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"The world is rightfully ours!"

Queen Myrrah was the creator and leader of the Locust Horde during the Locust Revolution, Lambent War, and Locust War; and continued to lead the remaining loyal Locust Horde forces during the Lambent Pandemic and Swarm Invasion. Myrrah was the child of an Imulsion miner and born with a genetic immunity to the ill-effects of Imulsion. She was brought to the New Hope Research Facility as a subject to treat other children of Imulsion miners infected with Rustlung. After New Hope was shutdown by the COG, the subjects and staff of New Hope were relocated to a secret laboratory in Mount Kadar by a fringe political group. Through genetic experiments led by Dr. Niles Samson, Myrrah's embryonic stem cells and Sire DNA were responsible for the creation of the Locust Horde. Myrrah eventually conceived a human daughter, Reyna, with Dr. Torres, but was led to believe by Niles that Reyna was killed when Torres escaped with her. Myrrah, distraught, led the Locust to slaughter all the scientists, including Niles, and established them as an independent race.

As Queen of the Locust Horde, Myrrah led her people underground in the Hollow to create Nexus, a civilization of religion, science, technology, culture, and militarization. In the following years, the effects of Imulsion began infecting and killing the Locust, known as Lambency, and caused an epidemic in the Hollow. Queen Myrrah enlisted the aid of COG scientist, Professor Adam Fenix, to cure the Lambent without harming the Locust. Unable to find a safe solution for the Locust, Queen Myrrah demanded the genocide of the human race by emerging on the surface and waging genocial war. The conflict was nearly successful in the extinction the human race. However, seventeen years after Emergence Day, Queen Myrrah was killed by Sgt. Marcus Fenix following the extinction of the Lambent and defeat of the Locust by Professor Adam Fenix's Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. Unknown to the humans, Myrrah's consciousness remained within the Matriarch. In addition, the members of the Locust Horde that were crystallized by the Imulsion countermeasure survived, as well.

In 42 A.E., the Locust emerged from their Imulsion shells into an evolved race called the Scions. Although unable to properly lead them without her body, Myrrah guided the Scions to create the Swarm, a bio-organism capable of transforming various species into soldiers for their army by connecting them to the Hivemind. Myrrah then discovered her daughter, Reyna, had actually survived the escape from Mount Kadar and produced a daughter, Kait Diaz. Myrrah led the Speaker to take Reyna and in an attempt to possess her body by connecting her to the Hive, but Kait disconnected Reyna at her mother's request. The Swarm managed to reanimate Reyna's body, but Myrrah directed the Hivemind to Kait in order to possess her healthy, living body. Joining the COG, Cpl. Kait Diaz traced her family's origins back to the Mount Kadar lab. Cpl. Diaz killed the Matriarch to sever her link to the Locust Hivemind, forcing Myrrah to possess Reyna's body. Becoming the Swarm's Queen, Myrrah nurtured the Swarm's intelligence and strength. Through Reyna, Myrrah continues the work she started on Emergence Day: to destroy humanity and claim Sera for her people.


Early Life

Young Myrrah.

"One of the miner’s children. She was resistant to aging, to disease."
—Dr. Niles Samson about Myrrah's childhood.

Myrrah was born in Tyrus to an Imulsion miner during the early Pendulum Wars. Living in an Imulsion township, her father and the other miners began to suffer from a fatal, respiratory condition known as Rustlung. This disease was caused by long-term exposure to Imulsion fumes. Eventually, the Imulsion miners' children also became afflicted with this disease. Myrrah, however, was not diagnosed with Rustlung.

Pendulum Wars

New Hope Research Facility

"EV-184-9 has been exposed to Imulsion levels hitherto known without exception - to be fatal. Yet she displays no detectable cellular degradation at all. Quite the opposite, if anything. We have decided to isolate and observe EV-184-9 closely twenty-six hours a day, while continuing to administer a daily dose of concentrated Imulsion. We tell her it's her medicine and she smiles while she takes it. She is quite eager to be helpful."
—Dr. Niles Samson's analysis of Myrrah at the New Hope Research Facility.

Young Myrrah with the New Hope scientists.

Due to the newfound health effects of Imulsion exposure discovered by the Coalition of Ordered Governments, the Department of Health established the New Hope Research Facility to house the children of Imulsion miners afflicted with Rustlung, study the toxicity of Imulsion, and to create a cure for Imulsion sickness. Among the children relocated for treatment and experiments was Myrrah, designated at the New Hope Research Facility as Subject EV-184-9. The Director of the facility, Dr. Niles Samson, began to inject the children with daily doses of concentrated Imulsion to study the progress of Rustlung. He discovered that Imulsion's effects led to intense and immediate cell stress and degradation, but other cells underwent point mutations that could be considered beneficial to genetic engineering. During their evaluations of the subjects, Dr. Torres discovered that Myrrah displayed no detectable cellular degradation despite being exposed to lethal levels of Imulsion.

Dr. Torres brought this discovery to Dr. Samson and found that Myrrah exhibited complete genetic immunity to Imulsion's ill-effects and Rustlung. Dr. Samson then had Myrrah isolated and given her own furnished bedroom with special treatment and privileges, albeit under twenty-six hour surveillance by being recorded through a two-way mirror. It was hoped that her immunity could be transferred or replicated in the children. Myrrah then began to benefit from Imulsion exposure, as her immune system became more active and resistant to most diseases. Her body also began to age at 50% the rate of a normal female child. Myrrah gladly volunteered to be studied, wanting to assist the scientists in curing the other children, not knowing she was being injected with raw Imulsion under the guise that she was taking "medicine". Ultimately, Dr. Samson was unable to replicate Myrrah's immunity and declared her as a medical anomaly. However, Dr. Samson realized that genetic engineering was the answer to resolving Rustlung.

Dr. Samson then started transgenic experiments, theorizing that indigenous creatures of the Hollow, such as the Riftworms, were genetically immune to Imulsion due to their habitat and began mutating the human children with the DNA of Hollow creatures. The experiments resulted in the children transforming into feral, mindless, aggressive chimeras that Dr. Samson called the Sires. One of the children, Ukkon, retained his mental capacity and developed genetic traits similar to Myrrah's, such as regenerative healing when exposed to Imulsion. Niles then focused his attention on developing ways to evolve the human species into superior beings rather than searching for a cure, even considering them as military potential to end the Pendulum Wars. Myrrah felt compassion for Ukkon and the other Sires and saw them as her friends. Due to the highly aggressive nature of the Sires and repeatedly attacking staff members, employees of New Hope began to resign and leak information to the press. Inquires into the Department of Health then led the Coalition to discover the unethical experimentation at New Hope. The facility was then ordered to shut down, and all involved were indicted by order of Chairman Monroe.

Before the shutdown, a member of a fringe political party within the Coalition under the Monroe Administration reached out to Niles Samson. Receiving a data disk, Dr. Samson found a message from this group expressing their desire to see his continue without impeding ethics - as they believed the Sires could not only lead to curing Rustlung, but also as a means of ending the Pendulum Wars by creating enhanced soldiers against the Union of Independent Republics. The political group invited him to continue experimenting in a laboratory hidden in the underground caverns of Mount Kadar. Before departure, a majority of the Sires were left in stasis at New Hope, guarded by a semi-sentient security system based on Nile Samson's personality. Unable to obtain Chairman Monroe's authorization for vehicles to transport the subjects - Dr. Samson, the remaining loyal scientists, several dozen Sires under sedation, and Myrrah had to walk through the Kadar Valley during the night in the snow to avoid being caught. The New Hope scientists and subjects were then successful in relocating to the Mount Kadar Laboratory.

Mount Kadar Laboratory

"But when the extent of one very special child's genetic immunity to Imulsion became clear, our work began to soar. That of course, is Myrrah. Or as you know her - Queen Myrrah."
"You bred her with the Sires?"
"Nothing so monstrous. Her stem cells, however, were delightfully complementary to Sire DNA.
—Dr. Niles Samson and Cpl. Kait Diaz about Myrrah.

Adolescent Myrrah in the Mount Kadar Laboratory.

At the Mount Kadar facility, Niles was able to freely experiment with impunity. There, Myrrah was groomed by Dr. Samson into being his collaborator and colleague, raising her as his own. Niles then began to attempt a hybrid species by combining Sire DNA and embryonic stem cells, which resulted in failed, disfigured offspring. Once Myrrah matured into adolescence, Niles then combined Myrrah's embryonic stem cells with Sire DNA. The experiment was finally a success in creating the first perfect hybrid, the Matriarch - designated Subject UL-119-2. Able to reproduce, the Matriarch birthed the first generation of Drones, officially creating the Locust Horde. Due to her stem cells being used to create the Locust, a Hivemind was established in which Myrrah was able to control the Locust telepathically through her temporal lobe. Dr. Torres then developed a containment module for the Matriarch, as he believed that by suspending her in cryptochromic fluid, the pyschomagnetic bond she and Myrrah shared could be amplified. When Myrrah was inserted into a brain-computer interface connected to the Matriarch, her telepathic abilities over the Locust increased significantly.

Myrrah and her newborn daughter.

While genetically engineering the Locust, Dr. Samson designed the Locust to be evolutionary by being able to adapt and evolve against anything in order to survive generational conflict. Placed within cell blocks and stasis tanks, the Locust were taught how to communicate through lexigram boards, similar to apes. While developing the Locust, their goal was to create an army of physically enhanced soldiers that would obey every command. During their research, Dr. Torres later developed a romantic relationship with Myrrah. Dr. Samson was aware of their sexual relationship and reluctantly allowed it so Myrrah could produce a traditional human child with Dr. Torres for teratology studies. Their copulation was successful in conceiving a human daughter, Reyna - designated Subject TE-872-3. Dr. Samson discovered that Reyna had inherited Myrrah's telepathic link to the Locust Hivemind, as well as her resistance to aging and disease. Reyna then became the focus of the studies conducted at Mount Kadar. Dr. Torres, however, became disillusioned by the experiments being done to his daughter, resulting in him escaping the facility with her - taking only Myrrah's amulet to remember her by. Dr. Niles Samson was unable to prevent their escape, and thus lied to Myrrah that her daughter was killed in the event. This lie was to prevent Myrrah from leaving the facility in pursuit of her daughter.

Mount Kadar Laboratory Uprising

"[Reyna] was born here -- and taken from us by her spineless father. Thus causing young Myrrah's unfortunate rebellion."
—Doctor Niles Samson revealing to Cpl. Kait Diaz the cause of Myrrah's rebellion.

Myrrah after the "death" of her daughter.

Dr. Samson's lie regarding Reyna's fate was successful in containing Myrrah in the lab to continue their work. However, Myrrah became distraught and developed a hatred for Niles and the other scientists, blaming them for the death of her daughter and imprisoning her to endure torturous experiments. Myrrah then began to empathize with her Locust children who longed for independence, as they too felt imprisoned by the human scientists. Myrrah became obsessed with the Locust, believing to be one of them and no longer identified as a human. In her sketchbook, she obsessively drew the Locust as well as demonized caricatures of the scientists. As the Locust adopted the lexigrams, Myrrah began writing in their language. Myrrah continually had sessions with the Matriarch to test the extent of her telepathic powers over the Locust.

Dr. Niles Samson and the other scientists began to notice her influence over the Locust increasing. Fearing a violent outcome, Dr. Samson attempted to separate the two as he was concerned for the safety of the scientists. Dr. Samson failed as Myrrah had already discovered the full potential of her power. She then compelled the Locust to escape from their captivity and fight back. Using pipes and discarded weapons from the soldiers they killed, the Locust slaughtered the scientists and freed the other imprisoned Locust. Fatally wounded, Dr. Niles Samson activated the cryogenic lockdown and froze over the entire facility, killing the remaining scientists in an attempt to seal the facility's secrets. Myrrah, assuming her role as Queen of the Locust Horde, led the surviving Locust out of the facility and deeper into the caverns of Mount Kadar. She chose her title over the Locust as Queen in order to feel more embedded in Sera's history in an attempt to make herself more "Seran" than the humans who long since discarded their monarchies.

Building the Locust Horde

"Queen Myrrah. It was an odd choice of title. It smacked of termite colonies and ants, an analogy he knew she'd find offensive, but he suspected she'd chosen it in an attempt to make herself feel more embedded in Sera's history, more Seran than the humans who'd long since discarded their monarchies. You know that's not true, Myrrah. You know all about your origins. But this is no time to argue that with you."
—Professor Adam Fenix's inner thoughts on Myrrah's choice of title

Queen Myrrah led her people into a large cavern under Mount Kadar to the create Nexus, the Locust capital. The main palace was built from a stalactite that hung over an Imulsion lake. A city was built on the cliff surrounding the palace. Because the Hollow tunnels and ecosystems were created by the Riftworms, a religion was created to worship them, known as the Trinity of Worms. Thus, a theocratic culture was based on the iconography of worms. To build a strong military and science division, Queen Myrrah had her people find scraps of human technology to repurpose as their own. The Locust Council was then created, attended by the highest ranks of the Locust to inform Queen Myrrah on political, scientific, and military matters. Ukkon, who shared the same knowledge of genetic engineering with Queen Myrrah and Dr. Niles Samson, became the Locust Horde's resident scientist. Sraak, one of the first Drones ever created, was placed as the High General, Uzil, of the Locust Army. One of the first Kantus, Droak, was appointed the High Priest, Ketor, of the Trinity of Worms.

To build their Horde even stronger, Queen Myrrah reverted back to the use of genetic engineering. Indigenous creatures of the Hollow were genetically enhanced and designed by Ukkon to become weapons, vehicles, and machines for the Locust Horde. Locust Drones were able to breed with Berserkers, but another process to create more Drones was to capture humans from the surface and use Niles Samson's genetic research to transform them into Locust Drones.[1] Captured humans who were not used for experiments were either enslaved as labor workers for the Locust Horde, or used to feed the Locust beasts. Sometime later, Ketor Droak the First died and his apprentice, Vrol, was appointed Ketor. Uzil Sraak continued to grow his army, training the young Drones from birth to kill and torture their enemies. While Queen Myrrah held contempt towards humans for making them live underground, she accepted that the Hollow belong to the Locust by birthright, until the Lambent epidemic began.

Lambent War

The Lambent War

"The Lambent are inferior! The plague must be stopped! Destroy them, for your Queen!"
—Queen Myrrah's propaganda against the Lambent Locust.

Due to being exposed to Imulsion for so many years, the Locust and creatures of the Hollow began turning Lambent. After an overexposure of Imulsion, the parasite colonizes the host's cells until the body becomes under its possession. Able to mutate at will, the Lambent will only exist to infect other organisms and kill any threat. At the end of their life, the Lambent would self-detonate to release the Imulsion in order to spread the plague through the fumes, likened to spores. The Lambent then began to attack the Locust. Queen Myrrah led the Locust into the Lambent War in 7 B.E., in which they defended their land and lives against the infected. However, as the Lambent War went on, the Locust were either killed or became infected, adding more to the Lambent Army.

In the years before Emergence Day, Queen Myrrah considered contacting the humans to help aide her people in the war against the Lambent, but she believed that humans only knew dominance and would not understand or accept the Locust, nor would they allow the existence of their involvement with New Hope be made public. Queen Myrrah instead planned an invasion in order to exterminate the humans and occupy the surface. In 9 B.E., Doctor Elain Fenix made the discovery of the Locust Horde. Before she could reveal her findings to the public, Queen Myrrah had Elain executed. Four years later, Elain's husband, Professor Adam Fenix, traced her journals to the Hollow where he too would discover Queen Myrrah and her people.

Enlisting Human Aid

"I gave your father nearly twenty years to deal with the Lambent! He will deal with it! But not at my people's expense!"
—Queen Myrrah explaining to Sgt. Marcus Fenix his father's responsibilities.

Queen Myrrah personally met with Professor Fenix, unknown to most of the Locust Horde and humans. Queen Myrrah saw his potential and revealed to him how her people were suffering from an epidemic and civil war, and that if the Lambency could not be resolved, they would be forced to emerge and invade the surface. This would also involve killing all of humanity in order to colonize the surface. Professor Fenix feared her radical designs, and with the scientific knowledge and resources at disposal made a pact with Queen Myrrah to resolve the Lambent infection, as long as Queen Myrrah postponed her invasion of the surface. She returned to fighting the Lambent until Professor Fenix could find a cure.

However, Professor Fenix's work on curing Lambency was often postponed, as on the surface the Pendulum Wars were nearing the end. The Coalition called upon Professor Fenix to build weapons of mass destruction for the COG, namely the Hammer of Dawn, to help end the war and establish dominance as a military and political superpower. When Professor Fenix had time to research Lambency, his work constantly failed. Biological measures and cures were no match for the Lambent's evolutionary rate, and physical measures such as radiation would kill the Lambent and Locust. Queen Myrrah, fearing for the well-being of the Locust, decided to prepare for an invasion of the surface to protect the Locust from the Lambent. [2]

End of the Seventh Cycle

"We could have cooperated with the ground walkers for our mutual salvation, but they are humans, and they only understand dominance and ownership. All that we have left is a war to the death. For all their so-called intelligence, humans are blind to the threat right before their eyes. We never stood a chance of enlisting their aid, so now we fight alone. And we will stand on their corpses to do so."
—Queen Myrrah explaining their "justification" for war.[3]

At the end of the seventh cycle of the Lambent War, Vold RAAM shared his concerns with Queen Myrrah about losing the front to the Lambent - with their people continually dying or becoming infected. Vold RAAM, against the orders of Uzil Sraak, informed Myrrah of his desired plan to emerge and colonize the surface, leaving the Lambent in the Hollows and destroying the human race in the process. Uzil Sraak assured Myrrah their victory in the war with the Lambent, but it was unknown to Sraak that Myrrah already knew of the stakes and had the same plan as RAAM.

In order to convince the Queen, Vold RAAM, with the help of Kantus Skorge and Vold Karn, devised a plan that allowed the Lambent to advance in the Hollows by purposefully withdrawing from the front lines - making Queen Myrrah understand the futility of fighting the Lambent. Following the invasion of Lambent at the battle at the Temple of the Trinity, Myrrah demoted Uzil Sraak to Vold and promoted Vold RAAM to Uzil, the High General of the Locust Horde. Myrrah then revealed that she too had been surveying the surface and planning an invasion. Queen Myrrah and Uzil RAAM then devised the emergence and attack of the surface that would become Emergence Day.

Locust War

Emergence Day

"The Humans of Sera built a glorious civilization, but Humans were not destined to create. They ultimately did what they do best. Destroy. But this was nothing, compared to a new threat from below. An enemy that will force Humanity to take their last, inevitable steps, toward extinction."
—Queen Myrrah addressing the humans before she launched Emergence Day.

Queen Myrrah, after years of planning, awaited until the end of the Pendulum Wars to strike at the humans. After delivering a final speech to her troops - Queen Myrrah unleashed her horde six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars. Uzil RAAM and Kantus Skorge led a large army to the city of Jannermont, while Zamil Karn led dozens of Blights into the Republic of Gorasnaya. Every major city on Sera was attacked except for key cities located on the Jacinto Plateau due to is granite bedrock. Other cities located on island chains such as the South Islands and Lesser Islands Chain were also spared due to oceanic trenches. Otherwise, Queen Myrrah was successful in the surprise invasion on Sera's surface. After twenty-six hours, Queen Myrrah was successful in her plans as 25% of the human race was killed. Former Uzil, Vold Sraak, was lost during the First Battle of Jannermont - executed by Uzil RAAM for treason - losing one of the best warriors of the Horde. The Locust then continued to emerge in Seran cities, occupy and butcher all humans, and scrap the city for resources before doing the same to another city.

Occupying Sera

"For a time, the humans of Sera knew the illusion of peace. . . until Emergence Day. At that moment, our people broke free from our subterranean world, erupting into the domain of these ground walkers, and wiping out whole cities. We fought and killed the humans on their fine boulevards, in their homes, on their battlefields. And they fought back. In time, their valiant defense was crushed. With billions dead, humans denied their enemy control by destroying their own civilization. They launched devastating attacks on their own territory—sacrificing their own citizens—so that we could not possess it. Such is their loathing and fear of us. Understand what a world must do to survive—what humans must do, and what we must do. But survive we must. Now the humans’ long struggle against overwhelming odds approaches the final, desperate stand..."
—Queen Myrrah on the Locust War.[4]

In the following year of emergence, the Queen's army conquered most of the surface for colonization and captured new Seran technology. Queen Myrrah was aware that among the last safe places on Sera were the cities located on the Jacinto Plateau. Queen Myrrah believed that could reach Ephyra by conquering cities on the Jacinto Plateau by surrounding the city - allowing for her soldiers to dig deeper into the plateau. Queen Myrrah and the Locust Horde suffered a major loss during the Destruction of Halvo Bay, when Zamil Karn was killed by Colonel Ezra Loomis after his Shibboleth was destroyed. Though Halvo Bay would ultimately fall, the Locust lost one of their top generals, as well as thousands of troops to the Lightmass Missile, utilized by Kilo Squad, and the staging ground of the Museum of Military Glory.

Knowing that the COG was the main human force, Queen Myrrah went forward to attack Tyrus and attempted to conquer Ephyra in order to destroy the rest of humanity. With this knowledge at hand, newly elected Chairman Richard Prescott then fortified the Jacinto Plateau before launching the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, destroying 90% of Sera's surface outside the Jacinto Plateau and denied the Locust the ability to scavenge human technology from the cities they conquered and stage their ground near Ephyra. As most of the Locust Army was underground, the Locust did not suffer many casualties. Their only major loss was the occupation of land and technology. The humans suffered more in comparison, as millions were killed by their own and the Hammer Strikes caused irreversible environmental damage to the surface. In that time, the Locust then inhabited the Deadlands and charred remains of Sera. Queen Myrrah pushed on her Locust as the Lambent continued to advance in the Hollows.

Her campaign of occupying the remains of Sera was led by Chief Scientist Ukkon. During his campaign, he managed to discover Dr. Torres and Myrrah's long lost daughter, Reyna, hiding in a laboratory in Zenic, Vasgar. Ukkon killed Dr. Torres and imprisoned Reyna, reclaiming Queen Myrrah's old amulet. However, Reyna was rescued by a convoy of Gears led by Sgt. Gabriel Diaz. The convoy then attacked Ukkon's laboratory and Reyna killed Ukkon. Reyna later married Gabriel and remained as a Stranded, while Queen Myrrah lost her best scientist and as well as the lead on her estranged daughter. With the loss of Vold Sraak, Zamil Karn, and High Scientist Ukkon in the first year of the Locust War, Queen Myrrah withdrew her forces.

While still engaging on the front lines, the Locust Horde needed to resupply themselves for the great push towards Ephyra. For the next nine years, Queen Myrrah's targets would be cities on the Jacinto Plateau that would gradually lead the Locust to Ephyra and Jacinto City. The Locust re-emerged in 5 A.E. and attacked the town of Landown during the Winter of Sorrow. The citizens were evacuated to Jacinto as Landown was occupied by the Locust. Cities on the Jacinto Plateau, like Landown, were targets for Locust occupation in order to use as staging grounds to reach Ephyra. With utilizing Uzil RAAM, Seeders, Nemacysts and the Kryll, Queen Myrrah conquered cities using the Kryllstorms to kill all the humans and allow Locust occupation and victory. This practice was used for stepping stones to Ephyra until 10 A.E.

Assault on Ilima

"With Ilima under our control, we will be but one step away from Ephyra. Without the protection of their capital city, the humans will be left with nothing."
—Myrrah to RAAM, during the attack on Ilima City

In 9 A.E., Myrrah directed Uzil RAAM to attack the city of Ilima with a Kryllstorm. She planned on using the city as a stepping stone to an attack on the COG capital of Ephyra, which she hoped would end the war.

As RAAM entered the city, Myrrah communicated with him telepathically, ordering him to destroy all humans and to escort a Tremor to various points in the city so it could summon Seeders and continue the process of inking up the sky, allowing the Kryll to advance on the city faster. Myrrah monitored his progress as RAAM went from one emergence point to the next, congratulating him on his work, and offering him warnings when the COG brought out various heavy weapons and vehicles to try and stop him. Once the last Seeder needed for the area was summoned, Myrrah ordered RAAM to move on to the next zone, and eagerly anticipated the cities fall.[5]

Myrrah ordered RAAM and his elite forces to attack downtown Ilima.[6]. Uzil RAAM then led an assault at the last evacuation point in Ilima, the Children's School of Hope, led by Lt. Minh Young Kim. Uzil Raam was successful in killing Pvt. Alicia Valera and inking the skies enough for the Locust and Kryll to occupy Ilima, but was wounded in action and unable to destroy the last convoy evacuating from Ilima. With Ilima under their control, they were one more step from Ephyra and continued on with their campaign to destroy the capitol city.

Fall of Ephyra

"Adam, you knew this day would come. [...] We do need you. And we shall take you. I hope you’re not planning anything foolish. You have responsibilities, Adam."
—Queen Myrrah's threat to collect Professor Adam Fenix.[7]

After a decade of the Locust War, Queen Myrrah had succeeded in her campaign of conquering major cities of Tyrus as major staging grounds in order to attack and conquer Ephyra. Queen Myrrah and Uzil RAAM then launched the ultimate assault on Ephyra. They would soon conquer the last major human capital, leaving the COG with nowhere else but Jacinto, and also she would capture Professor Adam Fenix to further continue his responsibility to cure the Lambent. During which, Professor Adam Fenix delivered a message to Myrrah personally expressing that he could help, but only if she were to call for peace and both the COG and Locust could solve the Lambency harmoniously. Myrrah returned the message declaring that they would capture him, and any resistance will be met with his son's capture and death. Adam responded that killing him won't bring him to save Sera, but agreed to surrender peacefully. Queen Myrrah then sent Uzil RAAM and her troops during the attack to amass outside Haldane Hall.

Professor Fenix sent a final message of goodbye to his son, Marcus Fenix, and that the Locust had broken through East Barricade Academy to his house. Sgt. Marcus Fenix perceived this as a distress call, and then responded by defying his orders to destroy the Chancery Bridge and brought Cpl. Dominic Santiago, Cpl. Jace Stratton, and Cpl. Tai Kaliso back at the house with the Hammer of Dawn. The Locust then attacked the house as Sgt. Fenix fought them off while the Professor gathered his research. After the Professor had gathered his research, the King Raven began to land for evac. It was hit by enemy forces, however, driving it into side of the house, burying Professor Fenix in the rubble, appearing that he had been crushed to death. Sgt. Fenix retreated as the Onyx Guard searched the rubble of the house and had discovered that Professor Fenix survived. Chairman Richard Prescott then ordered he be kidnapped and taken to Azura. To everyone else, including Queen Myrrah, Professor Adam Fenix had died during the battle. Myrrah then ordered the Locust to take the house and the rest of Ephyra, making Queen Myrrah mostly successful, pushing the humans back to their last city, Jacinto.

Lightmass Offensive

"I am pleased with our progress. I understand they have located another squad. Our strategy remains the same. Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies. We will win this war. It's only a matter of time."
—Queen Myrrah to General RAAM on his search and destroy missions in the ruins of Ephyra

Four years after Queen Myrrah invaded and conquered Ephyra, and failing to collect Professor Adam Fenix, the Coalition of Ordered Governments created the Lightmass Bomb and Sonic Resonator for the Lightmass Offensive. This involved the Coalition invading the Hollow with the Sonic Resonator in order to produce a three-dimensional map data of the Locust tunnels. The data would then find the heart of the network and direct the Lightmass Bomb to destroy it, thereby destroying the Locust stronghold and ending the war.

Queen Myrrah was aware of their plans and sent her forces and Uzil RAAM to the ruins of Ephyra to prevent them from doing so. There, the Locust trapped and ambushed Alpha Squad carrying the Resonator. They managed to separate Alpha into two remnants in the House of Sovereigns and Tomb of the Unknowns. Using Seeders and Nemacyst, the Locust also managed to isolate them from each other and Coalition High Command. The Coalition then sent Delta-One to rescue Alpha and retrieve the Resonator. After Delta managed to rescue the surviving members of Alpha Squad and secured the Resonator, Queen Myrrah had Uzil RAAM ambush them and personally hunt down their squad leaders, thereby scrambling their men - which resulted in Uzil RAAM assassinating Delta Squad leader, Lt. Minh Young Kim, to which pleased Queen Myrrah.

Delta Squad managed to survive their loss and still continued to plant the Resonator at the Lethia Imulsion Facility, but it failed. However, Cpl. Damon Baird had found a Geobot that contained more tunnel data than the Resonator. Lt. Anya Stroud discovered the source from East Barricade Academy in Haldane Hall, the childhood home of Delta Squad's current leader, Sgt. Marcus Fenix. Col. Victor Hoffman then ordered Delta to EBA and find the rest of the data, during which Uzil RAAM overheard the orders through the radio of a captured Gear. Queen Myrrah then sent forces to East Barricade and the house to prevent the COG from retrieving the data. In a failed attempt to do so, Queen Myrrah realized the bomb was being placed on a train, and sent her forces to hijack the train.

Meanwhile, Queen Myrrah sent forces to separate Delta from the Tyro Pillar in Timgad by removing power from the Timgad Bridge, infesting the area with Seeders and Nemacysts to isolate Delta, and sent in a Brumak to hunt them down. Delta managed to remove all threats and resupply power to the bridge. Once Delta boarded the Tyro Pillar, Queen Myrrah ordered Uzil RAAM to prevent them from launching the bomb, but Sgt. Marcus Fenix managed to kill Uzil RAAM and the Lightmass Bomb was deployed. Queen Myrrah witnessed this event above the surface, aboard her Tempest mount, and pledged that the Locust Horde would only grow stronger and that they will not stop fighting until they reached the surface and kill all their enemies or die trying.[8]

Queen Myrrah witnessing the deployment of the Lightmass Bomb and its effects.

"They do not understand. They do not know why we wage this war. Why we cannot stop. Will not stop. Why we will fight and fight and fight. Until we win... Or we die. And we are not dead yet."
—Queen Myrrah pledged that the Horde will never stop the war

The bomb destroyed the Outer Hollow and Locust Citadel, causing heavy damage to the Locust Horde as they still had to deal with the Lambent and the COG forces. With Nexus also damaged, the Horde seem to recede. Within the first month after the bomb, however, Queen Myrrah discovered the Lightmass Bomb had awoken the Riftworm, a gargantuan worm that was perceived to the Locust as one of their gods. With the information at hand that Jacinto sinking would flood the Hollow and could kill all underground, she sought a plan to use the Riftworm to sink key cities and bases around Jacinto to sink it itself.

Sinking of Tollen and Montevado

"It began, as always, with the desire for power. A need to conquer, a hunger to consume. Inevitably, this led to conflict. Humanity fought an endless war against itself, until it was forced to unite against a power far greater than it had ever known. But even united, Humanity left only destruction in its wake. Despite their best efforts at survival, the Humans of Sera continue to march blindly to their imminent doom; unaware, that their misguided attempts at retaliation were only leading them ever closer to extinction. They had thought us crippled by their weapons of mass destruction. But to survive is to endure and prosper. And we have most certainly survived. Jacinto now stands as the last bastion for Humanity. A final, desperate defense in the face of impossible odds. In a way, I pity them. But Humanity, as always, brought this war upon itself."
—Locust Queen's explaining Sera's history and her plans to sink Jacinto.

Myrrah's forces were dwindled due to their Uzil RAAM's demise and the Lightmass Bombing. Ketor Skorge, the High Priest of the Kantus, was requested by Uzil RAAM to take his place in the event of his death and was promoted to High General to lead the army in a campaign against the Serans. Uzil Skorge was more savage than RAAM, but could also command the Riftworm. With the Lambency spreading in the Hollow, Locust forces were more desperate than ever to colonize the surface, rebuilding Queen Myrrah and Uzil Skorge's new army. Within six months, Uzil Skorge was successful in leading the Riftworm to the sinking of Tollen and Montevado, two major Seran cities, weakening Jacinto's foundation.

With the Riftworm sinking human cities around Jacinto City, Queen Myrrah's desperate plans involved pushing her troops deeper into Jacinto. Queen Myrrah sent the Locust and Uzil Skorge to key places of attack such as Jacinto Command, Pomeroy Depot, and Jacinto Medical Center. The COG managed to repel these attacks, but the recent attacks as well as the sinking of Tollen and Montevado confirmed their fears that the Locust survived the Lightmass Bombing and were sinking cities, with Jacinto possibly being the next target. With humanity's back pushed against the wall, the COG prepared a massive counter assault to invade the Inner Hollow, destroy the Locust stronghold, and to stop the Locust Horde once and for all in Operation Hollow Storm.[9]

Operation: Hollow Storm

"The Riftworm weakened Jacinto's base. Now all we have to do is finish the task!"
—Queen Myrrah encouraging her people to fight towards sinking Jacinto.

The Coalition launched the Operation on the 2nd Frost, 14 A.E., with their location of deployment at Landown. Queen Myrrah sent troops to defend the captured Landown with an army deployed in the Stromson Forest and Landown Highway to prevent the Coalition from digging in. Although managing to destroy a large number of troops and their Assault Derricks, the Locust failed to stop the oncoming stream of Gears. Once the Coaliton had found a dig zone in Landown, Queen Myrrah sent a Blight of Locust and Keter Skorge personally to the dig zone, destroying and capturing many soldiers for Processing.

With the Coaliton's presence in the Inner Hollows, Queen Myrrah alerted forward bases, the temples, and Ketor Skorge about their incoming attack. Queen Myrrah ordered Ketor Skorge to sink the city of Ilima, but the sinking of the city lead to the Coaltion's discovery of the Riftworm and ultimately its death at the hand of Delta Squad. Her plan was set back, but Jacinto was sitting on its final pillars. With knowledge of the Coalition headed towards the New Hope Research Facility in order to discover the location of the true Locust stronghold, Queen Myrrah sent troops to the facility prevent the humans from locating their capital. Locust troops barricaded Mount Kadar after the humans managed to learn their location. With a team force infiltrating the Locust work camps, Highway, and Nexus itself, the humans launched the Beacon and commanded troops to Nexus.

Siege of Nexus

"You're the first Humans to ever desecrate this palace with your presence. And I assure you, you will most certainly be the last."
—Queen Myrrah upon meeting Delta Squad in the Nexus Palace during Operation Hollow Storm.

In the midst of the second wave of Operation: Hollow Storm, both Lambent and Coalition forces attacked Nexus. However, only Delta Squad infiltrated the Royal Palace while the Lambent and Coalition held the rest Locust off. Ketor Skorge attended to the command center after one of the soldiers taunted her over the speaker system. However, Ketor Skorge reported back that the son of Adam Fenix, Sgt. Marcus Fenix, was in the control room and discovered Adam Fenix's plans to sink Jacinto to flood the Hollow. The information led the Coalition to decide to sink Jacinto before the Locust could evacuate.

Queen Myrrah confronting Delta Squad.

Before escaping Nexus, Queen Myrrah ordered Blights of the Locust to begin evacuation and emerge in Jacinto City. Queen Myrrah awaited Delta Squad and Sgt. Marcus Fenix in person. Queen Myrrah was determined that the Locust would sink Jacinto first and kill both the humans and Lambent due to the full invasion of Jacinto was underway. Queen Myrrah then taunted Sgt. Marcus Fenix with her relationship with his father, Professor Adam Fenix. Queen Myrrah then escaped and ordered Ketor Skorge to destroy Delta Squad. Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole attempted to follow her, but Queen Myrrah escaped on a Reaver and left the Hollow before the humans could sink Jacinto and flood the Hollow themselves, eradicating the majority of the Locust Horde forces.

Sinking of Jacinto

"Your world can end in the blink of an eye. One event, one unexpected twist of fate... and suddenly the world as you knew it... is gone. Forever. All that you held dear, all that you held close... is washed away in a sea of distant memory. Life... is cruel. Of this I have no doubt. But life continues on... with, or without you. One can only hope that one leaves behind a lasting legacy. But so often, the legacies we leave behind... are not the ones we intended."
—Queen Myrrah after the flooding of the Hollow.

Queen Myrrah failed to evacuate most of the Locust Horde on time and did not sink Jacinto City before the humans could. The humans successfully flooded the Hollow, destroyed Nexus, and killed nearly all Locust forces underground. Queen Myrrah reflected on the life she and the Locust knew will never be the same, but they had to carry on like they always have.

After the sinking of Jacinto, Queen Myrrah's armies either scattered or were completely lost in the flooding of the Hollow. Most of the Horde went savage without her, relocating to the Deadlands to try and recreate their lost homes. Queen Myrrah took what was left of her loyal soldiers and reorganized them into the Queen's Guard. Queen Myrrah then relocated her loyalist forces and set their base at Endeavor Naval Shipyard in Halvo Bay.

Lambent Pandemic

Surviving the Lambent

Queen Myrrah spent the following three years settled in Endeavor attempting to rebuild her army. However, the seawater that flooded the Hollow following the sinking of Jacinto City raised the Imulsion into the soil of Sera - initiating the Lambent Pandemic. Fruiting bodies of Imulsion known as stalks began to emerge on the surface and unleashed polyps to spread the infection. Many more members of the Locust Horde fell to the Lambent pathogen.

By 17 A.E., Queen Myrrah still held her loyal faction in Endeavor, while the humans remain scattered following the sinking of Jacinto and the Lambent overrunning their new home, Pelruan, on the island of Vectes. Unknown to Queen Myrrah and most of the surviving humans of Sera, there was indeed one last bastion of hope: Azura. The island held the last of the human scientists and politicians who were attempting to cure Lambency before the entire planet became infected. Among the scientists was Professor Adam Fenix, who she believed died during the Fall of Ephyra.

Skirmish at Endeavor

Myrrah finding Azura.

On Azura, Chairman Richard Prescott sent several forces back to the mainland on a recon mission to study Lambent samples for Adam's research in the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. However, as they flew to the mainland, Raven KR Zero-Four spotted Queen Myrrah's army in Endeavor and had occupied the shipyard, organizing it as their main base of operations. The Locust opened fire on the Raven and sent out Reavers to chase them down. KR-04 reported back to the Azura CIC that the Locust had reorganized, and Professor Adam Fenix knew only Myrrah had that power of organization. Queen Myrrah ordered her Reavers to find the origin of the Raven since not all the humans were nomadic tribes, and if the humans had a sanctuary from the Lambent, then the Locust could use it as well.

One month after the recon mission, a Beast Rider found an artificial hurricane around Azura but was unable to bypass it. Queen Myrrah ordered a ship to recon the artificial storm. Queen Myrrah then arrived by boat at Azura to observe how it operated. When a King Raven nearby was returning to Azura, the hurricane dissipated, revealing a beam that generated the hurricane, the Adaptive Atmospheric Manipulation System. Queen Myrrah ordered a group of Drones to dive under the maelstrom and attack the power source at night. A group of at least six Drones swam past the underwater mines and were able to land on the island and attack the generator room. They were able to kill an Onyx Guard stationed there, but a female scientist managed to set off the alarm. While the drones were able to disable the generator, they had lost the element of surprise. With the whole island on high alert, the Onyx Guard mobilized for the upcoming battle.

Siege of Azura

Soon, Queen Myrrah sent all of her available forces including herself on the Tempest. Her forces came in from both sides, spreading the COG forces thin. While her forces even managed to land a Brumak, the civilians ran to the air raid shelters, and the Onyx Guard soldiers requested more air support while Queen Myrrah surveyed the battlefield from atop her Tempest. The Locust invaded the interior of the island and began massacring everyone inside. Myrrah soon ordered the Locust not to harm any human in a lab coat, as she knew the COG were planning something on the island. While Adam Fenix and other members of the Onyx Guard retreated to the roof of Pinnacle Tower, Dury and Prescott were holed up in an elevated position trying to reach Adam and Nevil. Queen Myrrah was able to listen in on their conversation. Discovering that Adam Fenix was still alive after seven years, she sent her forces to Pinnacle Tower to secure Adam as she personally ventured there too.

With Adam refusing to leave and sending Prescott off to find Hoffman and Marcus to drive the Locust off, Adam waited in his office. Queen Myrrah finally reached his suite and was greeted by Adam on how long it has been. After Myrrah discovered that he had been working on the Imulsion Countermeasure that will kill both the Lambent and Locust, Myrrah took over the island and had all the civilians executed except for Adam Fenix, who was locked in his room. Chairman Prescott was able to escape and returned to the CNV Sovereign so he could use reinforcements to take back the island.[10] In that time, she turned the Maelstrom back on and had Adam redesign the weapon to kill Lambent and Humans while saving the Locust. She then left Azura to gather more recruits from the Savage Locust in the Seran Deadlands.

Recruiting the Savage Locust

"It's him! Alert the fleet! I want every outpost between here and Azura at full readiness, and make sure we don't lose him again!"
—Queen Myrrah seeing Marcus Fenix from her steed

Queen Myrrah seeing Marcus Fenix for the first time since Operation Hollow Storm.

Myrrah returned to the Seran Deadlands a short time later, possibly to gain more troops. Myrrah was alerted of Gears nearby and wished to find them. On her Tempest, being escorted by two Reavers near the Locust airport, Myrrah spotted Marcus Fenix and his allies while they fought through a Savage Locust outpost in the Deadlands. Knowing Marcus was aware of his father's status and location, she ordered that every outpost between there and Azura be alerted to Marcus's presence to protect her plan from human intervention. When Delta Squad stole a Gas Barge, Myrrah personally attacked with her personal Tempest mount and brought it down near Anvil Gate.

With Delta crash-landing near a human fortress, Myrrah sent a battalion of her forces to kill the squad and everyone in the fort.[11] The Gears defended Anvil Gate from both the Locust and the Lambent. After discovering the location of Azura from A2897, the Humans devised a plan of retrieving Imulsion from Mercy or Char to fuel the CNV Adamant at Endeavor Naval Shipyard. Realizing the path the Humans would take, Queen Myrrah set up forces and roadblocks to prevent the humans from going on any further. When the humans pushed through and managed to drive into Mercy, Myrrah sent her remaining forces after them. After Delta retrieved the fuel, they were cornered by the Queen's forces and the incoming Lambent, forcing Dominic Santiago to destroy the tanks and kill the Locust, Lambent, and himself to save the others.

Protecting the Plan

"Marcus Fenix seems to be as persistent as his father - and just as predictable. If he lives, our entire species dies. Make sure that his touching little mission ends here."
—Queen Myrrah addressing the Armored Kantus in Endeavour.

After Marcus Fenix and his squad escaped they entered Char, the Hammer of Dawn Ground Zero, to get any fuel offered there. While retrieving the fuel for them and Aaron Griffin, Queen Myrrah personally attacked Griffin Tower, and left, while leaving her Palace Guards to sweep up any remaining survivors.

Queen Myrrah telling her Armored Kantus to stop Delta-One at all costs.

Myrrah went ahead of Delta towards Endeavor and saw them coming towards the base. While she noted that Marcus was similar to his father in persistence and predictability, she sent her forces devote troops to stopping Delta Squad from reaching Azura, ordering three Armored Kantus to stop them in the Endeavour Naval Shipyard. The Armored Kantus failed to stop Delta Squad from using a submarine to reach Azura by travelling under the Maelstrom.

Battle of Azura

"Marcus Fenix! What a loyal son you are! But I can't let you release your father! I gave your father nearly twenty years to deal with the Lambent. He will deal with it, but not at my people's expense! Listen to me, Marcus Fenix! I will not let my people die! We have a right to live! A right to this world! Your father must complete his task!"
—Queen Myrrah attempting to prevent Sgt. Marcus Fenix from releasing Professor Adam Fenix.

Myrrah's guards failed to stop Delta Squad from destroying the Maelstrom Generator, which allowed a combined COG and UIR fleet to lay siege to Azura. With Marcus now inside the hotel and moving closer to Adam's location and the sudden appearance of the Lambent, Myrrah decided to personally stop Marcus. She burst through the hotel wall atop her Tempest, using its heat breath against Delta Squad and ranting about having given Adam twenty years to stop the Lambent.

Delta Squad dropped an enormous counterweight on her Tempest, sending her to the ground floor and leaving her for dead. Only slightly inconvenienced by being hit with a multi-ton weight, Myrrah and her Tempest followed them to the roof to try and stop Adam's weapon. She shot down a King Raven which Clayton Carmine shot at her from and blasted away at Delta Squad. When her Tempest took enough damage, it fell to the roof, where the humans deployed the Hammer of Dawn against her. She attacked the weapon itself, demanding that Adam stand down and remarking about the similarities between humanity and the Locust: both were genocidal, hateful races that considered each other monsters.

Physical Death

"Hubris! Ah so pious and moral! Even now! Your father always thought he had all the answers, but he had none! Nothing but clever ways to kill! The Hammer of Dawn, Jacinto, and now this! And his arrogance finally killed him!"
—Queen Myrrah's last words.

Marcus kills Myrrah by stabbing her with Dom's Commando Knife.

After multiple Hammer blasts, the Tempest finally died and Professor Adam Fenix's Imulsion countermeasure was activated. Imulsion and all Lambent lifeforms across Sera disintegrated, while the majority of the Locust Horde and Hollow beasts collapsed into a comatose state and formed a Imulsion crystalline shell over their bodies. Professor Adam Fenix was also killed by the Imulsion countermeasure as he had high levels of Imulsion in his body due to experimenting on himself first.

Myrrah survived the Hammer blasts and collapse of the Tempest. She extracted herself from the Tempest's carcass, her face burned, and gloated Adam’s death to his son and how he could only weapons of mass destruction. Marcus then stabbed Myrrah with Dominic Santiago's commando knife to avenge Dom and the billions of humans that were killed by her in the Locust War. Queen Myrrah died in a pool of her own blood while her Horde was neutralized from the Imulsion countermeasure.[12]

Swarm Invasion

Reemergence of the Locust

"You see, what you don’t realize – what none of you realize – is that my children will never die. They have been designed to withstand generational conflict. They may withdraw, they may hibernate, but they will always return. We have seen to that."
—Dr. Niles Samson revealing the Locust were designed to survive.

Unknown to the rest of humanity, the Locust did not die, nor did the consciousness of Myrrah.[13] Dr. Niles Samson was successful in creating the Locust as an evolutionary species. They were designed to adapt and survive generational conflict. The Locust Hivemind also remained intact, with the consciousness of Myrrah still alive within as she possessed the Matriarch. After twenty-five years of peace on Sera, in 42 A.E., the Locust emerged from their crystalline shells, evolved, as the Scions. In order to rebuild their army, the Scions created the Swarm. The Swarm consisted of creatures that could capture humans and transform them into soldiers for the Swarm.

What the Swarm lacked, however, was a Queen. While the Scions were intelligent enough to lead the Swarm, they were in need of a physical Queen for them to be able to learn and grow. Myrrah's consciousness was able to minimally guide them through the Matriarch, but was unable to fully act as their Queen without a body. However, through Hivemind, she discovered that her daughter, Reyna, had survived the escape attempt. Reyna had inherited her mother's connection to the Locust Hivemind as well. In order to lead the Swarm, Myrrah was in need of connecting her daughter to the Swarm in order to possess her body and become the Queen of the Swarm.

Ambush on Fort Umson

"[Reyna] is where she belongs!"
—The Speaker as Reyna was being prepared as the Swarm's Queen.

At the time of the Swarm emergence, Reyna was leading an Outsider village and had a daughter, named Kait Diaz, who also inherited a connection to the Locust Hivemind. Myrrah guided the Scion, the Speaker, to attack the village and capture Reyna. While her people were transported to the Hive below Fort Reval to be transformed into Juvies, Reyna was then taken to the Tollen Dam where she was connected to the heart of the Hive, and was bound so that separation would be fatal.

Kait Diaz then launched a rescue mission for her mother, uncle, and the rest of their people. Accompanying her were Sgt. Marcus Fenix, his son, James Dominic Fenix, and their friend, Delmont Walker. During the Mission to Fort Reval, Marcus Fenix was captured by a Snatcher and podded, placed within the Hivemind. There, he saw Reyna being transfigured into their queen at the Tollen Dam. Once released, Marcus then directed the rescue mission towards the dam. However, unknown to the rest, Marcus knew that Reyna was being mutated beyond repair.

Arriving with reinforcements at the Tollen Dam, the Speaker confronted Kait Diaz and claimed that Reyna did not need to be rescued but instead left to be with the Swarm as their new Queen. Kait Diaz then killed the Speaker and continued into the Hive. Just as the connection began to mutate and possess Reyna, her daughter came to her rescue. Reyna then begged Kait for release and death, which Kait reluctantly obliged. Reyna's body was left in the heart of the Hive, as Kait was left with Reyna's amulet of the Locust Horde, that once belonged to Myrrah.

Siege of Riftworm Village

"You are meant for this. Do not be afraid. They are yours. Feel them. Use them. Embrace this."
—Queen Myrrah attempting to connect Kait to the Swarm Hivemind.

While Myrrah initially failed to possess Reyna, Reyna's body and consciousness was still within the Hive. Her attention, however, was now towards Kait, the next in line. Using Kait's connection to the Hivemind, she began to haunt Kait with visions, premonitions, hallucinations, and nightmares. They were meant as messages and were attempting to cause Kait paranoia and distrust among her friends.

Four months after Reyna's separation, Myrrah led an attack on Riftworm Village, where a Snatcher was able to capture Kait and officially connect her to the Swarm. Myrrah delighted in Kait's connection and forced her to command the soldiers within the Swarm to lead the attack, resulting in the death of her uncle. However, Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpt. James Fenix were able to free Kait from the Snatcher. Kait then revealed her visions and the Locust emblem to her friends. Due to her connection to the Locust, she and friend Lt. Delmont Walker went to find the truth and a solution at the New Hope Research Facility under the guidance of Sgt. Marcus Fenix.

Mission to New Hope

"You went off on your own. You don't care about any of us. Who could trust you, now?"
—Myrrah posing as JD in Kait's vision.

After for traveling hours on the Skiff, Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker arrived in the Kadar Valley and discovered the train tunnel that would lead them to New Hope, but sealed by the reformed COG. Entering through a hole created by the Swarm, Cpl. Diaz experienced a vision in which Myrrah, posed as JD, exploited Cpl. Diaz's fear of JD not trusting her and betraying her friends. Myrrah, sowing doubt and paranoia in her granddaughter, asked Kait who could trust her now.

Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker then arrived at the New Hope Research Facility. After traversing the lab, she discovered Myrrah's personalized cell and Dr. Samson's analysis file on Myrrah - detailing her boosted immune system and decelerated aging when exposed to doses of concentrated Imulsion. Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker then reactivated the A.I. security system modeled after Niles Samson. JACK, entering the system, recovered corrupted files mentioning Kadar - the nearby mountain where the last of the New Hope scientists fled before the facility closed. The Flock then entered the facility and hacked the mainframe, causing the facility to self-destruct.

Incursions in Kadar Valley

"That necklace - that's a Locust symbol."
"Yeah. I saw."
"And if given the choice between us or them --"
"-- she'd choose them. I get that."
"Then you know what to do, right?
—Myrrah posing as JD Fenix and Delmont Walker in another hallucination.

Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker managed to escape the facility. Sgt. Fenix then revealed that the lab in hidden in Mount Kadar could be sourced through Communications Tower 1A North and Communications Tower 2A East in the Kadar Valley. As Kait continued on her journey to the Mount Kadar laboratory, Myrrah increased the frequency and intensity of her visions. After Cpl. Diaz entered the first communications tower, Myrrah posed as JD Fenix and Del Walker in a vision - recreating their conversation that Kait observed before leaving the Riftworm Village. However, Myrrah continued to sow paranoia and mistrust as she displayed the two believing Cpl. Diaz to be the enemy and to take her out.

At the second communications tower, Myrrah induced another vision posing as Oscar Diaz, reinforcing Kait's guilt in his death by declaring that she killed him. After triangulating the signal from the two towers, Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker found the lab to be under a frozen lake. Unable to get through, Lt. Walker suggested an explosive that could be found in an abandoned Nethercutt mine. Upon entering the mines, Myrrah once again created another vision in which she replicated Reyna's last moments - asking Kait to cut her lose. Despite this, Cpl. Diaz recovered the explosive and deployed it on the frozen lake - gaining access to the lab below.

Mission to Mount Kadar

"Sooner or later they’ll know who you really are. You withhold the truth! Why are you resisting? They can’t beat the Swarm. You’re nearly there, my child. Stop fighting. The pain will cease. You don’t belong with them. You’re one of us!"
—Myrrah persuading her granddaughter to join the Swarm.

Myrrah appearing to Kait through the Hivemind.

Upon arriving at the Mount Kadar Laboratory, Myrrah began persuading Cpl. Diaz to join the Swarm as their new Queen, but Kait resisted. Myrrah physically appeared to Kait in one of her visions, but Kait pushed Myrrah to get out of her head and stabbed the vision with her combat knife, causing Myrrah to vanish. Kait and Lt. Walker were met by the artificial intelligence of Niles Samson, who revealed to Kait that Myrrah's embryonic stem cells were combined with Sire DNA to create the Locust Horde. Niles also revealed that Myrrah conceived Reyna with Dr. Torres, making Myrrah Kait's grandmother. Kait then learned that her grandfather fled with Reyna, and Myrrah's grief caused her to lead a rebellion to slaughter the scientists and declared independence. Myrrah's stem cells were what created the Hivemind that connected her with the Locust Horde, and that Reyna and Kait had inherited that same connection.

Kait threatened Niles to delete him if he didn't assist in severing her link to Myrrah and the Locust before she could be made Queen of the Swarm, causing them to evolve and become more intelligent and dangerous. Severing the link involved damaging the temporal lobe as that part is connected to the Hivemind. In order to so, Niles had to induce anesthesia in the imaging machine and transport Kait's consciousness into the Hivemind. Niles then used Kait to physically awaken Reyna, who learned had been revived. Myrrah was then able to be resurrected through Reyna and became the Queen once again. The Matriarch managed to escape and kill the Niles AI before facing off with Kait and Del. Myrrah used Kait's residual link to the Hivemind through the Matriarch by projecting her voice into Kait's mind and distorting her vision, particularly as the Matriarch got weaker. However, Kait was able to kill the Matriarch despite Myrrah's attempt to stop her. While Kait's temporal connection to the Hivemind remained intact, she managed to sever the amplifying Matriarch, making Kait no longer vulnerable to the Hivemind.

Queen of the Swarm

"If they really got their Queen, and Niles is right about what happens next, we need a new plan."
"No, we need the old plan. We need the Hammer of Dawn.
—Lt. Delmont Walker and Cpl. Kait Diaz discussing Queen Reyna.

True to Niles Samson's word, after Reyna was resurrected by Myrrah and made Queen of the Swarm - the Swarm immediately grew and became more intelligent. The Drones began fighting more aggressively and tactically, with more precision and self-preservation. In the weeks after Reyna became their Queen, the Swarm was in the process of constructing armor and building their own weapons, such as the Claw Light Machine Gun, in similar fashion to how the Locust Horde built their army.

The Swarm were also able to intercept the humans plans and gain intelligence, as Queen Reyna was aware that the humans were attempting to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn, but the only available remnants resided in OZP-11 of Vasgar. The survivors in Vasgar, known as Nomads and led by Garron Paduk, began to notice the advancement in Swarm intelligence and technology - as well as better coordination in attacks, such as cutting off their water supply and convoys.

Several weeks after being reawakened, Queen Reyna traveled to the red desert of Vasgar to stop the Mission to OZP-11, in which the Coalition were attempting to launch the Union of Independent Republic's Hammer of Dawn satellites to prepare using against the Swarm. Queen Reyna attempted to stop them by attacking them with her army and the gargantuan Kraken, an indigenous creature native to the Vasgar Hollow, but ultimately failed. Queen Reyna then personally witnessed the satellites being launched into space.

Battle of Old Ephyra

"You failed us! We are what you could have been! We are a complete being! Connected. Immortal. You had a choice, and you squandered it! Alive or dead, you belong to us!"
—Queen Reyna, possessed by Myrrah, confronting Kait.

Realizing that the humans revived the Hammer of Dawn and were in the process of fortifying New Ephyra, Reyna led an assault in the ruins of Old Ephyra in order to destroy the Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons and render New Ephyra defenseless. Shortly after activating the satellites, the humans still needed to place the targeting beacons around the city. After planting the targeting beacons in the Tomb of the Unknowns and East Barricade Academy, Queen Reyna led her army and the Kraken to destroy the beacons.

Myrrah, as Queen Reyna, confronting Kait Diaz.

After destroying the beacon at the Tomb of the Unknowns, Queen Reyna finally confronted Kait Diaz and attacked her and her friends, Cpt. James Dominic Fenix and Lt. Delmont Walker. She expressed disappointment in Kait for failing to chose to side with her legacy and attempted to kill her and her friends. However, Kait was able to save herself and either one of them, prompting Queen Reyna to murder the other friend. Kait and her surviving friend escaped and reunited with the Coalition while Queen Reyna led the Swarm to New Ephyra's gates. But in doing so, her army and Kraken were destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn via JACK.

Queen Reyna and the Swarm receded, and Sgt. Marcus Fenix warned Kait Diaz that she would return. Kait acknowledged this fact, but instead wished to hunt her down first before Kait discarded Myrrah's amulet.

Personality and traits

Queen's Symbol.

"How the hell did the Locust Queen know Adam Fenix? She just said that to fuck with Marcus's head. The bitch was probably the one who killed his dad anyway."
—Dom's thoughts on the Queen.[14]

The most defining trait of Myrrah is her maternal nature. As a child, she exhibited traits of selflessness, nurturing, and sacrifice. Aware that she was immune to Imulsion's ill-effects, she was eager to help the scientists find a cure for the other sick children with Rustlung. As the children mutated into Sires from Dr. Samson's grotesque experiments, Myrrah still held fondness for them, despite their appearance and nature. After her embryonic stem-cells were used to create the Locust Horde, she adamantly protected them and acted on their behalf. Her maternal instincts were finally realized with the birth of her human daughter, Reyna. Her connection with Reyna was so strong that when Reyna was taken by Torres and Myrrah believed her to be killed by the scientists, she developed a hatred for the entire human race and vowed to destroy them all out of revenge. She led her Locust children, as their Queen, to independence, and continued to grow their civilization. Her main objective was the preservation of her children - which led Myrrah to develop desperate tactics and tendencies.

Myrrah is also best known for her cynical and xenophobic views. Despite being human, she viewed herself and her Locust as more "Seran" than the human race. She saw the Locust as an evolved, connected, and immortal people that was more deserving of Sera than the humans. Because the Locust came from her genetics, she also viewed herself as a Locust - and thus saw the human race as inferior, not deserving of Sera or life itself. Despite this, she admittedly held some pity for them - but realized that the human race only knew dominance, arrogance, ignorance, and ultimately - destruction. These views were caused by the Pendulum Wars and the scientists of the New Hope Research Facility who had kidnapped her, performed torturous experiments on her and other children, robbed her of her childhood, and supposedly killed the last pure thing Myrrah had - which was Reyna. She feared that the humans would never accept them, even if they came to them peacefully. She believed they would either be oppressed, imprisoned, or even eradicated if the human race learned of their existence. This was a deciding factor in Myrrah leading a genocidal war against the humans. Myrrah expressed inferiority with the Lambent, as well. She viewed the Lambent Locust as inferior creatures - an infection that corrupts and pollutes her people. The Lambent and humans were, in her opinion, both deserving of extinction.

Myrrah wearing her dress.

Notable Quotes

"You leave me no choice! Adam, this ends now! Accept that your species will die!"
— Queen Myrrah arguing with Adam as she attacks the countermeasure the first time.
"Adam! Don't do this! Do you want another genocide on your conscience?!"
—Queen Myrrah arguing with Adam and attacking the Countermeasure for the second time, telling Adam not to kill masses of people again.
"You humans! Why do you think your lives are worth more than ours? Don't you realize who we are? Don't you recognize all your most admirable qualities in us? Oh yes... we are genocidal monsters! Just like you!"
—Queen Myrrah arguing with Marcus Fenix about the nature of the Locust during their final confrontation[15].


Patient Analysis: EV-184-9
EV-184-9 has been exposed to Imulsion levels hitherto known - without exception - to be fatal. Yet she displays no detectable cellular degradation at all. Quite the opposite, if anything.

We have decided to isolate and observe EV-184-9 closely, twenty-six hours a day, while continuing to administer a daily dose of concentrated Imulsion. We tell her it's her medicine and she smiles while she takes it. She is quite eager to be helpful.

Dr. Niles Samson

Patient Analysis: RK-619-4
RK-619-4's final transformation occurred roughly eighteen hours before death. Quite disappointing, as the subject's cells had initially benefited from Imulsion exposure nearly as much as Subject EV-184-9's.

It is time to face a hard truth. EV-184-9's response to Imulsion exposure may be entirely anomalous. And Dr. Torres has just informed me that EV-184-9's T cells appear to be particularly responsive. He believes her body is now aging at a pace roughly half that of a normal girl.

Dr. Niles Samson

Subject Analysis: TE-872-3
I tolerated Dr. Torres' unseemly designs upon EV-184-9 mainly due to my hope that their dalliance could produce a child. And now it has: TE-872-3.

Let me dispense with these chilly medical appellations, as Myrrah has proved my colleague and collaborator in every sense.

Her selfless cooperation has brought me much joy, but not nearly as much as this: Myrrah's daughter has inherited her unique genomic constellation. What this means I do not yet know, but it proves that what I have created here is, astonishingly, inheritable.

All throughout our facility dote upon Reyna already. Only Dr. Torres seems ambivalent. I suspect he is jealous of the attention his special child is receiving.

Dr. Niles Samson

Subject Analysis: EV-184-9
Myrrah's mood remains bleak. I confess I underestimated the depth of her feelings for her daughter.

I have had to curtail her exposure to the Matriarch as well, for I and others have noticed that, the more frequent their interaction, the more it affects the behavior of our test subjects.

They have become... not docile, not exactly, but somehow... mindful, perhaps. Sometimes they seem to murmur in unison or simultaneously face the same direction. Dr. Van Neil remarked that it almost looked as if they were praying.

I worry Myrrah's influence has allowed our test subjects to develop novel and unhelpful ideas.

For the first time since I began this work, all those years ago, I am concerned for our safety.

Dr. Niles Samson


Myrrah's sketchbook. The Locust Runes are translated as: Revenge, Death, and War.

Kait here.

This was my grandmother's. I feel a lot of anger in these drawings.

If I had grown up like this - in this place, with these people - I don't know if I can say I would have done things differently.

What's the saying? You reap what you sow.

Propaganda Quotes

  • "Look inside yourself. Do you have the will to win?"
  • "Our species is destined to rule Sera. Keep fighting, my children! Your queen is with you."
  • "The dominant species will prevail. Always."
  • "They can be stopped. Don't give in."
  • "There are no greater warriors anywhere... we cannot be stopped."
  • "Nothing can stand before us, my children. We shall conquer the surface... and we shall begin anew."
  • "Let nothing stand in the way of our mission. Our destiny awaits."
  • "The Hollow is the past. The surface is our future."
  • "On the surface of Sera, we shall find our destiny."
  • "These creatures cannot hope to stop us."
  • "The Lambent know not our full strength."
  • "We will drown them in their own blood."
  • "The Riftworm is dead. Yet still we will vanquish our enemies."
  • "Destroy them! We must reach the surface!"
  • "The Lambent are inferior! The plague must be stopped!"
  • "Like the humans, the Lambent are weak. Crush them beneath your feet."
  • "Never give up, my children. You are Sera's saviors!"
  • "Excellent, my children. Your bravery does your queen proud."
  • "Rise! Higher, my children! Then we shall wash our enemies away in the great flood."
  • "Jacinto shall sink, and all of our enemies will be vanquished."
  • "The Riftworm weakened Jacinto's base... now all we have to do is finish the task."
  • "The great flood shall vanquish all of our enemies. Let it flow."
  • "Our enemies threaten the sanctity of the palace. Destroy them!"
  • "Water shall meet fire, and our enemies will meet their doom."
  • "We cannot allow the Lambent to pollute the surface. We must bury their infection here."
  • "The world is rightfully ours, and we will destroy you."

Behind the scenes

Crimson Omen.jpg
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Geist Allmother/Queen Myrrah concept art.

  • Myrrah was voiced by Carolyn Seymour.
  • The original name for Queen Myrrah was Geist Allmother.
  • Myrrah's appearance and performance were based on Lady Galadriel, portrayed by Cate Blanchett, of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy adaptation.
    • Cliff Bleszinski has expressed interest in Cate Blanchett being his first choice for Myrrah in a possible Gears of War live-action adaptation.
  • Myrrah was the narrator in the Gears of War. She made her first appearance in Gears of War 2. However, in the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, she and her Tempest Mount appears in the ending instead of the placeholder Locust on the Hydra, thus appearing in every game of the original trilogy.
  • Myrrah is pronounced and spelled similar to the Swedish word myra, which translates to ant.
  • It is possible that Myrrah's genetic resistance to Rustlung, highly responsive T-cells, and decelerated aging were caused by exposure to Imulsion while in the womb, as in-utero exposure to pathogen-derived antigens have been known to induce immunologic tolerance. It's also possible that her father's sperm or mother's eggs were affected by Imulsion, as Imulsion was known to cause birth defects.


  • Myrrah is immediately unlocked as a playable character in Gears of War 3 multiplayer on the Locust side.
    • Myrrah is the Locust leader in the "Capture the Leader" game mode.
  • Myrrah is a playable character in Gears of War 4, available in the Queen Myrrah Emergence Gear Pack.
  • Myrrah is a playable character in Gears 5, available as part of Operation 3.
  • Myrrah is the only playable Human character for the Locust faction.



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