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"Welcome to the Museum of Military Glory! Here you will find a variety of artifacts from conflicts throughout Tyran and Seran history. It is easy to forget that war on Sera predates the current conflict known as the Pendulum Wars. By exploring war's role throughout the many era of Seran culture, we hope you will come to appreciate the vital role it has played in shaping our culture."
—The Museum of Military Glory[1]

The Museum under Locust control.

The Museum of Military Glory was a museum located in the COG heartland of Tyrus, in the city of Halvo Bay.


Pendulum Wars[]

Victory Over the UIR[]

One of the Museum's post-war event posters.

After the Coalition of Ordered Governments unleashed the finished Hammer of Dawn project on the UIR Third Fleet and a peace treaty was negotiated, the Museum of Military Glory, in conjunction with the Fort Reval Military Museum, held an event between Storm 10th and Harvest 14th to show COG citizens how their government won the Pendulum Wars.

Locust War[]

Destruction of Halvo Bay[]

Approximately six weeks after E-Day, Locust General Karn launched an assault against Halvo Bay. After he and his forces rampaged through Halvo Bay, the general turned his attention toward the Museum. At the same time, Kilo Squad, led by Lieutenant Damon S. Baird, entered the Museum and started to assist the remaining Onyx Guard defending it.

After defending the Great Hall and clearing out the Kashkur and East Wings, Kilo Squad glimpsed Karn attack the Museum aboard Shibboleth. In an attempt to assist Black-Four, who ran ahead, Kilo descended into the Museum Archives, only to find it infested with Giant Serapedes and glowing Wretches. Exterminating any hostile forces they came across, Kilo eventually made their way to the Museum Vault and back to the surface. Establishing a brief connection with Colonel Ezra P. Loomis, Kilo informed Loomis of Karn's presence at the museum, but were dismissed by their commanding officer. In mid-transmission, Kilo Squad watched as Karn executed several Gears with Shibboleth before he redoubled his efforts on the Museum. Determined to kill Karn for what he did, Kilo decided to pursue the Lightmass Missile mentioned by Cadet Sofia Hendrik, leaving the Museum. As they departed, the Locust began setting up banners and flags across the Museum Grounds to exhibit their victory.

The next day, Omega-Two became pinned down near the Museum.

The remains of the Museum of Military Glory.

Destruction and Legacy[]

After securing the Lightmass Missile and attaining its launch codes and targeting beacon, Kilo Squad maneuvered through the city to reach the Museum. From the nearby rooftops, Kilo launched the missile, which obliterated the Museum and saved Omega-Two from being overrun. This left a large hole in the ground where the Museum used to be. Unfortunately, General Karn himself survived the blast, though he was later killed in the battle during a fight with Kilo and Colonel Loomis.

In the years following the Destruction of Halvo Bay, the Stranded group led by Garron Paduk and Sofia Hendrik called the hole "Kilo", after their leaders' former squad.

Notable Sections[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • According to Tom Bissell, General Karn set up his forward operations base at the Museum due to its size, location and thick walls.[2]