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"Doing the Allfathers' work!
Labor for your fellow citizen.
Labor for the Coalition.
—Nethercutt Mining worker motivational poster[1]

Nethercutt Mining was a major corporation in Tyrus that operated in the pre-Locust War era. They specialized in exploiting reserves of osmium and other metals for industrial and military application.


During the Pendulum Wars, Nethercutt Mining was a powerful company with deep financial and political connections to the Coalition of Ordered Governments.[1] The COG held the company's largest contract. Nethercutt operated several large underground mines in Tyrus, extracting many tons of metal ore, including osmium. The ore was then used for manufacturing firearms and armor for the millions of COG Gears on the battlefield. It was estimated that two-thirds of all the raw metal used to manufacture COG equipment originated from Nethercutt mines.[1] Nethercutt miners were used to build the secret Mount Kadar Laboratory and then executed to keep the secret.[2]

Nethercut Mining developed unique equipment to remove and morph rocks, including massive ore carrying rig elevators. Over the course of the Pendulum Wars, several osmium mines were tapped out by the war effort. Unlike most Tyran industries that preferred using Imulsion as an energy source, Nethercutt utilized geothermal power for practical underground electricity and traditional petroleum for motorized vehicles. While osmium mining continued, albeit reduced, after Emergence Day, Nethercutt Mining had ceased to exist sometime during war.

After the conclusion of the Locust War in 17 A.E., several Nethercutt facilities were repurposed as Locust Shell burial sites, resulting in their conversion into Hives when the Swarm outbreak occurred 25 years later in 42 A.E.

Even after forty years of being discarded, Nethercutt equipment remained largely functional and valued by Outsider groups salvaging old gear.

Known Facilities[]

Known Employees[]

  • Tara Bromsley - Maintenance Administrator
  • Peter Thardis - Site Supervisor
  • Michael - Nethercutt Miner
  • Rev - Nethercutt Miner
  • Vincent - Nethercutt Miner



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