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An intact Nest.

"Back in your nest!"
JD Fenix

Nests, sometimes referred to as Drone Nests, are Swarm mounds that Juvies can enter to quickly evolve into an Imago. If enough time is allowed, the evolution can advance to a Drone.

"Hatching" process.

The "hatching process" of the Swarm's nests is relatively simple: first they sink into the ground and begin smoking whilst illuminated; afterwards, they burst open and the Imagos and/or Drones emerge.

A destroyed Nest.

Nests can be obliterated by using any explosive weapon, although throwing Bolo Grenades in them are the most effective method. Once destroyed, they create a sizable depression in the ground, allowing for anyone to take cover in it. A weapon or pair of grenades can often be found inside a destroyed nest.


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