"I'll give you full marks for guts, Dom. You'd better marry her then."
— Mr. Flores, to Dominic Santiago after he tells the Flores's he got Maria pregnant

Mr. Flores was the husband of Mrs. Flores and father of Maria Flores.


Family ManEdit

Mr. Flores had moved his wife and daughter who was 11 in the city of Ephyra, specifically in the neighborhood of the Santiago Family.[2] Maria had became close and fast friends with the youngest son of the Santiago Family, Dominic Santiago. A couple of years later his daughter started to date Dom. He, like his wife, liked and appreciated Dom. When Maria was sixteen, she was impregnated by Dom. Mr. Flores didn't lose his calmness unlike his wife, and comforted her while telling Dom that he was impressed he came to tell them in person, and that he has to marry their daughter.[3]

Death on E-DayEdit

On Emergence Day, his grandkids, Benedicto and Sylvia, were sent to his and his wife's house so their daughter could spend some time alone with Dom. He, his wife, and his grandchildren were killed when the Locust emerged. Mr. Flores and along with his wife were buried at Mercy.[4]


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