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The Mission to East Barricade Academy was a mission during the Lightmass Offensive to find mapping data of the Hollow at Haldane Hall in East Barricade Academy. Haldane Hall, otherwise known as Fenix Estate, was the childhood home of mission leader, Sgt. Marcus Fenix, and his father, weapons scientist, Professor Adam Fenix. Unknown to most, Professor Fenix had been studying the Locust and had planted Geobots in the Hollow to map their tunnels in a three-dimensional, holographic map. The mapping data was needed for the Lightmass Bomb to deliver the most destruction to the Locust stronghold in the heart of the Hollow. The mission was also a rescue mission, as one of the two King Ravens escorting Delta-One was shot down.


In order to deliver maximum results of destruction in the heart of the Hollow using the Lightmass Bomb, it was required to make a three-dimensional map of the Outer Hollow and Loucst tunnels to pinpoint the center via Sonic Resonator. Delta-One was ordered to take the Sonic Resonator into the mines of the Lethia Imulsion Facility and activate it. However, the Hollow proved to be too big and complex to be completely mapped by one device. However, Cpl. Damon Baird, who had been collecting Geobots found in the facility and mines in order to repair their broken transport, Laverne, discovered that each Geobot contained a three-dimensional holographic map of a portion of the Hollow. Lt. Stroud revealed that the Geobot showed more tunnel data than the Resonator, and that presumably all the Geobots combined a three-dimensional map already. Lt. Stroud triangulated the programmer and source to Professor Adam Fenix at Haldane Hall of East Barricade Academy in Ephyra. In need of the mapping data, Col. Hoffman ordered Delta-One to retrieve the data from the Fenix Estate. Uzil RAAM overheard this intelligence from a POW and ordered a large army to defend East Barricade and Haldane Hall.

Order of Battle[]

East Barricade Academy Search and Rescue[]

Delta-One arrived in Ephyra aboard KR Six-Four and escorted by KR Two-Five, en route to Haldane Hall. However, upon arriving at East Barricade Academy, a swarm of Nemacysts took down KR Two-Five and threatened KR Six-Four. Cpl. Damon Baird took to the side chain-gun to defend the Raven, but KR Six-Four aborted their flight and landed in the campus courtyard of East Barricade Academy. Upon landing, KR Six-Four took shots from the ground Locust forces, warning Delta-One of the hot land-zone. KR Six-Four then dropped Delta-One off to recon Timgad City, where it was later shot down in Nassar Memorial Park.

Delta-One, within the campus courtyard, were ambushed by Snipers, Elite Drones, Theron Guards, and Boomers. After eradicating the ground Locust forces, Sgt. Fenix alerted Control for advisement after the first drop-zone was aborted. Lt. Stroud advised Delta-One that there were survivors at Two-Five's crash site by R.L. Sterling Conservatory. The mission briefly turned into a rescue mission for KR Two-Five. Lt. Stroud then advised Delta-One to either take the streets or maneuver through the academy buildings. Sgt. Fenix then split up Delta-One with Pvt. Cole and Pvt. Santiago with Cpl. Baird to go both directions. Locust forces were found in both the academy hall and the streets of EBA.

After neutralizing both areas, Delta-One found a Seeder within the courtyard, one of two in the area that caused KR Two-Five's crash. Using the Hammer of Dawn, Delta-One was able to destroy the first Seeder. An Emergence Hole opened in the courtyard, and all enemies were eliminated. Delta-One then continued and rendezvoused in the streets. After eliminating the enemy threat, Delta-One found KR Two-Five's crash site - as Stranded began to scrap the site and attempt to loot the wounded Gears. Pvt. Santiago ordered the Stranded to leave, and Sgt. Fenix called in evac for the wounded. Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole volunteered to stay behind and protect the wounded Gears while Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago continued.

Battle of R.L. Sterling Conservatory[]

Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago continued down the streets and determined to pass through the R.L. Sterling Conservatory. Upon reaching the main entrance, JACK was ordered to rip open the sealed door. Meanwhile, the Locust launched an assault by two Emergence Holes of Drones, Wretches, and Boomers. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were able to repel the forces until JACK opened the door into the conservatory. Upon entry, Cpl. Baird radioed in that the wounded Gears were picked up and that they were headed on their own way to Fenix Estate.

Inside the conservatory, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago noticed the lack of Locust presence or even sound. Upon reaching the atrium of the greenhouse, a Berserker suddenly entered the area. Facing a dead-end with no outdoor skies available, Sgt. Fenix used the Berserker to knock down the pillars that held up the conservatory's glass ceiling. One of the pillars landed on the adjacent wall and offered an opening to escape. Before doing so, Sgt. Fenix used the Hammer of Dawn and the recently open sky to kill the Berserker. Using the water pumps, Sgt. Fenix was able to put out the fire and the two were able to escape the conservatory.

Traversing East Barricade Academy's Campus[]

After escaping the conservatory, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago continued through the remainder of East Barricade's campus to Haldane Hall. Passing through an empty courtyard, the two had to pass a hall with three individual quads. The first quad contained a Troika and several guarding Drones. After Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago eliminated the threat above, several Emergence Holes opened in the quad and released several more Drones and Wretches. After neutralizing the threat, they continued into the second quad. There, they were ambushed by Drones, Therons, Boomers, and Wretches - as well as an aerial attack from Nemacysts. After defending against the ambush, they continued on to the third quad to discover that the Seeder who had been delivering the Nemacysts was somehow killed.

After passing through the last quad, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago found themselves in a residential area, additionally ambushed by Therons, Drones, and Boomers. Navigating the area and eliminating the local threat, Delta was cut off by a collapsing riverwalk, with the bridge overlooking it defended by a manned Troika. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago then flanked the area by traversing through a cemetery and reaching the bridge to eliminate the Troika and defending Drones. More Therons were in the area, as they approached closer to Haldane Hall. After eliminating the squad of Therons, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago continued on the riverwalk and reached the main gate to the entrance of the front courtyard to Haldane Hall.


While once again ambushed by guarding Locust in the courtyard steps, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago managed to rendezvous with Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole and reach Haldane Hall.

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