"We ARE the Support!"
—NCOG Corps of Marines motto

NCOG Corps of Marines[1] is a military branch that recruit and train volunteers to become a NCOG Marine.

The NCOG Corps of Marines fell under the leadership of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy, the organization itself, train recruits to be specialists in naval and amphibious combat, as well as beachhead assaults and the boarding of enemy naval combatants.


Pendulum WarsEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, the Merrenat Naval Base was constructed to withstand a full on UIR siege. The base was used to train units taking part in Operation Leveler, specifically in the ensuing beach assaults on Aspho Fields.

Locust War/Lambent PandemicEdit

A memorial to the marines and Duke of Tollen's Regiment was erected at Pelruan city.[1] In 14 A.E., a marine recon team was sent to Merrenat Naval Base to scout for Imulsion after the sinking of Jacinto.[2]

During the Lambent Pandemic, both Port Farral and Merrenat Naval Base were destroyed when the area was overrun by a forest of Lambent Stalks. It is unknown if any Marines survived the event or whether the branch itself survived.[3]

Interservice RelationsEdit

The NCOG Corps of Marines had a robust relationship with the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army, but more specifically, the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry, despite different service branches.

During the Pendulum Wars, the Merrenat Naval Base, one of the main marine training bases for the NCOG, allowed C Company to train in Marine operations for the eventual assault on Aspho Fields. The training was crucial in the ensuing operation, as it allowed C Company the necessary experience to be able to steal the Hammer of Dawn plans from the UIR.

The NCOG Corps of Marines had close relations with its parent branch, the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy. The Marine Corps also had relations with the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps, more specifically, the naval air force branch which allowed Marines to pilot the Sea Raven and King Raven on board aircraft and helicopter carriers such as the Raven's Nest Class.

NCOG Marine Personnel GalleryEdit

Behind the scenesEdit



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