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"Next, we headed for Onyx Point..."
"The location of that facility is classified, Private.
—Pvt. Augustus Cole at the beginning of his testimony to Col. Ezra Loomis

Onyx Point was a Coalition of Ordered Governments naval fortress built on top of an island located near Halvo Bay. The base housed a Lightmass Missile silo deep inside within its walls. It was identified as an environmental preserve,[1] likely to keep it a secret from civilians.


Onyx Point was a large naval fort built on an island that looks out over Endeavor Naval Shipyards. It is a large scale fort with a defended beach, machine gun nests, choke-points, large battle-ship grade turrets on its towers, and a Lightmass Missile silo. It is also surrounded by smaller islands with gun batteries, radio stations and satellites built onto them.

Destruction of Halvo Bay[]


"We didn't see any more gears. That's the problem with secret bases. Regular Gears don't know how to find when there's trouble."
—Pvt. Augustus Cole during his testimony to Col. Ezra Loomis

Early in the siege of Halvo, Karn led an amphibious assault on the island. While the garrison was able to shutdown the main elevator to the Onyx Point armory, denying the Locust access to the island's munitions and hardware, Lt. S. Garoon was killed in action, forcing Lieutenant L. Zhang and his men to fall back to the fort's central area, where they were cornered and killed by the Locust.

After the island was conquered, Karn left his own garrison to defend the island.

Retaking the Fort[]

Kilo Squad stormed the beach at Onyx Point using a Locust Amphibious Landing craft. As the bow opened, a barrage of Fire from the Locust controlled beach came at them. They rushed to cover. To Navigate the beach, they had to destroy many wire and spike traps. The Squad reached the forward bunkers and destroyed the Chain Gun nests, They then proceeded deeper into the outer fort.

Finding the Missile Silo[]

As the squad traverse the fort, they view the destruction at Endeavor Naval Shipyards. They then come to a Vehicle yard and are ambushed by Locust forces, Augustus Cole uses a discarded Silverback to clear the area to the entrance to the Missile Silo. After finding and arming the missile, Kilo here a radio transmission from Omega-Two, a squad of Gears pinned down by General Karn. They come up with a plan to launch the missile to save the squad.

Defending the Beach[]

Kilo then emerged from a service entrance from the silo to the Beach. Just as wave after wave of Locust emerged from multiple Landing Craft. They beat back the assault, then stole one of the Landing craft to head back to Halvo Bay.

Known Members of the Garrison[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The fort shares many design ques with Anvil Gate, suggesting it may have been built around the same time.
  • Given its name and classified location, it may have been the Onyx Guard's base of operations.