hoffman, several dozen other Gears, and several thousand civilians. He rode ahead of the main convoy from Port Caval on a Rat bike alongside Sgt.Drew Rossi, reaching the fort before the others in order to prepare it for their arrival. When the convoy reached the fort four days later, Ormond and Rossi opened up the gate to let them in.[1] Three days after arriving at the fort, a group of five trucks was spotted coming towards the fort. The convoy was led by Pvt.Padrick Salton and full of Pesangas who requested to join them. Hoffman approved, and he ordered Ormond to direct the convoy inside the fort and get them settled in.[2]


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