Rifleman Naru Fel was a member of the Pesanga Brigade of Rifles who fought at the Siege of Anvil Gate.


Siege of Anvil GateEdit

Arrival at Anvil GateEdit

While training at the divisional headquarters of the Pesanga Brigade of Rifles in seventeen B.E., Fel volunteered with five other Pesanga Gears to go on a mission to reinforce Anvil Gate, which was under siege. After being given supplies for the mission, Fel and the others got in a helicopter, and were flown north of the fort, and dropped off to make their way to it under the cover of night. On the way, they heard somebody moving amongst the rocks in front of them, and took cover as whoever it was got closer. It turned out to be a Gear from the fort, Pvt.Padrick Salton, who had been sent out to escort them in. Fel and the others followed him back to the fort,[1] where they met with Lt.Victor Hoffman, the forts CO. Pvt.Bai Tak introduced Fel and the others, and they then settled into their quarters.[2] They then went to the briefing room, where Sgt.Samuel Byrne showed them maps of the area, and they made notes on certain areas for future patrols.[3]

Breaking the SiegeEdit

As the siege went on, Shah and the others would go out on patrol every night, getting at least one kill each patrol. They also hunted down goats and brought them back to supplement the forts food supply.[4] Three months after arriving at the fort, Fel went out with Rifleman Lau En to scout the Indie lines, and came back at two in the morning to the fort to give their findings. They told Hoffman that there were two hundred Indie soldiers besieging the fort, and Hoffman told them and the other gathered officers about his plan to break the siege by letting the Indies in, and setting the town on fire to kill most of them, and then ambushing the survivors.[5]


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