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"My work [at New Hope] began as an effort to cure children ill with Rustlung. But it grew into something far more significant. The COG wanted medicine. I gave them gods."
—Niles Samson

Doctor Niles Samson was a geneticist and creator of the Locust Horde. Acting as Director of the New Hope Research Facility, under the Department of Health of the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the Monroe Administration, the facility was initially built to study the effects of Rustlung on the children of Imulsion miners and to find a cure. However, when Niles began using transgenics in order to cure Imulsion-sickness, his work eventually warped into an attempt to evolve humanity, mutating the children into the Sires under his supervision at New Hope. Eventually, the extent of the unethical experimentation at New Hope reached the COG, with Chairman Monroe ordering the facility shut down, and all involved indicted. However, a political fringe group within the Coalition believed in Niles' work and transferred him, his staff, and his subjects to a secret laboratory under Mount Kadar.

At the Mount Kadar facility, Dr. Samson combined the embryonic stem-cells of Myrrah, a human child genetically immune to Imulsion, with Sire DNA to create the Locust Horde. When Myrrah's human daughter, Reyna, was smuggled out of the Mount Kadar Lab by her father, Niles lied to Myrrah that they were killed in the escape attempt in order to keep Myrrah from leaving the facility. Myrrah reacted by commanding the Locust to revolt and escape with her into the catacombs of Mount Kadar. Mortally wounded, Niles activated a cryogenic purge of the facility to ensure none of the researchers or guards escaped to reveal what had happened. Although Niles died, he had made copies of his consciousness in the form of artificially-intelligent constructs that remained online for decades.

Dr. Niles Samson's actions in Mount Kadar led to the Locust War, in which the Locust invaded the surface of Sera to colonize the planet and escape the Hollow - resulting in the near-extinction of the human race. In 14 A.E., the Coalition entered the New Hope facility and encountered an A.I. construct of Niles Samson in order to locate the Locust Stronghold - leading them to Mount Kadar in Operation: Hollow Storm. In 42 A.E., the Locust Horde evolved into Scions and created the Swarm due to Dr. Samson's work. During the Swarm Invasion, Cpl. Kait Diaz - the granddaughter of Myrrah - entered the Mount Kadar laboratory in order to uncover the secrets of her connection to the Locust Horde and encountered another A.I. construct of Niles Samson, which was later destroyed by the Matriarch.


Early Life[]

Niles Samson was born during the early Pendulum Wars in Ilima, Tyrus; as the world fell into global conflict over control of Imulsion, a newly discovered fuel source. Niles Samson was raised within a prominent family and studied biology, genetics, medicine, and pathology - eventually becoming a doctor in research.

Pendulum Wars[]

Early Career[]

During the Pendulum Wars, Doctor Niles Samson became a renowned scientist in Tyrus under the Coalition of Ordered Governments. He later maintained a high position under the Coalition's Department of Health. Recognized for his accomplishments, the Coalition invited Dr. Samson to Azura, a secret city island designed as a bunker for society's elite and a research facility for the greatest minds of the Coalition. The mission was to rebuild the world should Sera fall into global annihilation. As resident and researcher on Azura, Dr. Samson helped build Azura into a place of solitude and ingenuity. As such, his voice was used as inspiring public announcements to encourage the work of other scientists at Azura.

Meanwhile on the mainland, the miners of Imulsion and their families began suffering from a new fatal respiratory condition called Rustlung, caused by the overexposure of Imulsion vapors and fumes. Due to the Coalition of Ordered Governments gaining economic and political power from occupying the majority of Imulsion reserves - Chairman Monroe demanded complete confidentiality regarding its health effects in order to prevent repercussions of releasing a toxic fuel source to the public, and thus losing political power over Sera. The Department of Health then designed the New Hope Research Facility in order to house and treat the children of Imulsion miners sick with Rustlung. Based on his work, Chairman Monroe appointed Doctor Niles Samson as Director of the New Hope facility, leading the research into finding a cure for Rustlung.

New Hope Research Facility[]

"Save the children, that's what they always say. In this case, we're truly doing it. Or at least we are giving it our very best shot."
—Niles Samson's personal entry on the mission of New Hope.

During his research, Dr. Samson studied the progression of Rustlung by injecting the children with daily doses of concentrated Imulsion. He discovered that while most cells degrade from cellular stress when exposed to Imulsion, others cells developed point mutations. Most of the children continued to suffer and perish from the effects of Imulsion, but one female child named Myrrah did not show any ill effects. According to Samson's partner, geneticist Dr. Torres, she instead benefited from Imulsion exposure. Not only was she genetically immune to Rustlung, but her T-cells performed at an astounding rate. It was later discovered that she appeared to age 50% the rate of a normal human child. Niles Samson then focused his work on Myrrah by isolating her, under twenty-six hour surveillance. Myrrah seemed to understand her importance in the research and wanted to help her "friends." Niles attempted to replicate Myrrah's condition in the other children, but failed - seeing as Myrrah was a medical anomaly.

However, Niles believed that with Imulsion, DNA could be manipulated into evolution. Using the DNA of indigenous creatures from the Hollow, believing they held genetic immunity to Imulsion, Dr. Samson mutated the children with it in order to cure them of Rustlung. The children then transformed into aggressive, genetically unstable chimeras Niles called the Sires - seeing them as the forefathers of an evolutionarily superior race. The children who had become Sires lost their sanity and became feral, mindless creatures; except for one child named Ukkon. Ukkon not only retained his mental capacity, but also had superior intellect. Like Myrrah, he also gained newfound abilities when exposed to Imulsion such as the ability of accelerated healing. Able to quickly replenish from any bodily harm, Ukkon was physically immortal. However, he still suffered from Rustlung and turned sadistic, terrorizing the facility and maiming many of the staff. In response, Dr. Samson and the scientists created a fail-safe known as Cytostatic Gas to block Ukkon's healing process, making him vulnerable. Ukkon's abilities then led Dr. Niles Samson to believe that his work had military potential to end the Pendulum Wars.

Due to the unethical experimentation and the attacks on staff by the Sires, many employees resigned and leaked information to the government and press about Niles Samson's work. Niles personally terminated Private Sid Redburn, a guard stationed at New Hope, after intercepting a letter in the mail room detailing the work at New Hope to family friend Colonel Tolman in an attempt to alert Chairman Monroe about New Hope's work. Despite Niles' best efforts, more employees resigned and blew the whistle, with the information leaks getting the attention of the Coalition and Chairman Monroe, who then discovered the unethical experimentation, imprisonment, and torture of children and the many attempts Niles made to cover it. Niles Samson attempted to convince the Chairman that the experiments had potential to aid the army in ending the Pendulum Wars, but Chairman Monroe ordered the facility shut down and all involved, including Niles Samson, to be indicted.

Fringe Coalition Party[]

"The trip to Mount Kadar won't be an easy one, not by any means. We'll have to move during the night, in the snow, and Chairman Monroe won't even authorize the use of vehicles to transport the subjects. I will be leaving behind a semisentient security system to watch over the facility. I would hate for anyone to disturb the Sires' rest, and we would all like the later opportunity to study them as they grow. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that the security system is based off of my personality."
—Niles Samson's last entry before departing New Hope.

Shortly before the shut down of New Hope and his appearance at the House of Sovereigns to stand trial, a fringe element within the Coalition personally reached out to Niles. The party revealed that they have the best interest of the Coalition's in mind, but are pragmatic in their efforts - criticizing Chairman Monroe for his "moralist" ways interfering with true progress. They not only believed that Niles' work could end Rustlung, but also create genetically engineered super soldiers to help end the Pendulum Wars against the UIR.

Niles agreed to the invitation, and the fringe used Nethercutt Mining to build a secret facility at the base of Mount Kadar. There, Niles could transfer his remaining loyal scientists and all his subjects and work without ethical restriction. However, Niles knew he could not request vehicles for the transfer as Chairman Monroe would be made aware of their plans, so Niles prepared to move his entire team on foot during the night, in the snow, of Kadar Valley. Before he left, Niles Samson kept several dozen Sires in stasis in New Hope as a control group, and built a semi-sentient security system based off of his personality to watch over the facility.

Mount Kadar Laboratory[]

At Mount Kadar Laboratory, Niles took his work with the Sires to the next stage, seeking to create an iteration that could naturally reproduce. His most valuable subject proved to be Myrrah, who also became a colleague in their research. As she matured, Niles attempted to create hybrids using Myrrah's embryonic stem-cells and Sire DNA. After many failed attempts, he was finally successful in creating a hybrid known as the Matriarch, the first female Drone of the Locust Horde and later reproduced the males of the Locust Horde. The Locust were genetically stable, healthy, and able to reproduce. It was later learned that the Locust were also controllable. Because Myrrah's stem-cells were used in their creation, a psychomagnetic link between Myrrah and all members of the Locust Horde was established, known as the Hivemind. Without a queen's guidance, the Locust remained unable to learn and grow, to exist without direction. Myrrah was able to communicate with them, and through the Matriarch, her powers were even more amplified to where she could control the Locust. Dr. Torres and Niles then built a device that would not only hold and subdue the Matriarch, but also strengthen the connection to Myrrah by beaming into her temporal lobe.

As Myrrah got older, Niles noticed a romantic relationship occur between her and Dr. Torres. While Niles personally saw it as inappropriate, he allowed it because he hoped their sexual relations would result in a child for hereditary studies. Myrrah and Torres did, in fact, manage to conceive a human female named Reyna. Niles discovered that Reyna had not only inherited her mother's immune system and decelerated aging, but also her connection to the Locust Hivemind. Fearing his daughter being used for experiments, Dr. Torres then fled the facility with Reyna. Niles was unable to prevent the escape and returned to Myrrah lying that Reyna had died during the escape attempt. Instead of settling the matter, this enraged Myrrah. She became more withdrawn and bleak, showing resentment towards Niles and the other scientists - humans in general, as her sympathy to her "children" grew. The Locust then began to exhibit mindfulness and orders commanded by Myrrah. At some point, Niles expressed doubt of his work at Mount Kadar and questioned whether he and his colleagues deserved to be punished for what happened there, fearing for his life for the first time.[2] Niles then attempted to prevent Myrrah from her connection with the Matriarch, but it was too late for Myrrah finally realized her power.

Physical Death[]

Myrrah took control of the Locust and led a revolt against the researchers and guards, slaughtering any who got in her way, as well as fatally wounding Niles. In his last moments, Niles initiated the laboratory's cryogenic lock-down, which flooded the entire lab with cryogenic gas to keep the surviving scientists and guards from escaping and killing the Locust. Before dying, Niles downloaded his consciousness into a robot with artificial intelligence. Niles eventually died, but held no grudge towards Myrrah and the Locust, and instead wished for them to inherit the world.

Locust War[]

The Locust Horde[]

Following Niles' death at Mount Kadar, the facility was tended by the robot construct. This construct managed to retain its sanity for decades as it tended the lab's many specimen stasis pods.[3] Myrrah and enough of her Locust survived and escaped the facility. She led the Locust deeper into the Mount Kadar catacombs, where they later established their civilization of Nexus.

Decades after the Mount Kadar Laboratory riot, due to the Imulsion evolving and spreading Lambency in the Hollow, the Locust Horde emerged onto the surface in order to annihilate the humans, colonize the surface, and abandon the Lambent in the Hollow. The initial attack, known as Emergence Day, saw 25% of the world population killed in the first twenty-six hours. The Niles Bot somehow was able to learn about the events outside of the now frozen Mount Kadar Laboratory, and was proud of the Locust and Myrrah - hoping for them to eventually conquer Sera as their own.

Meanwhile, those within the Coalition of Ordered Governments who were aware of the New Hope Research Facility knew enough that these Locust were somehow descendants and linked to the Sires and experiments done by Niles Samson. Despite this, Chairman Tomas Dalyell and later Chairman Richard Prescott never further investigated into the New Hope facility or to search for the Mount Kadar Lab in order to find more intelligence on the Locust Horde.

While every major city on Sera was attacked on Emergence Day, the only cities that were spared or protected were cities with natural defenses that kept the Locust from digging, such as the South Islands, Vectes, and Azura - and on the mainland; the cities located on the Jacinto Plateau, namely Ephyra and Jacinto City. However, in 10 A.E., the Locust were finally able to emerge in Ephyra. Scientist Adam Fenix was hoped to be captured, but instead kidnapped by the Onyx Guard and brought to Azura by Chairman Prescott.

At Azura, Chairman Prescott revealed to Adam Fenix he was told of Adam's knowledge of the Locust and Lambent five years before Emergence Day - and thus imprisoned him at the island facility for his crimes and to also find a countermeasure for Lambency. Colleagues working with Adam believed he needed access to Niles Samson's teratological studies on Imulsion and the children sick with Rustlung. They also requested to retrieve a live Sire for research, but Chairman Prescott denied access to New Hope, but rather shipped William Alva, a convict, to be injected with Imulsion and to study Lambency in humans.

As the war continued on, the Locust only became more desperate in their attacks on the surface. After the Lightmass Offensive, in which the humans bombed the Outer Hollow with the Lightmass Bomb, it awoke the gargantuan Riftworm - a god to the Locust Horde - and thus they began using the Riftworm to sink cities on the Jacinto Plateau such as Tollen and Montevado. This was to weaken the Jacinto Plateau and then sink Jacinto City, based on Adam Fenix's plans, to flood the Hollow with seawater and kill the Lambent. When the Coalition was made aware of their attempt on Jacinto, Chairman Prescott ordered the entire Coalition army to launch underground and take the fight to the Locust Horde in their own stronghold to end them once and for all.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

The New Hope security system Niles

Because they had no knowledge of the true location of the Locust stronghold, and Chairman Prescott did not want to reopen the New Hope facility, the Coalition blindly sent Gears into the Inner Hollow hoping to find the stronghold. While they did find a Locust city, it was not their stronghold. During the initial wave, Ilima was then sunk by the Riftworm. After realizing that they failed to locate the true Locust stronghold, Chairman Prescott reluctantly declassified the intel file on the New Hope facility, and ordered Delta-One on a mission to enter the decommissioned COG outpost and find any intel that could give a lead on the location of the Locust stronghold and possibly any information on the Queen, Myrrah. After Delta-One killed the Riftworm, they proceeded to New Hope.

The mission, led by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, brought Delta One to what appeared to be a warehouse known as Jameson Depot, not a COG outpost. However, inside, Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago were greeted by the artificial intelligence of Niles Samson, who would not let them through the large safe door that allowed access to New Hope. Pvt. Damon Baird then provided a bomb for them to blow open the door, allowing access into New Hope. As Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago entered the facility, Niles Samson welcomed them to New Hope and informed them of the various aspects of New Hope. Because he would interact with them, they feared that Niles was a real person controlling the security systems somewhere in the facility. As they progressed into the facility, they encountered intense security systems and disturbing documents that suggested that they were performing unethical experiments on humans in New Hope and that the staff were ambivalent and fearful.

It then became clear that New Hope was imprisoning children sick with Rustlung, and that Dr. Niles Samson performed unethical, genetic experiments on them - which were reported to the government by his own employees. Delta then reached the main part of New Hope's labs, were they encountered the Sires in stasis. Disturbed, Colonel Victor Hoffman searched and revealed that there was not a single file in the Coalition's records about the Sires - as if they don't exist. Delta then found Niles Samson's lab and activated it - which in turn awoke the Sires from stasis. In a video entry, Delta acquired intel from Niles that after he was being shut down, he would transfer his subjects to Mount Kadar - indicating the Locust stronghold was located inside the mountain. The Sires then began attack Delta Squad, before finally discovering the artificial intelligence mainframe that kept Niles online. Sgt. Marcus Fenix shut him down, with Niles asking them that when the truth would come out about what they had done, would humans actually listen to the truth.

While escaping New Hope, the Locust Horde attacked New Hope - as Queen Myrrah knew the humans would return there in order to find their stronghold. Delta escaped and with the entire Coalition army ventured to Kadar Valley. Delta personally went inside Mount Kadar and set off a beacon after discovering the true Locust stronghold: Nexus, beginning the final wave of Operation: Hollow Storm. After learning of his father's plan to flood the Hollow, Sgt. Fenix convinced the Coalition to sink Jacinto City before the Locust could evacuate. They were successful as Nexus was destroyed and a majority of the Locust Horde drowned in the Inner Hollow.


In 17 A.E., Professor Adam Fenix was able to do what Doctor Niles Samson couldn't: cure Rustlung and Lambency. Adam Fenix created the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon which vaporized all Lambent organisms and cured those infected with Rustlung. However, due to Niles Samson's genetic engineering - the Locust Horde evolved by removing Imulsion from their genetics and crystallized themselves in the Imulsion shell - allowing for them to metamorphosis into Scions - Locust without Imulsion in their genetic code.

After the end of the Locust War, Lt. Anya Stroud rebuilt the Coalition of Ordered Governments and became First Minister. Among her first acts was stationing guards at the New Hope Research Facility and keeping its experiments secret. After her death, First Minister Mina Jinn continued to post guards at New Hope, but with automated soldiers known as DeeBees. Meanwhile, Reyna Torres married Gabriel Diaz and had a daughter, Kait Diaz.

Swarm Invasion[]

Second Mission to New Hope[]

In 42 A.E., Cpl. Kait Diaz and Lt. Delmont Walker returned to New Hope in hopes of finding answers about Kait's connection to the Locust Horde. Sgt. Marcus Fenix directed the two to find and reactivate the Niles AI. After finding the mainframe, Kait turned the AI back on. Coming back online, Niles continued his statement from before he was shut down and asked if they were listening. Del had JACK access the AI, to Niles' amusement, but discovered most of the files were corrupted. However, several had references to "Kadar" which was a name Marcus recognized and promised to have Damon Baird look over the files.

Moments later, a Swarm Flock burst in and attacked the mainframe. Niles asked if the "final cleansing" had begun and if he could terminate, which Kait objected to as Del dragged her away. As the AI was destroyed, it activated a purge of the facility, releasing deadly chemicals from tanks Kait and Del discovered and triggering explosives. As a result, the facility collapsed and was destroyed.[4] From the AI's files, Baird discovered that just before the last of the scientists left New Hope, someone sent them a message from a lab in Mount Kadar. However, the message's origin point was scrambled, forcing Kait and Del to locate the comm towers it passed through in order to track the message back to the hidden lab.[5]

Mission to Mount Kadar Laboratory[]

The Niles AI robot at Mount Kadar Laboratory

When Cpl. Kait Diaz and Lt. Delmont Walker arrived at the Mount Kadar Laboratory in 42 A.E., the Niles AI denied them access to the facility from behind the lab's locked entrance, rejecting Walker's attempt to open the door via blood sample. When Diaz then applied her blood sample, the security recognized her DNA and opened. The Niles robot greeted them and welcomed Diaz home, to her confusion, and commenced a tour of the facility. Reaching a room filled with cryogenic fumes from the lockdown, Niles claimed that an industrial accident malfunction caused the cryo jets to go off. Diaz and Walker, via JACK, were able to disable the generator for the cryo jets and allowed Niles to vent the remaining gas. Afterwards, the frozen remains of the scientists and Gears during the uprising appeared, as did the stasis tanks containing his test subjects, the Sires.

As they advanced through the facility, Niles explained that his work at New Hope had begun as an effort to cure children ill with Rustlung, but it had grown into evolving the human race into a superior species. Diaz questioned why Niles moved to the Mount Kadar lab after the COG shut him down. Niles explained that his family needed a place to continue their work in solitude and refused to answer Walker's question about who assisted in building the facility, due to his lack of clearance. Niles then showed Diaz and Walker the failed experiments of creating hybrids using Sire DNA and embryonic stem cells - and further revealed that they made their breakthrough due to one of the miners' children who was resistant to aging and disease, whom they raised as their own. Reaching the main lab, Niles showed Diaz and Walker a Locust Drone in stasis and revealed it was one of their first successful hybrids, confirming he had created the Locust Horde. At New Hope, the Sires were created by mutating the children with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow, but difficulty with genetic stability, distemperment, and sterility. However, the Locust were stable, highly controllable, and able to reproduce. After Niles confirmed that all of his genetic research was in the main computer terminal, Walker had JACK begin downloading it.

Meanwhile, Niles stated to Diaz that the special child immune to Imulsion was Queen Myrrah, whose embryonic stem cells were combined with Sire DNA to create the Locust. Niles admitted that they underestimated Myrrah's strong maternal instincts about both the Locust and Myrrah's human daughter Reyna, Corporal Kait Diaz's mother. Niles explained to Diaz that Reyna had been conceived with Dr. Torres, one of the geneticists, and was born in the lab, but was taken from them by Torres, causing Myrrah to lead the Locust to rebellion and slaughter. Niles insisted that Diaz had many gifts that she didn't yet understand and urged her not to tell the truth as Niles believed that Diaz would be killed if her heritage became known. Diaz confronted Walker at gunpoint about his presence and then threatened to commit suicide, which Niles stated would sever the link to the Locust. Diaz refused to allow the Swarm to do to her what they did to her mother, drawing Niles's interest. Diaz revealed that Reyna had been changed in the Hive and Kait killed her to stop it. Niles became worried as without a Queen, the Swarm would remain unguided. Diaz admitted to Walker that she was controlling the Swarm during the attack on the Riftworm Village while held inside a Snatcher and that she killed her uncle, Oscar Diaz.

Turning on Niles, Diaz demanded his help in severing her connection to the Swarm, threatening to delete Niles and destroy his research if he refused. Niles agreed to help and resumed leading the two through the facility. Niles asked Diaz if her mother had resisted in the Hive, to which Diaz confirmed, causing Niles to admit that he'd feared as much since Myrrah had not needed such crude incorporation. Diaz then asked Niles about her grandfather. Niles told Kait that Dr. Torres was one of his best geneticists but fled with Reyna because he no longer believed in their work. Niles admitted to lying to Myrrah that Reyna had died in the escape attempt in a belief that it would end the matter, but he had gravely miscalculated. Continuing the journey, Diaz and Walker, via JACK, disabled another set of cryo jets. Diaz asked Niles how it felt to have his life's work turn on him. Niles viewed the situation differently: as the Locust had longed for independence and Myrrah showed them the way. Even with Myrrah's betrayal, Niles was still proud of Myrrah and her accomplishments.[3]

Niles led Diaz and Walker into the chamber containing the Matriarch, explaining that the creature was the first successful hybrid generated from Myrrah's embryonic stem cells and Sire DNA. After giving birth to the first generation of Drones, the Matriarch amplified Myrrah's ability to communicate with the Locust. Niles revealed that the device connected to the Matriarch, which Myrrah used to first learn how to control her power, could also be used to sever Diaz's link to the Swarm Hivemind by mildly damaging her brain, as her connection based on a genetic algorithm in her temporal lobe and altering that required anesthesia. Going to the console, Niles told Diaz that the Matriarch would guide her mind to "where it must go" while Niles worked. Despite Walker's objections, Diaz decided to enter the machine. However, Niles used the machine to send Diaz's consciousness to her mother in a Hive, leading her to inadvertently awaken Reyna as the new Swarm Queen. Having succeeded in his plan, Niles fled and Walker fired after him with his Snub Pistol, damaging the robot as it escaped. Walker freed Diaz, who revealed that Niles tricked them and used Kait to awaken Reyna and only pretended to break her link to the Hivemind.[3]

Niles initiated another cryogenic lockdown as Diaz and Walker chased after him. Broadcasting over the intercom, Niles insisted that he had done them a kindness as Diaz was no longer vulnerable to the Hivemind and Reyna had been awakened. Racing through the lab as the cryo jets started up again, Diaz and Walker found Niles's desiccated corpse and Diaz used his palm print to stop the lockdown. Walker realized that Niles had lied about the industrial accident causing the first lockdown and that Niles had put the lab into a deep freeze before he bled to death. As they discovered that the Matriarch had escaped, Niles taunted that they'd made a mistake and would never look upon Reyna in her transfigured grandeur. As the two continued the chase, Niles released the Locust Drones still held in stasis to kill them. As the fighting continued, Niles told Diaz and Walker that the Locust were designed never die as he created them to withstand generational conflict. While they may withdraw and hibernate, they would always return because Niles and his scientists had seen to it. Despite Niles releasing more Drones, the two were able to eliminate the Drones and continue on so Niles released the Sires next. Niles initially reveled in the Sires being free again. After Diaz and Walker eliminated them all, however, he warned that while the Sires always lacked self-preservation, they would be unable to escape the Matriarch.[3]

Complete Death[]

As Kait and Del finally began to catch up with the Niles robot, they noticed that he was leaking a trail of fluid from the damage that Del had inflicted. In the middle of an icy cavern, Niles told Kait that what was done couldn't be undone and the planet was now the Swarm's. However, as Kait approached with the intention to destroy Niles, the Matriarch crashed down from above, shattering the thin ice upon which Niles rested. The Matriarch pulled Niles out of the water and ripped the robot in half, destroying Niles once and for all. As he was destroyed, Niles could only utter one final "oh, my." Kait and Del were able to kill the Matriarch and escape to continue their fight against the Swarm despite Niles' efforts to stop them.[3]

Due to both of his remaining artificial intelligence constructs being destroyed, Niles Samson completely died nearly a century after his first, physical death.


Despite the final end of Dr. Niles Samson, his destructive legacy would live on in the Swarm, the evolved form of his creations, the Locust. Worse, Niles' betrayal of Kait and Del led to the awakening of Reyna Diaz as the new Swarm Queen, giving the Swarm a central leader that they had previously lacked, making the Swarm even more dangerous and destructive.

Niles Samson Constructs[]

Azura Public Announcements[]

Niles Samson designed a construct on the island of Azura based on his personality. While not in operation of any security systems, his construct was responsible for making public announcements for the inhabitants of Azura. Other such uses were words of encouragement, with the voice of Niles Samson reassuring the importance of the citizens and their work for the future of Sera. His voice continued to be a part of Azura's public announcements nearly fifty years later.

New Hope Security System[]

New Hope Central Mainframe

The second A.I. construct was developed at the New Hope Research Facility. This construct was in charge of security, as well as being able to interact with other parties, with a television monitor replicating Niles Samson's face. The semi-sentient security system was based on Niles Samson's personality and was meant to guard the remaining Sires in stasis that he was unable to relocate to Mount Kadar - hoping to one day study them as the grew in a different environment. The security system was shut down in 2nd Frost, 14 A.E. by Sgt. Marcus Fenix. It was reactivated in Frost, 42 A.E. by Cpl. Kait Diaz and had information downloaded from it by JACK. However, Swarm Leeches attacked and destroyed the A.I. who initiated a chemical purge of the facility in its final moments.

Mount Kadar Laboratory Bot[]

"Niles Bot 2.0"

Niles Samson preserved his consciousness into the third A.I. construct, the "Niles Bot 2.0", shortly before he bled to death after being attacked by Myrrah. The bot contained the actual mind of Niles Samson and was not based off of his personality. The Niles Bot was capable of conversation, but also, unlike the New Hope construct, mobile and capable of physically interacting with the environment. On a set of wheels with extendable tools, the Niles Bot was able to tend to different parts of the facility. Like the New Hope construct, it also had a television screen to represent his face. The Niles Bot was destroyed by the Matriarch in Frost, 42 A.E., officially destroying the last of Niles Samson's existence.


While the Niles Samson was never featured in the flesh; his previous writings, recordings, and artificial intelligence constructs left behind observable characteristics. Niles Samson was defined by obsession, especially with cleanliness and security. This was reinforced by his standards and enforcements during his work at New Hope. One obsession that was also clearly defined in Niles was the desire to save humanity. As he said, he aimed to save the future from a culture without hope. The method Niles believed to reach this future was through empirical science, as he saw it as what separated society from savagery. This also drove him to use genetic engineering as a way to evolve humanity into perfect beings. Niles adhered to protocol, except when it impeded the progress of science and innovation. It could be assumed that Niles was a narcissist, given that three different sentient systems were based off of his personality - although he admitted to be embarrassed indulging in himself. He also viewed his work as holy, believing that the Sires and Locusts he created were "gods". Despite his unethical work, Niles was admittedly a brilliant scientist - as proven by his work of creating a new and evolutionary species.

However, when it came to his work, Niles Samson showed signs of caring for his subjects, despite obviously imprisoning and torturing them with his experiments. He referred to the Sires and Locust as his "children", and regarded Myrrah as his own, raising her from childhood - although it appeared that Myrrah didn't reciprocate this feeling judging from what she wrote in her private journal during her youth. When it became clear that Myrrah was immune to Imulsion, he gifted her with her own furnished room - including a bed, stuffed animals, a rocking horse, a desk, and supplies to draw pictures with. After several of New Hope's scientists decided to leave because of their experiments' brutal tendencies, Niles stayed behind despite their attacks. He would at times justify the "children's" violent and sadistic actions because they were humanity's future in his eyes. Despite Myrrah and the Locust personally killing him, he held no grudges towards them - he was instead proud of Myrrah and hoped that the Locust would eventually rule Sera over the humans. He also held remorse for what he had done to them - such as lying to Myrrah that Reyna had been killed in the escape attempt and relocating the Sires to Mount Kadar - wondering whether he deserved to be punished for his actions. Despite this, he had no such remorse that the Locust would commit a genocidal war against humanity.

Niles appeared to have some sense of humor, of sorts. When the New Hope AI of Niles Samson was reactivated by Cpl. Kait Diaz, he purred "Oh... hello, naughty fellow" as JACK inserted its drive into his computer, making a sexual innuendo. When the Flock hacked his systems and triggered a chemical purge of the facility, the AI mockingly quoted, "As someone once said to me, nighty night," which is what Sgt. Marcus Fenix had said to him when he was first shut down. With the more accurate AI of Niles at the Mount Kadar Laboratory, he expressed admiration for JACK - only for Lt. Delmont Walker to joke that he was spoken for. Niles then said jokingly, "You two do make a lovely couple." When Cpl. Kait Diaz threatened to shoot herself in the head in order to keep herself from becoming Queen of the Swarm, Niles quipped, "That would indeed sever the link between you and the Locust". After Niles used Cpl. Diaz to awaken her mother as the Swarm Queen, Niles defended himself by saying that he "awakened her mother," but crudely added, "well, so to speak," as Reyna was reanimated from the dead and possessed by Myrrah. When attempting to kill Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker, he released the Locust and Sires to destroy them, acting coy and pretending he wasn't responsible for releasing them.


"I'm sorry, but proper identification is needed for entry. Good day."
—Niles denying Delta entrance into "Jameson Depot."
"Our Facility maintains the highest possible standards. I assure you. We take great pride in our work here."
"After all, one can never have too much security, can one?"
"We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility. Filth will not be tolerated."
"Security, like cleanliness, is next to godliness. Don't you agree?"
"Good, empirical, scientific research is the foundation of any civilized society. We'd be savages without it. Filthy savages."
"As you make our way through our facility, do let us know if encounter conditions that do not meet our standards. We aim to please here at New Hope. Yes, we do."
"Proper access will prevent unexpected - and most unpleasant - occurrences. I assure you. After all, we don't need you running around and plugging into random computer terminals, do we now?"
—Niles bringing up Delta's lack of clearance again
"What's a culture without hope? It's a shame. A dirty, rotten shame."
"Did they know what was awaiting them inside Mount Kadar? Did they deserve what we did to them? Should we be punished?"
"When we are fully cleansed and the truth comes forth, will we listen?!"

Documents by Niles Samson[]

Interoffice Memo

To: All New Hope employees
From: Director Niles Samson

RE: Ways to Deal with Prying Questions

As many of you know, we recently experienced an internal information leak, and this had led some media outlets to make inquiries of the Department of Health. Should you ever be approached with questions by anyone from the media or from someone who is not an employee of New Hope, I trust that you will all refrain from disclosing any information about the facility or its patients.

Please do keep this is mind moving forward, and continue with the great work that you all are doing. You are making the future a better place.


New Hope Medical File

Patient Name: Ruth
Age: 15

Symptoms: Ruth is clearly experiencing extreme swelling in her joints and frequently cries out in pain during the night. She also exhibits rather erratic and unpredictable behavior, though this is quite understandable considering her situation and symptoms. There is a strange discoloration in her eyes, and her breathing often sounds labored. Her nails grow at a faster rate than normal, though her hair grows at a markedly reduced rate. I'll keep trying to find some type of medication to alleviate her pain without adversely affecting our studies.

Dr. Niles Samson[7]

Patient Analysis: AX-331-2

Prior to loss of speech, the subject complained frequently about joint and lung pain, as well as agonizing headaches.

Subject's exposure to Imulsion was severe even before testing began. Once Rustlung had metastasized throughout the Subject's body, death came quickly.

Imulsion's effects lead to intense and immediate cell stress. But other cells undergo point mutations that could be considered beneficial. Studies will continue.

Dr. Niles Samson

Patient Analysis: EV-184-9

EV-184-9 has been exposed to Imulsion levels hitherto known - without exception - to be fatal. Yet she displays no detectable cellular degradation at all. Quite the opposite, if anything.

We have decided to isolate and observe EV-184-9 closely, twenty-six hours a day, while continuing to administer a daily dose of concentrated Imulsion. We tell her it's her medicine and she smiles while she takes it. She is quite eager to be helpful.

Dr. Niles Samson

Patient Analysis: RK-619-4

RK-619-4's final transformation occurred roughly eighteen hours before death. Quite disappointing, as the subject's cells had initially benefited from Imulsion exposure nearly as much as Subject EV-184-9's.

It is time to face a hard truth. EV-184-9's response to Imulsion exposure may be entirely anomalous. And Dr. Torres has just informed me that EV-184-9's T cells appear to be particularly responsive. He believes her body is now aging at a pace roughly half that of a normal girl.

Dr. Niles Samson

Subject Analysis: UL-119-2

UL-119-2 remains our most physically dominant and remarkable specimen, surviving longer than any hybrid developed with embryonic stem cells. I remain baffled as to why this is so.

The bond she seemed to have developed with EV-184-9 continues to intrigue me. All at once, this mighty, matriarchal beast can be calmed into quiescence by no more than a glance!

Dr. Torres has developed a containment module for UL-119-2. He believes that by suspending her in cryptochromic fluid, the pyschomagnetic bond she and EV-184-9 appear to share could be amplified. I am skeptical but willing to entertain his flight of theoretical fancy.

Dr. Niles Samson

Subject Analysis: TE-872-3

I tolerated Dr. Torres' unseemly designs upon EV-184-9 mainly due to my hope that their dalliance could produce a child. And now it has: TE-872-3.

Let me dispense with these chilly medical appellations, as Myrrah has proved my colleague and collaborator in every sense.

Her selfless cooperation has brought me much joy, but not nearly as much as this: Myrrah's daughter has inherited her unique genomic constellation. What this means I do not yet know, but it proves that what I have created here is, astonishingly, inheritable.

All throughout our facility dote upon Reyna already. Only Dr. Torres seems ambivalent. I suspect he is jealous of the attention his special child is receiving.

Dr. Niles Samson

Subject Analysis: EV-184-9

Myrrah's mood remains bleak. I confess I underestimated the depth of her feelings for her daughter.

I have had to curtail her exposure to the Matriarch as well, for I and others have noticed that, the more frequent their interaction, the more it affects the behavior of our test subjects.

They have become... not docile, not exactly, but somehow... mindful, perhaps. Sometimes they seem to murmur in unison or simultaneously face the same direction. Dr. Van Neil remarked that it almost looked as if they were praying.

I worry Myrrah's influence has allowed our test subjects to develop novel and unhelpful ideas.

For the first time since I began this work, all those years ago, I am concerned for our safety.

Dr. Niles Samson

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Niles is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.
  • It is possible that Niles Samson is related to Julia Samson, a woman from Ilima who posted a help-wanted ad for a fulltime housecleaner to attend to the pristine household that had been in her family for generations. If they are related, Niles Samson originated from Ilima City.
  • The main terminal of the Niles AI is a reused model of the Sonic Resonator from Gears of War.
  • Niles' face is partially shown throughout the complex via screens. However, despite the displays being worn, cracked, and covered by static, Niles appears with a long face with glasses. As the player progresses through New Hope, the face on the screens becomes more blurry and hectic. It isn't until Gears 5 that Niles actually appears as his frozen corpse.
  • Niles narrates for the Swarm in Gears 5's multiplayer, replacing the Speaker from Gears of War 4 and Myrrah for the Locust Horde from Gears of War to Gears of War 3.



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