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"I am responsible for myself and my actions; I shall conduct myself honorably, and live a clean and frugal life. I have responsibilities to my fellow citizens. I shall be loyal to them, and humble, because we are elements of a greater whole, and without them I am nothing, I have responsibilities to our society; I shall understand and respect my place in it, defend it, and work to make it prosperous, so that I may receive society's protection, and that we may hand on safety and prosperity to future generations."
—Opening lines of the Octus Canon[1][2]

A replica of the Octus Canon.

The Octus Canon was the founding document of the sociopolitical collective known as the Coalition of Ordered Governments.[3][4] Following the formation of the Coalition, the founders of the international alliance—Nassar Embry and the Allfathers—authored the Octus Canon, which outlined their utopian vision for society.[1][5][6] Influenced by the global governance philosophy described in the Austere Canon, the Allfathers attempted to adapt the socialist concepts of Alexiy Desipich to the political, cultural, and economic reality produced by the discovery of the Lightmass Process.[7][8][9] These statesmen believed that this fusion of technology with socialist moral principles offered a chance to create a unified and ordered Sera, which would liberate the planet from the anarchic conflicts that plagued it throughout the Age of Armageddon.[5][9][10]

Although the Allfathers collectively authored the Octus Canon, the Allfather PrimeNassar Embry—primarily shaped the content of this founding document.[2][5][11] Disillusioned with international politics following the death of his mother in an unspecified conflict during the final decades of the Age of Armageddon, the Tyran statesman envisioned an ordered and unified Sera liberated from the anarchic wars of the preceding centuries.[5][12][10] This vision combined the moral virtues championed by Alexiy Desipich—Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility—with technological advancements enabled by the Lightmass Process in order to produce the modern political doctrine described within the Octus Canon.[9][8]

Although the Octus Canon attempted to modernize the philosophy of Alexiy Desipich, the Allfathers readily incorporated the moral virtues—Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility—championed by Desipich into the opening section of their founding document.[9][8] Throughout this section—referred to as the Order of Life—of the Octus Canon, Nassar Embry and the Allfathers described their vision for everyday existence within the newly formed Coalition, commanding its citizens and member-states to adhere to these virtues during their daily activities.[13][6][14] This inaugural section additionally served as the affirmation of citizenship sworn by every citizen in order to promise their allegiance to the Coalition during public events, such as the dedication ceremony of the Plaza for the Tyran Dead in Halvo Bay.[2][15]



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