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NCOG Marines was the navy infantry of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy and were trained in the NCOG Corps of Marines[1], which was a branch of the COG Navy. Hence, they are the navy's equivalent to the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army Gears.[1]


Pendulum Wars[]

During the Pendulum Wars, the Merrenat Naval Base was constructed to withstand a full on UIR siege. The base was used to train units taking part in Operation Leveler, specifically in the ensuing beach assaults on Aspho Fields.

Locust War/Lambent Pandemic[]

A memorial to the marines and Duke of Tollen's Regiment was erected at Pelruan city.[1] In 14 A.E., a marine recon team was sent to Merrenat Naval Base to scout for Imulsion after the sinking of Jacinto.[2]

During the Lambent Pandemic, both Port Farral and Merrenat Naval Base were destroyed when the area was overrun by a forest of Lambent Stalks. It is unknown if any Marines survived the event or whether the branch itself survived.[3]


Marines of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy were specially equipped with gear and armor not seen by conventional Gears in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army.

Due to their maritime nature, Marines were specialized in situations where ammunition and supplies are scarce (i.e. on board an enemy ship or a beachhead assault). As such, Marines are equipped with an ammo belt as well as ammunition pouches to house more resources than a normal Gear.

Moreover, Marine armor were designed differently, to better accommodate a Marines' naval environment. Marine armor is far more streamlined than conventional COG armor, in order to better accommodate a Marine's need to swim in case of emergencies. Furthermore, it is likely that the Marine's helmet has a built-in oxygen respirator for underwater operations.

Likewise, Marine armor is painted silver-grey, for better camouflage in the open waters in contrast to the bright blues of conventional COG armor.

NCOG Marine Personnel Gallery[]



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