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"We only achieve unity through order."
—Nassar Embry, the Allfather Prime

Nassar Embry was the Allfather Prime and founder of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.[1] He used Alexiy Desipich's political ideology and concepts of Socialism, and would lead the COG into becoming a world superpower.



Nassar Embry was born and raised in Tyrus at a time when the Era of Silence was giving way to the Gold Rush, the global scramble to harness Imulsion. His father was a shipwright, and his mother was a soldier who spent most of her life stationed abroad and died in an unnamed conflict. Following his mother's death, Embry realized that the world could only be united after first enforcing order, which inspired him to develop the political philosophy that would eventually become the Octus Canon and precipitate his rise as Allfather Prime of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.[2]

Nassar Embry's original armor.


Being the Allfather Prime for the COG, his namesake was used throughout the Coalition; the Embry Star is taken from his last name, while Timgad City has a park[3] named after him. Embry Province also used his last name. His armor would be later placed inside the Museum of Military Glory.[4] Multiple portraits of him would also be hung on display inside the House of Sovereigns, most of them still being relatively undamaged during the Lightmass Offensive.[5] In 42 A.E., Embry's life became the basis of a musical starring Jace Stratton as Embry himself.[6]

A different portrait of Nassar housed in New Ephyra.

Behind the scenes[]

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