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"As citizens of this Coalition, each of us made a pledge to conduct ourselves with honor, and to observe principles of loyalty and purity, as it was decreed by the Allfathers."
—From Sovereign Directive 10345, ordering the closure of New Hope and indictment of its staff.

Chairman Monroe was the Chairman of the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the early years of the Pendulum Wars.


New Hope[]

During his administration, Monroe approved the opening of the New Hope Research Facility under the control of the Department of Health and placed Dr. Niles Samson in charge.[1] The original purpose of New Hope was to find a cure for Rustlung, a disease that was ravaging the Imulsion miners. The COG leadership set up New Hope in secret as they feared that the word of Rustlung would turn the public against the Imulsion industry and thereby jeopardize the COG war effort against the Union of Independent Republics in the Pendulum Wars. Unknown to Monroe, rather than finding a cure, New Hope's research led to the discovery of genetic anomalies within one test subject that demonstrated her immunity to Imulsion as well as increased biological longevity. Niles was inspired to refocus his efforts on creating an army of supersoldiers designed for inter-generational warfare. His first steps toward that goal were the Sires.[2]

Niles took great plans to ensure that New Hope's work was not leaked to the COG leadership, but eventually Chairman Monroe learned about the grisly experiments and the lengths which Niles compromised his ethics. Appalled, Monroe wrote Sovereign Directive 10345, demanding that all staff at New Hope cease their work and immediately return to Ephyra for trial. However, a rogue group of officials within the Monroe administration arranged for another laboratory to be built in secret under Mount Kadar and had Niles and his staff relocate there to continue their work. It was there that Samson achieved a breakthrough that would have devastating consequences decades later: the creation of the very first Locust.[2]


Monroe's most significant yet least known legacy was arguably his indirect responsibility for the creation of the Locust Horde as he was the person who authorized New Hope and appointed Niles Samson to run it. Due to the willingness of subsequent Chairmen and First Ministers to cover New Hope and Samson's work up, it was unlikely that this knowledge would ever reach the public.[2] Major Sid Redburn, who had worked as a guard at the New Hope facility, believed that Monroe had authorized the experiments Niles had conducted that created Ukkon, unware of the truth that Monroe had been in the dark and shut down the project as soon as he learned of Niles' actions.[3]

In the Halvo Bay Military Academy, a hall was named after Monroe.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Chairman Monroe appeared to have been a morally upstanding leader of the COG who sincerely believed in the principles that Nassar Embry outlined in the Octus Canon and worked for the betterment of his nation. The rogue officials within his administration who allowed Dr. Samson to continue his work took issue with Monroe's character, however, criticizing him for "messianic moralism" and a lack of imagination for rejecting the opportunity to achieve victory in the Pendulum Wars sooner by using Samson's super-soldiers.[2] However, it was under Monroe's authorization that the New Hope Research Facility be opened and house the children of Rustlung-stricken Imulsion miners for experiments to find a cure. It would appear that Monroe was more considered about controversy and image for himself and the COG rather than complete moral outrage following the information leaks.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Monroe's name is misspelled "Munroe" in some Gears 5 collectibles.