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"The Raven's coming back? Sam and Cole just took off for supplies."
"Huh. Maybe Baird forgot his wallet.
—Cpl. Dominic Santiago and Sgt. Marcus Fenix on the supply run to Hanover.

The Mission to Hanover was a supply-run mission that took place in Bloom, 17 A.E. The mission, led by Pvt. Augustus Cole due to Hanover being his hometown, was in the search for supplies such as food and ammunition for the CNV Sovereign. The mission became more complicated with the arrival of the Lambent and attacks on the Stranded outposts within the city. The mission was ended when Lt. Anya Stroud requested support for the Lambent had initiated an attack on the Sovereign.


Two years prior to the mission, Chairman Richard Prescott abandoned the Coalition of Ordered Governments. With Vectes overrun with Lambent and the government without a leader, the de-facto leaders: Col. Victor Hoffman, Cpt. Quentin Michaelson, and Cdr. Miran Trescu of the Union of Independent Republics, voted on disbanding the Coalition and dividing into three fractured communities to take their chances surviving the Lambent Pandemic. Col. Hoffman took one third of the population on the mainland to Anvegad, Kashkur within the fortress of Anvil Gate, while Cdr. Trescu took his UIR population to the mainland as well. Cpt. Michaelson took the remaining population to live off the ocean on the CNV Sovereign.

In the following two years, the CNV Sovereign remained at sea but within the Tyran coast. The CNV Sovereign assembled a task-force comprised of mostly Delta-One to aid settlements on the coast that were attacked by Lambent or other dangerous forces. In exchange, the settlement would provide Delta with supplies such as food, water, weapons, ammunition, technology, etc. for reward. By Bloom, 17 A.E., the CNV Sovereign was low on food - but was approaching the coastal city of Hanover. Pvt. Augustus Cole, who was not only from Hanover but a Thrashball celebrity from there, volunteered to lead the supply-run into Hanover. Pvt. Augustus Cole was accompanied by Cpl. Damon Baird, Pvt. Samantha Byrne, and Pvt. Clayton Carmine.

Order of Battle[]

Arriving at Hanover[]

Aboard KR Seven-Zero, Pvt. Cole and his squad arrived to Hanover. However, they immediately noted that the town was occupied by dead Lambent Stalks, and that the first Stranded camp they encountered had been overrun by the Lambent. Cpl. Baird considered aborting the mission, but Pvt. Cole and Pvt. Byrne assured there were survivors in Hanover, and that Lambent Polyps hadn't been seen in months. Further down the road was the survivors of the previous Stranded camp who threatened to open fire. Pvt. Cole talked them down and requested for food. The Stranded offered bacon in exchange for Pvt. Byrne, but Pvt. Cole declined and instead asked for the location of other Stranded camps. The Stranded suggested two additional camps at the piers and within Cougars Stadium.

Pvt. Cole, using his knowledge of Hanover, suggested checking out the nearby grocery store: Super Snack Champions. With Lambent Stalks destroying the local streets, Delta started to pass their way through Pendulum Park. Suddenly, three Lambent Stalks emerged. Among the Lambent Drones and Lambent Wretches, the Stalks also released a new variant: the Drudge, which began to mutate its arms into long tentacles capable of throwing balls of Imulsion and ripping its prey apart. The other Drudges were able to mutate their legs to become a giant stalk, increasing their height and to release Lambent Polyps - and they were also able to mutate their heads into a head-snake capable of breathing Imulsion-fire. Delta was able to eliminate the Lambent threat in the park and the streets approaching Super Snack Champions.

Raiding Super Snack Champions[]

Passing through another overrun Stranded camp, Delta arrived at Super Snack Champions - but were attacked by an emerging Stalk that flung a car that almost killed Pvt. Carmine. The entrance was overrun by Lambent Stalks and enemies. After destroying the Drones, Drudges, and Wretches, Delta managed to enter the grocery store - which contained the promotional material of the Hanover Cougars and Augustus Cole when he played #83 "The Cole Train." Upon entering the store, the ceiling was swarmed with Lambent Polyps. A Lambent Stalk then emerged in the store and knocked over the aisles of shelves. Fighting through the Drudges, Drones, and Wretches - Delta was unable to find any supplies in the ransacked store.

Upon searching the back of the store in the loading area, Cpl. Baird spotted a Mechanical Loader for Pvt. Cole to use, as well as a large pallet of food. Delta called in KR Seven-Zero to pick up their findings. As KR Seven-Zero arrived in the rear parking lot of the store and dropped a flare - the Raven was attacked by Lambent forces. Delta then arrived in the rear parking lot and met with the Lambent forces. After eliminating them and clearing the area, Pvt. Cole used the mechanical loader to bring the pallet of food to the King Raven. KR Seven-Zero then returned to Sovereign with the food. Pvt. Byrne then suggested to return to the Sovereign as well after finding food and with the Lambent overrunning Hanover. Pvt. Cole declined and suggested they still check the warehouse and stadium.

Assisting the Warehouse Stranded[]

After exiting the Super Snack Champions store, Delta overheard a firefight and discovered the Stranded camp located within Hanover Cannery Warehouse fighting an onslaught of Lambent forces. Several Stalks emerged in the circle drive in front of the camp, releasing Drones, Drudges, Wretches, and Polyps - but also released another new variant: the Gunker. The Gunker was a Lambent Boomer, specifically a Butcher as the Boomer was mutated with its arm into a retractable tentacle with its Butcher Cleaver attached at the end, causing a long-range strike. The other arm of the Gunker was a large shell scoop that was able to fill and launch a large Imulsion projectile. Delta assisted the Stranded in eliminating the Lambent and clearing the area.

Upon arriving at the main gates, a Stranded scout mistook Pvt. Carmine for a Lambent and shot at his head, barely scratching him. Pvt. Byrne ordered a cease fire and was met at the gates by the warehouse leader. While initially annoyed at the COG's presence, she was thankful and even more grateful that Augustus Cole was among them. Pvt. Cole requested a trade of food, but the leader instead promised a shipment of ammunition in the back on the pier. Walking through the warehouse, many of the Stranded recognized Pvt. Cole and became fans again after seventeen years of war. The warehouse leader then led Delta out to the back on the pier and offered them a large cache of weapons and ammo. KR Seven-Zero was called in again to take the supplies, and Pvt. Cole began to lead them to Cougars Stadium.

Fighting on the Hanover Pier[]

After flaring the ammunition for pick up, Pvt. Cole led Delta to the piers as a short access to Cougars Stadium, going against the warehouse leader's warning to Pvt. Cole, as the the Cougars Stadium leader, Faraday, wasn't a big Cougars or COG fan - advising Delta to avoid her. At the pier behind the warehouse, Stalks emerged from the Hanover Canal and began to release Drones, Drudges, Wretches, Polyps, and Gunkers. Pvt. Cole managed to secure his team and clear the pier by eliminating all the Lambent threat. As Delta continued through the corner warehouse, KR Seven-Zero reported to picking up the ammo cache but warned that Stranded had taken up on Centennial Bridge and opened fire on the King Raven, and advised Delta avoid the area as well.

Exiting the warehouse, a wooden dock connected the pier straight to Cougars Stadium. Upon reaching the street entrance to the stadium, Delta found it locked in chains. Pvt. Carmine attempted to open the fence and requested wire-cutters, as Cpl. Baird supplied him with his Chainsaw Bayonet from the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle. Before Pvt. Carmine could cut open the fence, two Lambent Stalks burst through the dock, cutting Delta off from the other end with their backs against a locked fence. The Stalks began to release Gunkers, Drudges, and Polyps - but Delta was able to secure the dock and eradicate the Lambent attack. Delta then cut the fence open and arrived to Hanover Cougars Stadium.

Battle of Cougars Stadium[]

Pvt. Cole and Delta arrived to Cougars Stadium, with Pvt. Byrne and Cpl. Baird surprised that Cole's statue out front wasn't melted for scrap - signifying that Cole was still a hero to the people of Hanover after so many years. The Stranded out front greeted Pvt. Cole and advocated to speak for them to Faraday, but upon arrival the Lambent began to emerge and attack inside the stadium. Pvt. Cole ordered the Stranded to evacuate and find cover while he and Delta took the ground floor and second floor for covering fire. Pvt. Cole and Delta eliminated the Lambent Stalks in the Cougars Stadium lobby - and destroyed the unleashed Drones, Drudges, Polyps, Wretches, and Gunkers.

Pvt. Cole then led Delta deeper inside the stadium into the Cougars locker-room. After a bout of nostalgia, Pvt. Cole arrived upon the Thrashball field as the last of the Stranded were evacuating - advising Pvt. Cole to use the nearby bomb to destroy the Lambent Stalk and Drudges on the field. While Cpl. Baird, Pvt. Byrne, and Pvt. Carmine offered supporting fire from the stands - Pvt. Cole managed to run across the field, grab the bomb, maneuver the Drudges, and plant the bomb on the other goal post where the Lambent Stalk was located. Pvt. Cole was hit in the blast, but survived as the bomb killed the Stalk. Shortly after, however, Delta received a distress call from Lt. Anya Stroud aboard the CNV Sovereign, that Lambent had boarded and attacked the ship and was requesting for support.

Pvt. Cole went into the box seats to meet the leader, Faraday, who expressed contempt for the COG, as the Lambent had left them alone before they came to Hanover. Pvt. Cole asked for a way to reach their ship on the Hanover Canal, but could not supply Delta with any sort of transport. Cpl. Baird then suggested getting on the Centennial Bridge and repelling down onto the ship. Pvt. Cole asked Faraday if the cable cars from the stadium to the bridge were working, to which she said they were but she advised them not to avoid the bridge as the Stranded occupying it were dangerous.

Pvt. Cole declined her advisement and led Delta onto the elevators to the observation deck of the stadium. Upon going up, Lambent Stalks emerged through the windows of the observation tower and released in Drudges, Wretches, Drones, and Gunkers into the tower in an attempt to destroy the elevators. Delta was able to fight the Lambent by exploding two tanks, eradicating the Lambent forces. Delta managed to arrive on the observation deck, but there were no cable cars on the wires. As Lambent began to emerge into the observation deck, Pvt. Cole gave each member a grappling hook and repelled on the wire from the observation deck to Centennial Bridge.


Battle on the Bridge.

The Gears reached the Centennial Bridge and hurried to rescue the CNV Sovereign from a Lambent Leviathan. On the bridge, they discovered the surviving Locust, now degenerated into the Savage Locust, confirming their survival.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The battle marks the first time that the COG forces battled Drudges and Gunkers. However, the existence of Drudges and Gunkers predates Emergence Day.


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