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"Off the record, you are in completely confidential territory now - your guess is as good as mine."
Victor Hoffman's response when he can't find any intel on New Hope

The New Hope Research Facility, also known as the New Hope Wellness Facility,[1] disguised as the Jameson Shipping Depot, was a classified Coalition of Ordered Governments research facility used to experiment on the children of Imulsion-poisoned miners to find a cure for Rustlung. Founded by the Department of Health under the supervision of geneticist Dr. Niles Samson during the Monroe Administration, the facility was later shut down due to unethical experimentation on the children by mutating them into creatures called the Sires. After the shutdown, all involved were to be indicted, but Niles and his remaining loyal scientists had been relocated to an underground facility in Mount Kadar to continue their work. The work at this facility also led to the creation of the Locust Horde.

Before disappearing, Niles Samson left behind a semi-sentient security system to protect the facility. The COG classified all data relating to and the research conducted at New Hope. Any information was only delegated from former Chairman to succeeding Chairman, with the only task of keeping the facility quarantined and classified. The facility was declassified in 14 A.E. during the Locust War by Chairman Richard Prescott, believing that the information at New Hope could lead to the location of the Locust Horde. Following the end of the Locust War, the COG, under its First Minister, placed guards at New Hope and continued to quarantine the facility. In 42 A.E, the New Hope facility was destroyed by a self-destruct sequence triggered by the Niles AI. [2]


Pendulum Wars[]

Discovery of Rustlung[]

In the early to mid-Pendulum Wars, the miners of Imulsion and their families began to suffer from a condition known as Rustlung. The Coalition of Ordered Governments, wanting to capitalize on Imulsion and not face reparations for its health effects, commissioned the New Hope Research Facility under the Department of Health during the Monroe administration. Built to be disguised as Jameson Depot, the facility was designed to shelter the children of Imulsion miners infected with Rustlung away from the public eye and attempt to find a cure.

Founding and Research[]

The Director of New Hope was renowned geneticist Doctor Niles Samson. He began his research by injecting the children with daily doses of concentrated Imulsion to study its effects and progress. Most of the children progressed into Rustlung and perished following metastasis. It was discovered that exposure to Imulsion caused immediate cell stress and degradation. However, some cells underwent point mutations when exposed to Imulsion - showing possibility in genetic engineering. Dr. Torres later uncovered a female child named Myrrah who exhibited a genetic immunity to Rustlung. Upon observation, Myrrah had no traces of damage despite being exposed to known lethal doses of Imulsion. Instead, her body benefited from Imulsion exposure by strengthening her immune system and decelerating her aging process to 50% of a normal child. However, Dr. Samson was unable to replicate these results in the other children, as Myrrah was a genetic and medical anomaly.

Dr. Samson determined that curing Rustlung was only possible through genetic engineering. By using the DNA of indigenous creatures from the Hollow, which he theorized contained genetic immunity to Imulsion, he transformed the children into mindless, feral, deformed mutants he referred to as the Sires, the beginning of an evolved race. They began to exhibit some resistance similar to Myrrah's immunity, but ultimately failed as they each resulted in death. Those who survived were also genetically unstable and sterile. However, a Sire named Ukkon retained his mental capacity. Despite still being afflicted with Rustlung, Ukkon gained similar genetic abilities to Myrrah. Ukkon, when exposed to Imulsion, gained the ability of accelerated healing when wounded - making Ukkon physically immortal. To control Ukkon, the facility developed a fail-safe by developing a Cytostatic Gas to block Ukkon's healing abilities if he became rogue. With Ukkon's retained mental capacity and accelerated healing abilities, Dr. Samson became convinced not to just research a cure for Rustlung, but to genetically create enhanced soldiers to end the Pendulum Wars, as well as evolving the human race in general to become stronger and healthier. As the experiments continued, Ukkon became more sadistic and intelligent, causing terror in the facility.

Ethics Violation and Closing[]

As the research progressed, Dr. Niles Samson did not see that he was creating monsters but rather humans who had a "survival advantage." The other doctors and staff members became concerned about their research - believing it to become unethical and horrific. Many of the staff members were attacked by the Sires who adopted hostile and even sadistic behavior. One male Sire mauled staff member Sven, causing Doctors Doug Sato and Stephanie Zimmer to resign. Following numerous resignations, information leaks were made about New Hope and its research - causing Dr. Niles Samson to issue a memo of confidentiality to its remaining employees. Private Sid Redburn, a guard at New Hope, attempted to send a letter to family friend, Colonel Tolman, exposing the unethical experiments and urging Col. Tolman to alert Chairman Monroe about it. The letter was intercepted in the mailroom and Dr. Samson tried to have Pvt. Redburn terminated for his actions. Pvt. Redburn escaped, however, with numerous copies of Dr. Samson's research. After securing several files in an abandoned outpost in Winlock, Vasgar - he brought additional files to Chairman Monroe.

Upon investigating New Hope, Chairman Monroe learned the rumors of unethical experimentation and imprisonment and torture of children to be true. Issuing a directive, Chairman Monroe ordered the facility to be shut down and all involved to be indicted. Upon returning to arrest the scientists, the Coalition discovered all the scientists and several dozen subjects missing from New Hope, with the rest of the Sires in stasis, guarded by a semi-sentient security system built by Dr. Niles Samson and based on his personality. The Coalition spent years searching for the scientists and subjects in the Kadar Valley, but were never able to find any evidence leading to them. All official records on New Hope, Rustlung, the Sires, and research there were destroyed. The only files remaning were passed down to every Chairman when elected into office and kept classified on a need-to-know basis. Lacking an in-depth knowledge of the facility, each Chairman is charged with keeping the facility guarded and quarantined, and to eliminate any person other than the Chairman who has knowledge of New Hope. Private Sid Redburn was pardoned and allowed to continue his career in the COG army due to alerting Chairman Monroe about the unethical experiments at New Hope.

Unknown to Chairman Monroe, a fringe political party within his own administration believed in the work of Dr. Samson and was responsible for the relocation of the scientists and subjects to an underground facility beneath Mount Kadar where he could continue his work. His work then resulted in the creation of the Locust Horde. The new facility sent a message back to New Hope just before the last of the scientists left, but it became scrambled either in transmission or over time while stored in the AI's databanks.

Locust War[]

Assassination of Ukkon[]

In 1 A.E., Chairman Richard Prescott assigned Sgt. Gabriel Diaz to assassinate Ukkon, who was one of the Sires created at New Hope and the scientists' Patient Zero. Diaz's second-in-command was Major Sid Redburn who had once worked at New Hope as a guard when he was a Private before being terminated for trying to expose the illegal experiments being performed there. Redburn managed to capture Ukkon who remembered him from New Hope, but Ukkon was able to escape due to his regenerative abilities. Redburn subsequently revealed the connection that the origins of the Locust Horde had to New Hope, although Redburn mistakenly believed that the scientists had convinced Chairman Monroe to authorize the creation of monsters at New Hope. Redburn was able to provide Diaz and Mikayla Dorn with files that he'd stolen from New Hope and hidden proving his story. When Diaz questioned Prescott about Ukkon and New Hope, Prescott attempted to kill Diaz and his forces with the Hammer of Dawn.

After the discovery of the truth, Redburn revealed that the scientists at New Hope had created Cytostatic Gas as a failsafe to block Ukkon's healing abilities and that he knew how to make it. By using the weaponized gas, Diaz and his forces were able to render Ukkon vulnerable and finally defeat him. Just before being killed by Reyna Torres, the daughter of Queen Myrrah and Dr. Torres, one of the facility's scientists, Ukkon taunted Redburn that his time at New Hope still haunted Redburn.[3]


Main article: Mission to New Hope Research Facility

New Hope in 14 A.E.

Nearly a century later, the Locust Horde emerged and attacked the surface of Sera. In 14 A.E., the Locust Horde began using a Riftworm to sink the cities of Tollen and Montevado in order to sink Jacinto and flood the Hollow, killing the Lambent. In response, the Coalition launched Operation: Hollow Storm in order to locate the Locust stronghold and neutralizing their leader, ending the war once and for all. During the first wave of Hollow Storm, Delta-One was able to locate the Riftworm and kill it following the sinking of Ilima, but the COG ultimately failed in locating the Locust stronghold.

Due to being unable to find the Locust stronghold, Chairman Richard Prescott ultimately declassified the intel file on the New Hope Research Facility, believing that wherever Niles took the "children" is surely where the Locust stronghold and Queen are located. Delta Squad was sent to search for any clues to the Locust capital; however, all previous activities and details remained classified, and even Control was kept in the dark regarding the reconnaissance mission. Even Victor Hoffman, the highest-ranking military officer, knew nothing more of the place beyond its location.

Delta's first Encounter with Niles.

Upon arrival, Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago entered the facility while Augustus Cole and Damon Baird guarded the Centaur Tank that Delta were using as transport. Inside, Marcus and Dom encountered an armored security door overlooked by the AI system modeled after Niles. After blasting the door open with a charge, they proceeded to navigate New Hope's extensive security network. Marcus and Dom located the stasis area holding the Sires and hacked the network, recovering information left by Niles Samson about relocating the subjects to Mount Kadar.

The recording is interrupted because an unintentional result of Delta hacking the network is the Sires are awakened from stasis. These creatures break out of the tanks and attack the Gears, who have to fight their way out and then shut down the Niles AI because it threatens them for attacking the Sires. Marcus and Dom then attempt to leave the facility when Locust Drones and Boomers suddenly attack the facility. Marcus and Dom fight through the remainder of the facility and rendezvous with Baird and Cole, leaving the facility and driving towards Mount Kadar.

The intel proved correct as the Locust capital, Nexus, was situated under Mount Kadar, as well as the Locust Queen, Myrrah. Delta Squad was able to activate the beacon and start the second wave of Operation: Hollow Storm in the actual Locust stronghold.

The operation was a success and Nexus was destroyed in the flooding following the sinking of Jacinto by the COG. Both the Locust and Lambent drowned. In the following two years, the Lambent spread on the surface, but was ultimately destroyed by Adam Fenix's weapon.

Interwar Period[]

However, the device did not kill the Locust but instead forced the Locust into evolution as they became cocooned in an impenetrable crystalline shell. According to Marcus Fenix, every First Minister of the restored COG knew of New Hope, but instead of investigating it more, they all did the same thing: posted guards and tried to keep it a secret.[2]

Swarm Invasion[]

Return and Destruction[]

By 42 A.E., the Locust erupted from their cocoons and evolved into the Swarm. The Swarm began rebuilding their army by capturing humans and turning them into soldiers. The leader of the Swarm, the Speaker, led an attack on the Outsiders of Fort Umson and captured their leader, Reyna Diaz. They attached Reyna to their network, but she was later found by her daughter, Kait Diaz, and was euthanized. Reyna left her with her amulet, which is also the symbol of the Locust Horde. Shortly after her mother's death, Kait began having visions and nightmares of the Swarm and Queen Myrrah. She became more aggressive and feared that something was happening to her. After the attack on Riftworm Village, Marcus advised Kait to journey to the New Hope Research Facility where she could discover what's happening to her by learning the origins of the Locust Horde.

Once she and friend, Delmont Walker, arrived at the New Hope Research Facility, the building was nearly in ruins and filled with snow and with the guarding DeeBees corrupted by the Swarm. At the vault entrance, Kait and Del encountered a Warden guarding the facility, suggesting that Swarm intended to turn it into one of their Hives. After destroying the Warden, the two found that New Hope was being transformed into a Swarm Hive and fought off a Swarm Flock as they tried to find the lab, eventually making their way into the prison area which Marcus had never encountered on his journey there. Marcus guided the two through the facility, informing them of what he had learned about the experiments that had been run there.

The two eventually found the mainframe for the Niles AI and reactivated it. However, the AI had badly degraded over the years and most of its files were corrupted. JACK was able to find several that mentioned the name "Kadar" which Marcus recognized and had Damon Baird take a look. However, a Swarm Flock attacked the Niles AI which took it as a sign of the final cleansing beginning. As the AI was destroyed, it activated a purge of the facility using chemicals in tanks Kait and Del found while making their way through it and explosives. Fighting through Swarm forces, the two were able to escape outside. The purge caused the facility to collapse, bringing a final end to the New Hope Research Facility.[2]

Baird discovered that just before the last of the scientists left New Hope, someone sent them a message from a lab in Mount Kadar. However, the message's origin point was scrambled, forcing Kait and Del to locate the comm towers it passed through to track the message back to the hidden lab.[4]

Hivebuster Offensive[]

Inspired by the events at New Hope, Colonel Victor Hoffman managed to acquire the toxic gas that Dr. Niles Samson used during the chemical purge. The chemical weapon was weaponized by Doctor Hana Cole for use against the Swarm by planting a Venom Bomb in the heart of the Hive, hoping for the Hive to be destroyed and all connected and originating from the Hive to be killed. However, the weaponized gas proved to not be strong enough to kill the more powerful Swarm creatures and Scions. Later, by combining the New Hope gas with the venom of the Wakaatu, Dr. Hana Cole was able to create successful Venom Bombs able to destroy the Hive completely.[5]

Building Layout[]

Because New Hope Research Facility operated under the guise of Jameson Depot,[6] the perimeter of the building was set up to look and operate like a warehouse. However, with proper clearance, the depths of the facility could be reached. The building itself housed various laboratories and research offices, scattered throughout a maze of hallways. Within the main entrance was the main lobby. To the left were bathrooms, to the right was access to the facility's warehouse and garage. Down the hall from the main lobby were sleeping quarters for on-duty guards. At the end of the hall was a large circular door that led to the research facility. To the right of the circular door was a corridor that lead to the generator room, warehouse, and garage. When the new COG classified the facility, they built a door to seal off the hallway leading to the former vault-like door that separated the outer warehouse from the lab itself. Over the course of 25 years, the facility deteriorated heavily, with many sections collapsing or showing signs of damage.[2]

Beyond the circular door were numerous security checkpoints. Downstairs was the employee lobby. To the left of the lobby was access to the genetic research and treatment centers. Past the employee lobby was the mailroom, offices, showers, sleeping quarters, kitchen, and cafeteria for the employees of New Hope. Connecting all areas of this facility was a small exterior courtyard. At this point of the facility, the entire area was guarded by numerous automated turrets and flamethrowers that locked onto targets and fired until the target was dead or out of range. Most of these weapons had a manual override, which would deactivate the security within that room. Almost every room and hallway had one of these automated weapons installed.

Downstairs from the employee area was the genetic research facility and treatment areas. Deeper in the facility were two long hallways - each with large circular doors at the end. The main hallway was for employee access and guarded by turrets, the other hallway was the security system control that allowed access in the main hallway. Past the two circular doors was the heart of the facility in which the Sires were held in stasis tanks. Overlooking each section of the stasis area were lab stations for observation and morgue examination rooms. At the end of the stasis facility was the computer switchboard network and artificial intelligence security system mainframe.

Deep below in the facility were prison cells for the children to be housed in. Supplied with a metal bed, sink, and toilet - the cells were closed with metal doors and food door passes. Down the hall were autopsy rooms to examine and dissect the deceased before they would be cremated. Following the discovery of Myrrah's immunity, she was given her own furnished room. The room itself differed from most cells, as it was larger and better lit. It was furnished with a child's bed, desk, and rocking horse. The plastered walls allowed her to draw on and pin pictures to it. However, the room was monitored by a observation room with a two-way mirror. An elevator at the end of the hall go up into the genetics lab and observation rooms.

In front exterior of New Hope was large parking lot and courtyard. To the right of the facility, next to the garage, was loading dock access for trucks to deliver the toxic gas used in the facility as a fail-safe, which then connected to the employee area of the facility. The back exterior of New Hope were living quarters built throughout an old train yard to hold the test subjects, along with metal canopies over walkways and throughout the front yard to serve as protection from bad weather such as Razorhail.[7] Train tracks were laid out within the back of the facility to transport the children by train. As part of the facility's guise as Jameson Depot, the tracks extended out into Kadar Valley and a nearby train tunnel.[8]


Interoffice Memo
To: All New Hope employees
From: Director Niles Samson

RE: Ways to Deal with Prying Questions

As many of you know, we recently experienced an internal information leak, and this had led some media outlets to make inquiries of the Department of Health. Should you ever be approached with questions by anyone from the media or from someone who is not an employee of New Hope, I trust that you will all refrain from disclosing any information about the facility or its patients.

Please do keep this in mind moving forward, and continue with the great work that you all are doing. You are making the future a better place.



Sato's letter to Stephanie Zimmer
To: Stephanie Zimmer
From: Doug Sato
Subject: WTF?!

Steph, we need to talk. Seriously. I'm worried about our safety. Niles keeps saying that the subjects are harmless under sedation, but I just saw Sven get mauled by one of the males. Like ripped up, bloody mauled. This place isn't safe anymore. Maybe it never was.

I'm already working on my resignation letter, you may want to as well.


New Hope Medical File
Patient Name: Ruth
Age: 15

Symptoms: Ruth is clearly experiencing extreme swelling in her joints and frequently cries out in pain during the night. She also exhibits rather erratic and unpredictable behavior, though this is quite understandable considering her situation and symptoms. There is a strange discoloration in her eyes, and her breathing often sounds labored. Her nails grow at a faster rate than normal, though her hair grows at a markedly reduced rate. I'll keep trying to find some type of medication to alleviate her pain without adversely affecting our studies.

Dr. Niles Samson[6]

Doctor's Journal
Dr. Stephanie Zimmer

Doug was right. These things, these 'children,' as Niles likes to call them, are completely out of control. It's like working with rabid dogs, except they're much smarter, more conniving... and they're brutal. Sadistic even. It's like they were bred to kill and torture.

These things are going to be the death of us all.

This is my final entry. I'm getting the hell out of here.

I hope this place burns to the ground.

Dr. Zimmer.[6]

Captivity Marks
To: Control
From: Delta-One

We've found some marks on the walls of a cell in the New Hope Wellness Facility. Unclear whether they represent days, weeks, or months, but it's clear someone spent a long time here in captivity. Too long.

Delta out.

Intercepted Letter
Colonel Tolman,

I apologize for the protocol breach of writing you directly, but I am praying that as a family friend you can help me with a desperate situation.

When Command offered me a guard position at the New Hope Research Facility, they called it a career-making opportunity: a chance to support research that would cure Rustlung forever. But that's not what's happening here.

I have been ordered to chain the ill to bed frames like prisoners, not patients. I have had to pin down screaming children while lab-coated men with needles tapped their blood and left them to shiver on the floor.

Niles Samson isn't making a cure. He's making... things. I can't say what they are. No one can. But no good can come of it, I promise you.

I beg you, Colonel: Talk to Chairman Monroe. Tell him people are suffering here. Tell him Dr. Samson's gone mad. I can't stand by and watch this any longer.

Private Sid Redburn

Intercepted in mailroom. Get Redburn OUT of here!

Sovereign Directive 10345
By virtue of the authority vested in me as Chairman of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, it is hereby ordered that all activities at the New Hope Research Facility are to be terminated, effective immediately.

It is further ordered that all staff report to the House of Sovereigns, where they will stand trial and face judgment on the 13th of Bloom.

As citizens of this Coalition, each of us made a pledge to conduct ourselves with honor, and to observe principles of loyalty and purity, as it was decreed by the Allfathers.

I know no greater impurity than what has been conceived within the walls of New Hope, and no act more dishonorable than what is effectively the imprisonment and torture of children.

Furthermore, the untruths told by Dr. Niles Samson and his team to protect themselves and their efforts from scrutiny indicate disloyalty of the greatest severity.

Dr. Niles Samson, you have forsaken your responsibility to society, and so your society must forsake you.



Patient Analysis: AX-331-2
Prior to loss of speech, the subject complained frequently about joint and lung pain, as well as agonizing headaches.

Subject's exposure to Imulsion was severe even before testing began. Once Rustlung had metastasized throughout the Subject's body, death came quickly.

Imulsion's effects lead to intense and immediate cell stress. But other cells undergo point mutations that could be considered beneficial. Studies will continue.

Dr. Niles Samson

Patient Analysis: EV-184-9
EV-184-9 has been exposed to Imulsion levels hitherto known - without exception - to be fatal. Yet she displays no detectable cellular degradation at all. Quite the opposite, if anything.

We have decided to isolate and observe EV-184-9 closely, twenty-six hours a day, while continuing to administer a daily dose of concentrated Imulsion. We tell her it's her medicine and she smiles while she takes it. She is quite eager to be helpful.

Dr. Niles Samson

Patient Analysis: RK-619-4
RK-619-4's final transformation occurred roughly eighteen hours before death. Quite disappointing, as the subject's cells had initially benefited from Imulsion exposure nearly as much as Subject EV-184-9's.

It is time to face a hard truth. EV-184-9's response to Imulsion exposure may be entirely anomalous. And Dr. Torres has just informed me that EV-184-9's T cells appear to be particularly responsive. He believes her body is now aging at a pace roughly half that of a normal girl.

Dr. Niles Samson

Timeworn Data Drive
There is a message hidden on the drive that Jack has decrypted:

Dr. Samson,

I represent a concerned party within Chairman Monroe's administration. We are uncolored by the messianic moralism our Chairman has consistently shown. Instead, we are pragmatists. In our view, the greatest kindness we can for Sera is bring the Pendulum Wars to a swift, decisive end.

To achieve this goal, we are willing to provide you with aid and research. Unlike our Chairman, we are capable of imagination - of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. Your work has too much potential to squander.

Preparations are now underway to relocate your research to a new location, safely distant from eyes that may pry. Monroe has spies everywhere.

We will speak with you again soon.

Known Occupants[]




Behind the scenes[]

  • The multiplayer maps Security and Stasis are both loosely based on New Hope.



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