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"This is Omega-One, we are about to be overrun!"
—A member of Omega-One, sending out a distress call after dropping into the Hollow

Omega-One was an eleven-man Gear squad that took part in Operation: Hollow Storm.

Squad History[]

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

"Thanks Delta. We'll stay here and secure the area until we can move our wounded."
—A member of Omega-One, after the Locust attack

After dropping into the Inner Hollow, Omega-One was almost overrun by a Reaver and Locust attack until Delta-One came to their rescue. Six members of the squad were killed and two were wounded by the time Delta was able to reach them. The two squads fended off several waves of Drones, Tickers, Boomers, and Reavers before the Locust gave up the assault. During the battle, a female Gear tended to the two wounded members of the squad behind a grindlift. After they were saved by Delta-One, only three Gears were left standing along with two wounded Gears. As Delta-One pushed deeper into the Hollow, Omega-One stayed behind to secure the area and attend to their wounded.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Omega-One was one of the few Gear squads to have a frontline female Gear.
  • As there were six grindlifts, it is likely that Omega-One was a twelve-man squad. However, there were only eleven men, dead or alive, around the vicinity of the grindlifts. This may mean that a Gear was killed before entering the Hollow.