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The Mutiny at OZP-11 was a minor civil war within the Union of Independent Republics that took place at OZP-11, a top-secret UIR cosmodrome in occupied Vasgar. After the Coalition of Ordered Governments demonstrated the Hammer of Dawn at the Battle of Bonbourg, giving it a decisive advantage, Premier Yori Deschenko of the UIR began preparing for the UIR's surrender. Through Major Girek C. Toly, Deschenko ordered that the UIR's own Hammer of Dawn program at the OZP-11 be terminated, since launching and using it would only prolong the Pendulum Wars indefinitely. While most UIR member nations accepted their defeat, the Republic of Gorasnaya remained defiant. With his last words, Gorasni General Egar Trescu demanded that the Gorasni keep fighting. His son, Commander Miran Trescu, arranged for a Hammer of Dawn command case to be delivered to Major Garron Paduk, along with orders for Paduk and his men to seize OZP-11 and launch the Hammer of Dawn at all costs. Paduk's Gorasni soldiers carried out a mutiny against OZP-11's much larger UIR garrison that lasted three days, resulting in OZP-11's commander using a virus to disable all UIR electronic equipment to deny its use to Paduk, as well as the COG firing a Lightmass Missile from the Abandoned Research Facility on Azura to destroy OZP-11 at the UIR's request.


Order of Battle[]


Garron Paduk was a confirmed survivor of the Lightmass Missile's impact, but his right side was burned in the resulting blast.


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