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The Onyx Guard was an elite special operations unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army that operated at the sole discretion of the Chairman before vanishing into COG files and vaguely recalled memories, when the unit was transferred to Azura to help defend the people who were there and the resources the COG had on the island. The Onyx Guard was an elite unit that had its own air wing, tank battalions and troop regiments that were capable of fighting on the frontlines and behind-enemy-lines. As such, they were not the only special operations unit in the COG Armed Forces, the other one being the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group.[1]

By the end of the Locust War, the Onyx Guard had been effectively wiped out.[2]

Unit HistoryEdit

Trained in the Onyx Guard Academy of Halvo Bay, they were a mysterious and deadly unit, The Onyx Guard tended to utilize predominantly black armor and equipment to symbolize their name, however they did carry the standard issue COG Armaments, i.e. the Lancer and Gnasher and utilized completely black King Ravens as transportation.

After Emergence Day and several years of waging war against the Locust, they were thought to have been wiped out alongside many other units.[3] In reality, they were relocated to Azura to protect the social elite and key scientists of the COG.[4] There, they were finally wiped out to the last man when the Locust invaded the island.

Onyx Courthouse

The Onyx Guard fortifying the courthouse.

Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

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The Onyx Guard played a key role in defending the city of Halvo Bay when it was besieged by the Locust Horde. The Onyx Guard Academy was also attacked when the Locust invaded. The Guards were later present at the courthouse providing security for the trial of Kilo Squad while fighting the Locust across the city.

During the Aftermath, you can see a dead Onyx Guard in Paduk's Hideout behind a car with some people who committed suicide to avoid becoming Formers.

Battle of EphyraEdit

After learning of the Locust assault on Ephyra, Cpt. Paul Dury along with a team of Onyx Guards, went to Haldane Hall to pick up Professor Adam Fenix, when they arrived at the scene they found Adam buried in some rubble, Paul Dury ordered some of his men to retrieve him and ordered Jerge to inspect the house for any vital information regarding Adam's research and told him to make sure he checked the basement, which housed a secret laboratory. After the mission to Haldane Hall, Adam was injected with a sedative and taken to Azura.


Onyx Guard's repelling from a King Raven to confront RAAM.

Evacuation of IlimaEdit

During the Evacuation of Ilima a decade after Emergence Day, the Locust attacked the city, led by General RAAM. Upon learning of this, Chairman Richard Prescott ordered the Onyx Guard to deploy into the city to try and kill RAAM.[5] Members of the Onyx Guard located RAAM and his bodyguards protecting a Tremor. Dozens of Onyx Guard Gears dropped in around RAAM from the surrounding buildings and a King Raven, including two in Silverbacks. However, they were all slaughtered by RAAM and his bodyguards, and were unable to prevent another Seeder from being summoned.[6] Other Onyx Guards engaged the Locust throughout the city.[7]


Rivera and Lowe, members of the Onyx Guard, escorting Chairman Prescott aboard the CNV Sovereign.

First Battle of AzuraEdit

The Onyx Guard were responsible for the defense of Azura during the Locust attack. Despite their best efforts, the remaining Onyx Guards were slaughtered, and the island fell to the control of the Locust.

Cpl. Rivera and Lowe, two Onyx Guards that took part in the defense of Azura, were assigned to protect Chairman Richard Prescott and came to be known as the "Onyx Guard rejects" by Damon Baird.[8] However, they later joined the Onyx Guard, and were the last two surviving members of the unit until their deaths on board the CNV Sovereign by Lambent forces.[9]

Known MembersEdit

Known SquadsEdit

Onyx Guard Personnel GalleryEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • In multiplayer, the Onyx Guard is voiced by Brian Bloom.
  • In Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer, Female Onyx Guard is voiced by Courtenay Taylor.
  • In Gears of War 3's Beast mode, fifteen members of the Onyx Guard are led by Richard Prescott in the twelfth and final wave against the player-controlled Locust Horde.[10] In game, they are stronger than the regular Hero characters, taking an average of three shots from the Gnasher at close range to down. Once they are downed, they can only be killed using execution rules. On Insane difficulty, they will automatically revive if they are DBNO (down but not out) long enough. They can also use a Vulcan by themselves without a second person to hold the ammo box (strangely enough, whenever they are holding one, it does not have an ammo box).
  • The Stim-Gas Grenade and the Beacon Grenade are part of the powerful arsenal of the COG’s elite Onyx Guard unit.[11]
  • In The Art of Gears of War 3, the concept artwork of the Onyx Guard refers to them as Stealth Cog which was the temporary name for them during development of Gears of War 3.[12]
  • The design of the Onyx Guards is supposed to walk the line between noble soldier and frightening, authoritarian stormtrooper.[13]


  • An anonymous Onyx Guard is one of three characters included in the Horde Command Pack for Gears of War 3.
  • In Horde and Beast modes, upgrading a Decoy fortification to its highest level creates an Onyx Guard armed with a Gnasher who will fight at your side against the Locust.
  • In Gears of War: Judgment, purchasing the VIP Pass gives you access to Onyx Guard and Female Onyx Guard in multiplayer.


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