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Mount Kadar in 42 A.E.

Mount Kadar was a mountain located in the Kadar Valley region of northern Tyrus. Partial access to the mountain had been restricted by the Coalition of Ordered Governments since the early-mid Pendulum Wars to keep hidden the existence of the New Hope Research Facility. Other parts were accessed by logging communities established in the area for lumber supply. By the launch of Operation: Hollow Storm in 14 A.E., the Locust had set up several outposts around the mountain to protect a secret entrance that led beneath it to the Locust capital of Nexus.


Mount Kadar[]

One of the highest points on Sera, Mount Kadar resided within the Kadar Valley of Northern Tyrus. When the Coalition of Ordered Governments formed, Mount Kadar became the site of numerous lumber and mining industries. Logging roads and communities were built along Mount Kadar for the lush forest, as the mines in Mount Kadar were rich with materials such as osmium.

Pendulum Wars[]

New Hope Research Facility[]

Unknown to most of the public, the recently discovered new fuel source, Imulsion, caused adverse health effects to those exposed to its fumes and vapors - namely the miners of Imulsion and the residents within the Imulsion townships. Among them was a fatal disease known as Rustlung. Fearing political and economic ramifications for industrializing a poisonous fuel source, the Coalition opened the New Hope Research Facility under the Department of Health during the Monroe Administration to house the children of Imulsion miners ill with Rustlung, study their progress, and research for a cure. For this research to remain classified, the location of New Hope was placed in the Kadar Valley near Mount Kadar for its isolation. The research at New Hope was conducted under geneticist Dr. Niles Samson.

Upon administering concentrated doses of Imulsion in the children - Dr. Samson noted that while cells undergo immediate and severe cell stress, others underwent point mutations, offering Dr. Samson hope that he could use Imulsion as a key to evolutionary progress. Among the children was Myrrah who exhibited complete immunity to Imulsion. Not only was she genetically immune to Imulsion, but she benefited from exposure from it by improving her immune system and decelerating her aging process. Dr. Niles Samson attempted to replicate these results in the other children, but failed. Instead, he began to experiment with cross-species genetics by attempting to use the DNA of indigenous creatures from under Mount Kadar, hoping to pass their genetic immunity to the children. This resulted in the children transforming into deformed, distempered, sterile, and aggressive mutants that Niles called the Sires.

Due to the unethical experimentation and attacks from the Sires, many employees resigned from New Hope and leaked detail about the work there. Eventually, Chairman Monroe and the Coalition discovered the truth and ordered the facility shut down and all involved to be indicted. However, a fringe political party within the Monroe Administration desired to rescue Dr. Niles Samson and his work. As pragmatists, they believed that Niles could not only cure Rustlung but help end the Pendulum Wars. Using miners from Nethercutt Mining, the party built a facility underneath Mount Kadar where Dr. Niles Samson, his remaining loyal employees, his subjects, and his research could be relocated and continue working. Niles left one final message in his video log about transferring the subjects during the night, in the snow, to Mount Kadar because they were unable to receive transport for the relocation.

Niles relocated to a secret lab at Mount Kadar where he continued his research, eventually creating the Locust. However, the escape of Queen Myrrah's daughter, whom Niles claimed had been killed, caused Myrrah and the Locust to rebel, kill the scientists and escape.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

On the Surface[]

Mount Kadar's peak in 14 A.E.

During Operation: Hollow Storm, Delta Squad traveled to the mountain region following intel found at the New Hope Research Facility in an endeavor to find a way into the Locust stronghold. Upon reaching the outskirts of the mountain, Delta discovered the entire area was occupied by the Locust and various outposts were set up along the deserted roads. Delta proceeded to fight their way through Drones, Boomers, and Reavers along the roads and across frozen lakes. As they ascended the mountain, they continued to fight Reavers and Seeders, but eventually reached a canyon, which they had to cross by jumping because the bridge was destroyed.

Delta continued traveling up the mountain until they reached a heavily guarded outpost at the mouth of a large cave. After fighting through the outpost, Delta entered the cave and began traveling down.

Beneath the Surface[]

Under the mountain, Delta Squad traveled through a long tunnel, fighting off Corpsers and Brumaks until they found Chaps, who informed them that Stranded had moved underground because the surface was too dangerous. He tells them how to reach the Locust highway past an underground river, which would lead them to the capital, and recognizes Maria Santiago when shown a picture, but informs him that she was in Stu's group, which was captured. Dom and Marcus continue onward, fighting off Theron Guards and Locust Gunboats, eventually managing to defeat the Leviathan in order to make it to the Locust Highway.

Battle of Kadar Valley[]

After Delta-One reached the Locust capital of Nexus and alerted the COG to its location, the COG rapidly deployed multiple Assault Derricks to Kadar Valley to send Grindlifts down with reinforcements. A Locust, Krav Gurst, was tasked by Ketor Skorge with destroying the COG forces and defending the Inner Hollow.[1]

Swarm War[]

Finding Answers[]

In 42 A.E., following information downloaded from the Niles AI, Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker traveled to the Mount Kadar Laboratory seeking answers for Kait's connection to the Swarm. With the help of a second Niles AI, they were able to sever Kait's connection to the Hivemind at the cost of awakening Reyna Diaz as the Swarm Queen.