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"Son, what have they done to you?"
"Nothing, Dad.
—Mikail Enador and Nial, after Miran Trescu has pulled his trick-card in his interrogation.

Nial Enador was one of the Stranded Insurgents.


Battle of VectesEdit

The insurgents were tracked by Mac from where the mine had gone off and overturned Packhorse P-Twelve containing Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and Lt. Anya Stroud. Nial tried to get away from his father Mikail Enador and Edwin Loris while they were being chased by Delta Squad, in an attempt to escape. However Cpl.Dominic Santiago and Pvt.Augustus Cole managed to intercept him and brought him back to the rest of their squad before returning to VNB. [1]

Interrogation by Miran TrescuEdit

When Mikail Enador and Edwin Loris refused to tell Cdr.Miran Trescu the whereabouts of their camps while he interrogated them at the VNB infirmary, the Gorasni leader called in Sgt.Burkan together with the fifteen year old Nial. Since the Stranded still refused to co-operate, Trescu shot Loris in the head as a warning, and threatened Nial that the same thing would happen to his father if he wouldn't speak up. [2] Its indicated that either Trescu later executed Nial and his father, or they were killed when the prison blocks were destroyed in a Hammer of Dawn strike during the First Battle of New Jacinto.


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