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The Mission to CIC Aldair was a recovery mission to obtain classified files on a Locust scientist named Ukkon, responsible for the creation of various Locust creatures used as weapons of war. Chairman Prescott assigned Sgt. Gabriel Diaz to the mission due to his tactical approach not needing much reinforcements or equipment. Sgt. Diaz was accompanied by Major Sid Redburn. These orders were given less than two hours before the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, as the city of Aldair was one of the many targets. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn managed to survive the blast, and were able to continue on the mission.


During the first year of the Locust War following Emergence Day, human forces and whole cities had been eradicated by the creatures used by the Locust Horde in their army as weapons of mass destruction and transport for Locust troops, including the Corpsers, Brumaks, Reavers, Nemacysts, Tickers, and other various creatures. During this time, the Coalition High Command discovered that the creatures were genetically modified and weaponized by a Locust geneticist named Ukkon. Top secret intelligence revealed that Ukkon was a Sire at the New Hope Research Facility, patient zero of Rustlung, and one of the only patients that retained their mental capacity.

The newly elected Chairman, Richard Prescott, believed that destroying Ukkon would deny the Locust future weaponized creatures for their army. While conceiving the plans for the Hammer of Dawn Strikes to incinerate 90% of Sera's surface outside the Jacinto Plateau, Chairman Prescott sent classified intel to General Becket at CIC Aldair to begin plans on the assassination of Ukkon. However, CIC Aldair was overrun with Locust. Chairman Prescott then ordered Major Sid Redburn, a former guard at the New Hope facility, to recruit Sgt. Gabriel Diaz from the Motor Pool in the Aldair Army Base to retrieve the classified intel from CIC Aldair and begin the mission to assassinate Ukkon.

Sgt. Diaz was placed within Alpha Squad in Aldair as one of Chairman Prescott's "mop-up" crews to eliminate any surviving Locust after the Hammer Strikes.

Order of Battle[]

Receiving Orders[]

Lt. Col. Diaz receiving orders from Major Redburn.

Shortly two hours before the Hammer of Dawn would strike in Aldair, as well as 90% of Sera's surface, Major Sid Redburn arrived to the bunker of the Aldair Army Base. Met by Sergeant Gabriel Diaz, he advised him to take the incoming call. A call from Command then ordered Sgt. Diaz to retrieve files from General Becket's office at the CIC building. Sgt. Diaz initially refused ordered due to his position in the Motor Pool - but was advised to follow orders. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn then took an Armored Personnel Carrier to to Embry Point in Aldair.

Arriving at CIC Aldair[]

Before arriving to Embry Point, a COG barricade prevented them from continuing with the APC. On foot, Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn were attacked by a squad of Drones. Sgt. Diaz, despite losing some combat skills in the Motor Pool, was able to take cover and eliminate one of the Drones. Major Redburn then flanked to the left and eliminated the other Drone dug into cover. Meanwhile, Sgt. Diaz maneuvered through cover and chainsawed a Drone. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn then eliminated the final Drone.

Upon arriving to Embry Point, a pack of Wretches were alerted while devouring the remains of the Gears that were stationed and killed. The Wretches were also reinforced by Locust troops. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn then took cover on the Embry Point archway and opened fire together - eliminating some of the Wretches. Major Redburn then flanked to the right and took out the firing Drones, allowing Sgt. Diaz to open fire and eliminate the remaining Wretches and Drones. Another pack of Wretches arrived but were quickly eradicated.

After eliminating the Locust forces, a squadron of Reavers were doing flybys of Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn, forcing them to retreat inside CIC Aldair. Once inside, the two were able to locate General Becket's office, but with no lead on what classified documents to be looking for. Sgt. Diaz then discovered the files on General Becket's desk relating to Ukkon. However, just as the documents were found - the Hammer Strikes had begun within the city of Aldair, with only minutes before the Hammer would flash-burn the city.

Hammer of Dawn Strikes[]

As the Hammer of Dawn Strikes commenced, Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn were met by a pack of Wretches and squad of Drones that prevented Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn from reaching the APC. Reavers then continued to drop reinforcements into the battlefield as Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn battled the Locust. Major Redburn used a Bolo Grenade to destroy the pack of Wretches, while Sgt. Diaz flanked left and eliminated the Drones. Upon clearing the area, a Hammer strike destroyed the archway, cutting Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn from the APC.

Sgt. Diaz advised going down the adjacent street and around to the APC. However, Locust troops arrived and began to cut them off from the alternative route while the Hammer of Dawn began its final phase behind Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn. Looking for a safe place, Sgt. Diaz noticed floating dollar bills and located an open vault inside the Bank of Aldair. Sgt. Diaz then ordered Major Redburn to follow him inside the bank, as the two took shelter in the vault just as the Hammer of Dawn struck its final flash wave, destroying Aldair.

Return to the Aldair Base[]

Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn survived and emerged from the vault shortly after the final wave - as the city of Aldair was completely destroyed and incinerated. Upon navigating the ruins to return to the APC, an Emergence Hole opened within, unleashing a squad of Drones. While Sgt. Diaz took on the Drones, Major Redburn used a grenade to collapse the E-hole. After eliminating the Locust Drones, a squadron of Reavers dropped reinforcement Drones and Wretches to the battlefield.

After eliminating several Locust, Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn retreated to the APC while under fire. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn returned to the Aldair Army Base in the APC, but arrived to discover it destroyed with the stationed Gears slaughtered. With no blast-marks, Sgt. Diaz concluded that it was the Locust - not the Hammer. Major Redburn confirmed his belief, but insisted it was the work of Ukkon. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn then went inside the Motor Pool. Major Redburn then advised Sgt. Diaz to contact Chairman Prescott.

Orders from Chairman Prescott[]

Sgt. Diaz, with the top secret files, contacted Chairman Prescott for the first time since the Battle of Gatka Ridge. Chairman Prescott ordered Sgt. Diaz to read the files. Between the files and Chairman Prescott's briefing - the files contained the information on the Locust geneticist, Ukkon, and his responsibility for supplying the Locust Horde with genetically modified creatures capable of being weapons of mass destruction.

Lt. Col. Diaz and Major Redburn form Alpha Squad.

Chairman Prescott then revealed he chose Sgt. Diaz for the assignment of assassinating Ukkon due to his tactical abilities, especially when given few reinforcements - as Chairman Prescott was able to spare little for Sgt. Diaz's mission. However, Chairman Prescott offered Sgt. Diaz the ability to construct his team however he saw fit, as long as he was able to locate and eliminate Ukkon before his creations could end humanity. Sgt. Diaz was then tasked with finding other recruits, other than Major Redburn. Diaz agreed, but told Redburn that if they did this, Redburn worked for him rather than Prescott.


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