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"[Reyna] was born here -- and taken from us by her spineless father. Thus causing young Myrrah's unfortunate rebellion."
—Doctor Niles Samson revealing the cause of Myrrah's rebellion in the Mount Kadar Laboratory.

The Mount Kadar Laboratory Uprising was a violent rebellion that occurred during the mid-Pendulum Wars, unknown to the Coalition of Ordered Governments and most of the human population. The rebellion involved the Locust Horde, the subjects of the facility, rising against the scientists responsible for creating and studying them. The Locust Horde were the result of genetic experimentation on human children ill with Rustlung. They were led by Myrrah, a human born immunity to Imulsion, whose genetic material was used to create the Locust Horde. The uprising was due to the Locust fighting for independence and Myrrah's revenge against the scientists when she was led to believe that they killed her daughter, Reyna.


Shortly after the beginning of the Pendulum Wars, it was discovered that the newly discovered fuel source, Imulsion, had adverse health effects on the humans, namely a fatal disease known as Rustlung. Most of the affected were the miners of Imulsion and their families who lived near the refineries. The Coalition of Ordered Governments, then a global economic and political superpower due to owning a majority of the Imulsion reserves, feared the ramifications if it was discovered by the public that Imulsion was toxic. In response, the Coalition opened the New Hope Research Facility under the Department of Health during the Monroe Administration to house the children of the Imulsion-poisoned miners, study the progression of Rustlung, and research to find a cure.

The Director of the facility was Doctor Niles Samson, who was tasked with finding a cure for Rustlung. He attempted to replicate the results of immunity when one of the subjects, Myrrah, showed genetic immunity to Imulsion, but failed. Doctor Samson then began experimenting with cross-species genetics by mutating the children with the DNA of the indigenous creatures of the Hollow. The result was creating mutated, deformed, distempered, sterile, and highly aggressive mutants that he called Sires. Due to the unethical experimentation and attacks on the staff members, information about New Hope was leaked and the facility was ordered to be shut down by Chairman Monroe. Doctor Niles Samson, and all involved, were also to be indicted for their crimes.

A fringe political group within the Coalition of Ordered Governments built a secret laboratory under Mount Kadar to relocate Dr. Niles Samson and his work, as they believed in his progress and wanted him to continue his research. There, he combined the embryonic stem-cells of Myrrah with the DNA of the Sires to create a female hybrid called the Matriarch. The Matriarch then reproduced the first Drones of Locust Horde. A Hivemind was also created among Myrrah and the following subjects which she was able to control them. It was also discovered that exposing Myrrah to the Matriarch would amplify Myrrah's ability to communicate with the Locust. Myrrah then began to regard them as her children since they were genetically her children. Soon, the Locust saw themselves as their own race and longed for independence from the humans.

Order of Events[]

Sparking the Rebellion[]

Eventually, Myrrah began having relations with Dr. Torres, one of the top geneticists at New Hope and Mount Kadar. They eventually conceived an actual human child - a daughter that Myrrah named Reyna. The scientists discovered that Reyna inherited most of Myrrah's gifts including the mental connection to the Locust Hivemind. Doctor Torres became disillusioned by the work that he and the others are doing, especially with his own daughter. Doctor Torres then escaped from the facility with Reyna.

Doctor Niles Samson was unable to prevent Doctor Torres and Reyna's escape and was also unable to recapture them. In order to placate Myrrah, Niles lied to Myrrah that Reyna was killed during the escape attempt. Myrrah became struck with grief and began to regard Niles and the other scientists as evil. Myrrah began to test her abilities in how far that she could control the Locust. The scientists began to notice how the Locust followed her orders to the point where Doctor Niles Samson became fearful about his own work.

Rise of the Locust[]

Doctor Niles Samson ordered to limit Myrrah's interactions with the Matriarch in order to curtail her control over the Locust, but to no avail as Myrrah was able to link and communicate with all of the Locust Drones that they had created. Because of her grief and the torture that she and her children had to endure under the scientists, Myrrah finally led the rebellion. The Locust Drones broke free from their cages and began using metal pipes and other supplies to kill the scientists.

Armed Gears were brought in to neutralize the rebellion, but many of them were killed and the Locust became armed with their weapons. The Locust managed to kill a majority of the scientists and were able to fatally wound Doctor Niles Samson. Before Niles could perish from his wounds, he downloaded his consciousness into an artificial intelligence and used the security system to freeze the entire facility, killing many of the Drones, but also killing the remainder of the scientists, Gears, and himself.

Locust Independence[]

Myrrah and most of the Drones managed to escape from the facility before the deep-freeze. Myrrah led the Locust deeper into the underground caverns of Mount Kadar and declared the Locust Horde independent, acting as their Queen. Queen Myrrah led the Locust to build their own civilization. This included their capital city known as Nexus, a highway system with many other cities and citadels spread out in the Hollow, a religion known as the Trinity of Worms, branches of government, scientific industry, and military.


The incident in the Mount Kadar Laboratory remained unknown until 42 A.E. when Cpl. Kait Diaz went on an AWOL mission to discover her connection with Myrrah and the Locust Horde, revealing that Myrrah was her grandmother and Kait had a connection with the Locust Hivemind.

The Locust became known in 0 A.E. when they emerged on the surface in what would be known as Emergence Day. While their reasoning was to colonize the surface in order to escape from the Lambent, they are also fueled by their hatred of the humans due to the experiments done to them and being forced underground all of those years ago.

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