"It was tough not to feel disappointed. Three weeks out in the field, and we'd only found one Gear. One survivor. The APC was packed with ammo and supplies, but still...we needed people a lot more than we needed supplies"
Jace Stratton on his disappointment of the mission

The mission to the Pirnah Badlands was an event which occurred two months after the Lightmass Offensive, spanning several weeks, several Gear's squads where ambushed by Locust forces until High Command sent in Delta-One with new recruits. Delta was only able to find Michael Barrick as a lone survivor of Echo-6. The Squad was going to relocate to Jacinto until they picked up a distress beacon which turnout to be a Locust ambush, leaving a member of Delta - Gil Gonzalez - killed.

Order of BattleEdit


The mission to the Pirnah Badlands was a rescue mission to find missing Gear Squads in the aftermath of the Lightmass Offensive that turned into a minor skirmish. After several Gear Squads went missing in the badlands. HQ decided to send Delta-One to locate them and bring back any survivors[1].

Initial DeploymentEdit

After COG HQ lost contact with several Gears squads including Echo-Six, Command sent Delta-One with an APC loaded for a weeks long mission to the Badlands After entering the area, and a week into the mission, Delta discovered all the missing squads had been killed. After defeating a swarm of Drones, Delta-One was able to locate Michael Barrick[1]. After recovering him Delta collected all COG tags and ammo and pulled back to the APC to head back to Jacinto. However, on the way they picked up a distress beacon on the shortwave transmitting the COG distress frequency.



Gil being gun down, leading the rescue mission into a shootout

After locating the beacon, Fenix discovered it was on full power and realized the situation was a trap. A Sniper Drone took down Gil Gonzalez and the rest of Delta were being pinned down by Drones and E-Holes popping up. Whilst being flanked from the right, Fenix and Dom were able to lead a counterattack while Jace took out the sniper and Barrick tried to stop Gil bleeding. However three boomers[1][2] entered the fray. With Barrick, Gil, and Jace's cover lost to the Boomers, Fenix used a Bolo grenade as a distraction. With Barrick chainsawing a boomer, Fenix killed another with a Bolo grenade while Dom gunned down the last one.[2] However, Gil lost too much blood and died from his wounds.


Delta-One was able to make back to Jacinto City, carrying the body of Gil Gonzalez. Fenix gave Gil a proper funeral, and the squad was allowed one week to rest. Fenix went to the The Rusty Nail to think over losing another Gear, while Jace would go to the orphanage, leaving Dom to keep to himself just thinking about Maria. After the week's rest, Barrick is assessed to Delta-One and sent to Montevado on a recon mission.


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