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The Mission to Timgad was a mission during the Lightmass Offensive in which Delta-One had to repair Timgad Bridge in order to reach the other side of Timgad City and arrive at Timgad Station where the Tyro Pillar would be stationed and carrying the Lightmass Bomb. The tunnel data retrieved by Delta would then be plugged into the Lightmass Bomb and sent off on the Tyro Pillar into an Imulsion sinkhole in Timgad Valley, destroying the Outer Hollow.


In order for victory during the Lightmass Offensive, the Coalition was in need of a three-dimension map of the Locust tunnels to accurately locate the heart of the Locust stronghold in order to the Lightmass Bomb to target and destroy. After receiving intel that a map had already been accomplished by Professor Adam Fenix, Command ordered Delta-One, led by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, to retrieve the data from the Professor's lab at Haldane Hall in East Barricade Academy. After doing so, command ordered Delta-One to arrive at Timgad City. Delta-One was able to find and repair an APC, but narrowly escaped a tailing Brumak.

Order of Battle[]

Arriving to Timgad Bridge[]

Upon exiting Ephyra, Delta-One arrived in the east district of Timgad City. Lt. Anya Stroud then advised Delta to arrive at Timgad Station where the Tyro Pillar is expected to make a stop. Lt. Stroud revealed that the Lightmass Bomb was aboard the train and is to be sent off a destroyed rail bridge into an Imulsion lake sinkhole, in which the Lightmass Bomb will launch into the Hollow. Delta is ordered to rendezvous with the train and deliver the mapping data for the Lightmass Bomb. As Delta-One arrived at Timgad Bridge to take them into the west district where the train station was located, they discovered the draw bridge was up. Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Baird went to the bridge controls while Pvt. Santiago and Pvt. Cole defended the APC.

As Cpl. Baird attempted to lower the bridge, it was unable to move and the squad was then ambushed by two waves of Locust Drone forces. After eliminating the Locust, Delta-One realized that the Locust know their plans and were trying to prevent them from completing it. Lt. Stroud discovered that power is cut off from the bridge as she located a broken power-line within Nassar Memorial Park, and that fixing the power-line should restore power to the bridge to lower it. Sgt. Fenix then ordered Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole to stay and protect the APC while Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago went to locate and fix the broken-down power-line. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago then went under the bridge and were attacked by a pack of Wretches in an overrun Stranded camp but were able to eliminate the pack and exit the bridge.

Fixing the Broken Power Line[]

After exiting the bridge, Lt. Stroud informed Delta-One that the area was full of Locust activity. Rejecting the option to backtrack to the bridge and find an alternative route, Sgt. Fenix ordered Delta-Two on the alternative route to the power-line to provide supporting fire. In a restaurant ahead, two Emergence Holes opened in the area. Sgt. Fenix flanked the building overlooking the patio, armed with a Troika Heavy Machine Gun. After eliminating the two stationed Drones, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago cleared the restaurant area. Delta-One then arrived at Nassar Memorial Park on the grounds while they reunited with Delta-Two in the overlooking building. Cpl. Baird revealed he could see the broken down power-line across the park near the The Palace Theater, but then spotted Locust forces in the park. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were met with Drones, Therons, and a Troika within the park's gazebo. After eliminating the initial threat, two Boomers arrived with a pack of Wretches. Delta-One neutralized the threat and continued into the park.

Delta-Two attempted to reach the broken-down power line but was cut off by the Brumak that had been chasing them since escaping Haldane Hall. Sgt. Fenix ordered Delta-Two to keep the Brumak away from the power lines, prompting Pvt. Cole to taunt the Brumak into chasing him and Cpl. Baird. While in the park, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were met with two E-Holes releasing Drones and Grenadiers. Delta-One was able to secure the park and returned topside into the Theater. Lt. Stroud advised Delta to finish ASAP as the Locust had begun chasing after the Tyro Pillar. In the theater, Sgt. Fenix ordered JACK to repair the power line. However, JACK was ambushed by a nearby E-Hole and a Sniper's nest nearby. Delta-One was able to protect JACK until a Brumak arrived on the bridge. Delta-One attempted to stall the Brumak while JACK repaired the power-lines. JACK managed to then repair it and evacuate into the Theater before the Brumak destroyed the entrance and entrapped Delta-One in the theater.

Reconnecting with Command[]

After the Brumak entrapped Delta-One, Sgt. Fenix attempted to contact Command, but was unable to connect. Pvt. Santiago determined it to be a Seeder by the jammed communications and odor nearby. Delta-One continued into The Palace Theater where a Seeder was present on the main stage, and was protected by a large squad of Drones and Therons. Delta-One split up and flanked using the balcony and were able to eliminate the Locust troops. Without the Hammer of Dawn, Sgt. Fenix was able to kill the Seeder by collapsing the stage set backdrop onto it. After exiting the theater, Delta-One reunited with Delta-Two in the alley, but retreated when the Brumak entered the street. Delta took shelter in the nearby parking garage and attempted to contact Command, only to be met with static again - determining another Seeder to be nearby.

Traversing the parking garage stationed with Drones, Grenadiers, Therons, and Troikas - Delta was able to clear the garage and locate the second Seeder in the streets between the garage and Timgad Central Energy. Sgt. Fenix improvised without the Hammer of Dawn to burst a pipeline and explode the nearby van, causing the Seeder to be incinerated. Delta then was able to reconnect with Command, as Lt. Stroud revealed that the Locust had boarded the Tyro Pillar and begun throwing the Gears onto the tracks. She also revealed that while the power lines were repaired, power was still not being directed through the power lines to the bridge, with Cpl. Baird believing the Stranded to be tapping into the power. Lt. Stroud then directed Delta to Timgad Central Energy to resupply power to Timgad Bridge. Delta was then able to exit the parking garage, cross the street, and arrive at Timgad Central Energy.

Returning Power to Timgad[]

Delta arrived to Timgad Central Energy where they were met at the entrance by guarding Wreteches, Boomers, Drones, and Therons. After clearing the entrance, Delta entered the main building. Cpl. Baird went into the sub-basement to assess the situation with Pvt. Cole while Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago cleared the building of Drones, Therons, Wretches, and Boomers. Cpl. Baird revealed that it was not the Stranded tapping the grid but instead Locust by redirecting power underground. Cpl. Baird then requested that Delta-One deactivate panels to fix the problem. While Delta-One deactivated the panels, the Brumak arrived at the Timgad Central Energy near the transformer yard. After deactivating the last panel, Cpl. Baird discovered that while the power levels were adequate, they would need to jump the transformer polarity - which Cpl. Baird deemed impossible without the particular tools, cables to connect the transform blocks, and an interrupt to manage levels. The only other possibility would be to find something that could fit between two transformers. Sgt. Fenix then determined that the nearby Brumak would be large enough for the job.

Entering the parking lot of the building, Delta-One encountered the Brumak. In order to make it safer, Sgt. Fenix ordered to neutralize the Brumak without killing it. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago then opened fire on the side-arm turrets of the Brumaks until they were destroyed. While unable to destroy the main gun atop of the Brumak, Sgt. Fenix theorized it would inoperable without the driver. With Delta-One shooting at the Brumak's legs, the body lowered to reveal the drive. Delta-One then took out the driver, causing the Brumak to become rogue. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago then ran towards the transformers to allow the Brumak to chase them. They were successful in luring the Brumak into the transformer block and connected the two as Cpl. Baird resored power to the Timgad. Delta then returned to Timgad Bridge and were able to lower the draw bridge, crossing over to the west district of Timgad. On their way to Timgad Station, however, Lt. Stroud informed Delta that the Locust had hijacked the Tyro Pillar and were reaching full speed, intending on passing the station, resulting in Delta having to jump on the train as it passes through the station.

Skirmish at Timgad Station[]

Upon arriving at Timgad Station, a squad of Snipers opened fire on Delta from the overhang platform. After eliminating the sniper squad, a pack of Wretches entered the parking lot while four Emergence Holes opened at the entrance of the hotel, within the parking lot, and at the front and side entrance of the ticket station - releasing a dozen Drones. An additional Sniper also opened fire from a ruined building overlooking the station. Delta managed to fight the Locust forces as the Tyro Pillar was arriving at full-speed.

The Tyro Pillar was then arriving and would be passing through the station. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago went on the platform as it began to pass as Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole were fighting off the remaining Locust Drones. As the train was nearly done passing through, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago had no choice but to jump on the rear of the Tyro Pillar without Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole. However, Col. Victor Hoffman picked them up on KR Four-Two and headed towards Timgad Valley to rescue Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago.


While without half of Delta Squad, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago managed to board the Tyro Pillar, clear the train, defeat Uzil RAAM, and were successful in deploying the Lightmass Bomb and escaping alive.

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