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"Ah, my father's no longer alive to call me a traitor. He wouldn't have understood Sera as it is now, anyway."
—Miran Trescu, agreeing to Chairman Richard Prescotts terms on joining the COG

Commander Miran Trescu was a native of the Republic of Gorasnaya, a Union of Independent Republics member, and the commander of the submarine Zephyr. He became the leader of the remaining civilians and armed forces of Gorasnaya after Emergence Day, keeping thousands of them alive as they struggled against the Locust and Stranded. After he brought the survivors of Gorasnaya into the Coalition of Ordered Governments, Trescu became a high-ranking officer of the COG Army. He played a key role in the battle against Stranded Insurgents, and in planning a response to the Lambent Pandemic. When the COG collapsed, Trescu took his people back to Branascu, but remained in contact with other former COG members to provide assistance to them. During the Second Battle of Azura, Trescu arrived to help and provided reinforcments to Delta Squad.


Pendulum Wars[]

Early Life and Career[]

Trescu was born to General Egar Trescu, and followed in his military footsteps by serving the Union of Independent Republics as part of the Republic of Gorasnaya's navy during the Pendulum Wars.[2] He also served as a drill sergeant at some point.[3]

Trescu giving orders on the Zephyr.

Battle of Bonbourg[]

"So we roll over because some politician loses his nerve? Helm, take us back to Branascu to refuel. We'll see what the Gorasni High Council has to say."
—Trescu, after learning about the UIR's surrender

In the 80th year of the Pendulum War, Trescu had become a commander and had been given command of the submarine Zephyr, which was a part of the UIR Third Fleet. The fleet was dispatched to the city of Bonbourg along the Ostri Republic's coast, where they opened fire on a Coalition of Ordered Governments unit in the city. Trescu kept the Zephyr underwater during the battle, and was eventually informed by one of his crew that they had picked up a massive explosion on the surface, and that four ships had been sunk. Trescu had the Zephyr pull back with the rest of the Third Fleet, and learned that the COG had developed an orbital weapons platform called the Hammer of Dawn. A week later, fleet command informed the Third Fleet that Premier Yori Deschenko had begun negotiating the terms of the UIR's surrender to the COG. Trescu was angered by this, and ordered his helmsman to take them back to Branascu in order to refuel, and that he was going to speak to the Gorasni High Council about the ceasefire.[4] He also issued a communique to the news that the UIR was not done fighting and would never surrender.[5]

Trescu at his father's side as he dies.

By His Father's Deathbed[]

"I promise papa. I promise."
—Trescu, promising his father that he would make sure Gorasnaya kept fighting

When the Zephyr arrived at Branascu, Trescu received word that his father had asked to speak with him immediately. Trescu headed to the Viska Military Hospital as quickly as he could, and was informed by his father's doctor that Egar only had a few hours left and was in a lot of pain. Trescu told them to give him more morphine then, but the doctor told him that Egar had refused more, and wanted to be alert when he spoke with him. Trescu headed to his father's room and sat by him, and Egar told him that the rest of the UIR were cowards, asking him to promise him that he would make sure that Gorasnaya did not surrender and that he would keep fighting the COG. Trescu promised, and Egar handed him the family's gold watch that had been passed down to him by his father, and told Trescu that it was now his. Trescu stayed by his father’s bedside as he died, and looked at the watch his father had given him as he counted down the seconds to the official ceasefire being put into effect.[4]

Carrying Out His Father's Last Request[]

After Egar's death, Trescu contacted Major Garron Paduk and, with the backing of the High Council of Gorasnaya, instructed him to mutiny and seize OZP-11 in order to launch the UIR's secret Hammer of Dawn satellites and continue the Pendulum Wars. Trescu organized the effort, sending Agent 9 with a Hammer of Dawn command case to use. Following Trescu's orders, Paduk and his 200 men fought for three days against 3,000 loyalist UIR troops and nearly succeeded in their mission. However, the base commander infected OZP-11 with a computer virus to brick the systems while the politicians alerted the COG of the threat. In response, the COG launched a Lightmass Missile from the Abandoned Research Facility on Azura which struck the Cosmonaut Training Facility's parking lot, killing most of Paduk's men and badly burning the Major, bringing an end to his efforts.[6] With the mutiny put down, the UIR and the COG reached an armistice shortly thereafter.

Locust War[]

"If we ever return to the mainland, I shall personally show you the mass graves at a Gorasnayan town called Meschov. Or Chalitz. Or a dozen other places where we buried our women and children."
—Trescu, to Hoffman on the Stranded attacks during the Locust War

Six weeks after the rest of the UIR surrendered, the Locust Horde emerged across Sera on Emergence Day. During the Locust War, Trescu became the highest-ranking officer left in Gorasnaya, and became the leader its remaining armed forces and civilians. Along with the fighting against the Locust, Trescu's biggest problem was roving gangs of brutal Stranded. He fought a second war against them, and the various groups united against the Gorasni, attacking the cities of Meschov, Chalitz, and a dozen other cities, killing a majority of their population. However, the Stranded were eventually defeated, and forced to flee the areas claimed by the Gorasni.[7] Trescu eventually moved the remaining population to an island near a Gorasnaya Imulsion rig seventy kilometers north of the Lesser Islands chain, and kept its fleet going by moving it to different ports on the mainland, since the Locust were unable to sweep the entire surface every day. Trescu's biggest problem was pirate attacks on his shipping vessels, especially by Darrel Jacques' gang. Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Trescu heard through the Stranded network that the Coalition of Ordered Governments had sunk Jacinto City, defeated the Locust, and had moved to the island of Vectes.[8]

Stranded Insurgency[]

Encounter With the COG[]

"You might want to let pirates go free, but we take a harder line, and we've been tracking Jacques for days."
—Trescu, on why he destroyed the Trader V

After tracking down Jacques in the Zephyr and following him for several days, Trescu discovered him meeting with the COG. Trescu destroyed Jacques ship, killing him, and revealed himself to the COG. He contacted the CNV Clement, telling them to stand down and that they were not hostile, and identified his submarine. Captain Quentin Michaelson contacted him from the CNV Falconer and demanded to know who he was and why he had sunk Jacques ship. Trescu told him his name and rank, and that he was from the Republic of Gorasnaya, and remarked that it had been a long time and he hoped they could talk. Michaelson was stunned into silence for a moment, before telling Trescu to explain himself quickly before their conversation became very short. Trescu said that the COG may be willing to cut deals with pirates, but he and his people weren't. Michaelson asked what he meant by that, and Trescu explained that while his presence may be small, they still had some things that the Stranded found worth plundering. He requested a meeting with Chairman Richard Prescott, and followed the COG ships back to Vectes.[9]

Trescu negotiating with Prescott about joining the COG.

Negotiating with Prescott[]

"I really do think of it as the strength of pooled assets, Chairman Prescott. You get fuel without having to drill for it on the mainland, plus our modest fleet, troops, and population. We get the protection of being part of a larger community."
—Trescu to Prescott, while negotiating to join the COG

Trescu met with Prescott, Michaelson, and Colonel Victor Hoffman at Vectes Naval Base, and said that he guessed they had finally used the Hammer on Jacinto. Hoffman asked him where he had been hiding the Zephyr, and Trescu told him that the Locust were unable to search an entire continent at once, so they had just moved from port to port. Hoffman asked where they were based now, and Trescu said they weren't on the mainland, but that was all he would say until they had worked something out. Prescott asked why he had come to them, and Trescu explained how their Imulsion rig was producing more than his community could use. He offered them the Imulsion rig and his remaining navy and army forces, in exchange for the COG bringing all of his people to Vectes and protecting them. Prescott then wondered why they had come to them now after so many years, and Trescu said that they wouldn't have been any safer in Jacinto then they had been on their own, but that the situation was different now that the Locust had been all but defeated and the COG was based on Vectes. Prescott agreed to let them join, as long as Trescu and his people joined the COG fully, and did not form into an isolated enclave on the island. After a moment’s hesitation during which he thought out his promise to his father, Trescu agreed, deciding that the world had turned into a far different place than it had been during the Pendulum Wars, and his father wouldn't have understood the world as it was now.[10]

Integrating on Vectes[]

"Force of habit, Colonel- my apologies."
—Trescu, to Hoffman after neglecting to tell him the Nezark had gone missing

A few weeks later, the first of Trescu's people began arriving on Vectes. However, his navies missile frigate, the Nezark, went missing en route to the island. Trescu neglected to tell his new comrades about this, and searched for it using only his own vessels. As this occurred, he met with Michaelson aboard the CNV Sovereign, but they were interrupted by Hoffman, who had learned of the missing frigate. He asked Trescu for an update on the search for it, and Trescu told him that patrol vessels were looking for the Nezark. Hoffman reminded him that they were all in the same army now, and that they needed to share information. Trescu apologized, telling him that it just a force of habit, and that the problem with the ship was probably only an electronics failure that took out the radio and radar. Hoffman then asked him if he was still okay with Delta-One inspecting the Emerald Spar platform, and Trescu said he was, but to warn the squad to be careful on the rig, since they were dangerous places.[11]

Battle of Vectes[]

"A hundred or so starving vermin, and you can't get rid of them? So much for the mighty Coalition that brought the Independent Republics to their knees."
—Trescu, expressing his annoyance that the COG was unable to defeat the Stranded Insurgents

Several days later, the Stranded Insurgents began a series of bombings and attacks across Vectes, including one in the Gorasni area of New Jacinto. Trescu met with Prescott, Hoffman, and Michaelson in the CIC, and expressed his annoyance with the others for being unable to defeat the Stranded, remarking that his decision to join the COG had not been popular with his people, and that his promises of safety were now ringing hollow. Trescu then said that the Coalition had fallen a long way from when it had been able to bring the UIR to its knees. Hoffman shot back that they were having trouble because they weren't fighting a war, but terrorism in their front yard, and that it would be impossible to bomb or burn the Stranded out of hiding since all they had left was Vectes. He then asked Trescu if he had better idea on what to do, since he seemed to have lost a frigate without even knowing what had happened to it. Trescu leaned up close to Hoffman and accused him and the rest of the COG of having gone soft by offering amnesty to the women and children, who could be used as hostages to break the back of the insurgency. He noted how he and his people had solved their own Stranded problem on the mainland, and that he would find out what happened to his frigate somehow. Prescott told him that they couldn't use the women and child as hostages since they had accepted the amnesty, but Trescu just shot back his accusation about them being soft again. Hoffman told him to show them how he would handle the Stranded, and Trescu told him to have the Gears bring him captives in order to gain intelligence from them. Prescott told him a squad was in pursuit of several of the insurgents at the moment and would bring them back alive to give to Trescu. He accepted, saying that he would get the information they needed out of them while the others could pretend their hands were clean, and he then left to go talk to his people and calm them down after the bombing.[12]

Interrogating the Prisoners[]

"I will find it just as easy to kill your father. You'll come with me now, Nial, and we'll talk sensibly, yes?"
—Trescu, to Nial Enador after executing Edwin Loris in front of him

After three Stranded were captured and brought to the hospital at VNB, Trescu had Sgt.Burkan take the youngest one, Nial Enador, away from the other two, his father Mikail Enador and Edwin Loris. He then met with Hoffman outside the two captives hospital room, and asked if they were well enough for visitors. Hoffman told him that Prescott had left it up to Trescu to decide what to do, and Trescu told him that if Hoffman had a problem with what was going to happen, to just think of his dead comrades, like he would be doing. They then went inside the room, and Trescu pulled up a chair next to Loris. He told him that he was a Gorasni, so that they would understand why he wanted to ask them some questions. When he asked them how they were getting their weapons and ordnance, and where their camps were located, they remained defiant and refused to answer. Trescu then asked them how they were sinking the Navies ships, they became confused, and told him that they commandeered boats, and did not destroy them. Trescu didn't believe them, and pulled out a watch. He told them he would count five minutes, and at the end of those five minutes he wanted answers to his questions. After they remained silent, he ordered Burkan to bring Nial to the room. When he arrived with the child, Trescu asked the two insurgents one more time to tell him what he wanted to know. Loris told him that he and the COG were finished, and that their government would fall apart soon enough, and that natural selection would choose the Stranded to rebuild the world. Trescu then pulled out his pistol and calmly shot Loris in the head, and moved over to Enador, putting the gun to his temple. He picked up Nial and held him up to his face, and told him he would kill his father if he did not tell him everything he wanted. Nial broke down and told him he would tell him whatever he wanted. Trescu ordered Burkan to clean up the mess and to make Enador comfortable while he took Nial away to ask him questions, while the CIC monitored them. As he and Hoffman left the room, Doctor Isabel Hayman arrived and ordered him to get out of her hospital, and that if he ever was in her ER, she would let him die.[13]

The Levanto Incident[]

"That is why I am keeping an open mind about exonerating our garayazka neighbors too soon."
—Trescu, refusing to rule out the Stranded being behind the sinking of two trawlers and the Nezark

Later that day, Trescu went with Hoffman, Sgt.Marcus Fenix, and Cpl.Dominic Santiago to Boathouse 9 to see what Cpl.Damon Baird and Cpl.Jace Stratton had learned from examining the wreckage of the Harvest and the Levanto, two trawlers that had been destroyed under mysterious circumstances. Baird told them that there had been shots fired from the inside to the outside of the ship, and that there was no way it had just been them hitting their fuel line or something similar. Trescu believed the trawlers fate was connected with the Nezark's, since three ships did not go down for no reason in the space of a few months on accident. Hoffman said he thought that the Nezark had hit an underwater obstruction, and Trescu said that it had, but that he was wondering how it had gotten there. Hoffman pointed out that they didn't even have an accurate last known position for the ship, and Trescu told him that was why he was keeping an open mind and wasn't ruling out that the Stranded had somehow been involved. Hoffman responded that it couldn't have been the Stranded, or else they would be bragging about it. Baird said that they wouldn't solve anything just standing around, and asked Trescu if he had another ship he could do without to use as bait. Trescu stared at him, and then asked the Gears what their new plan was to protect the trawlers, and Hoffman decided to restrict them to fishing closer to the island from then on. Hoffman then told Trescu that if he happened to remember any other details about the Nezark's destruction, he should try to not to forget to tell them. Hoffman marched out before Trescu could respond, and Trescu then left to inspect the Zephyr.[14]

Forest Raid and Investigating the Steady Eddie[]

"I have no explanation. I want one. Nezark wasn't a disposable wreck, and her crew were not faceless strangers. We grieve too, Captain. The COG has no monopoly on civilized sentiment."
—Trescu, to Michaelson after he questioned if Trescu wasn't telling him everything about the Nezark

Several days later, Trescu led several squads of Gorasni into the forests of Vectes with Nial guiding them in order to hunt down and destroy several Stranded camps. However, he neglected to tell Hoffman about the operation, and used the Gorasni's transmitter on one of his ships instead of the CIC's comm system in order to prevent them from eavesdropping. He also ordered several roadblocks set up on the roads near the forest, which angered Hoffman even further, and he had Trescu's comm system jammed in retaliation.[15] Despite this, Trescu and his men managed to kill fifteen insurgents and destroy three caches of explosives.[16] The next day, an unoccupied boat, the Steady Eddie, was found floating near Vectes. It was towed into the harbor, and Trescu talked with one of the Zephyrs crew as he waited for it to arrive. Once it did, Baird investigated it, and the strange stalk that had been found inside across from a hole in the hull. Baird asked Trescu if they had found any stalk like substance near where the Nezark had gone down, but Trescu told him they hardly found any debris at all, with the exception of some things that would have been on the deck. Michaelson asked him if they were looking in the right area for debris, since Commander Garcia hadn't found the geological formations the Zephyr had reported near the wreckage. Trescu insisted that he was not lying to them about where the Nezark had gone down, and that he had no reason too, and they could take the Zephyr out themselves if they wanted to. Trescu said that he wanted to know just as badly as the others what had happened, since the Nezark was not disposable to him, and that the crew aboard it had not just been faceless strangers to him. Michaelson decided to send the Clement and sonar Ravens to do more investigating, and to send the radar crew from the Nezark on the mission as well.[17]

Lambent Pandemic[]

Battle of the Emerald Spar Platform[]

"Emerald Spar! Stand by to repel invaders! This rig is Gorasnayan soil!"
—Trescu, to the defenders of the Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform as the Lambent approach

The next day, several Lambent Stalks were spotted heading towards the Emerald Spar platform. Trescu led more than a dozen Gears on three King Ravens to the platform to join Delta Squad and the crew in defending it. When he arrived, the Gorasni crew cheered his arrival, and crowded around him as he shook their hands and greeted them. He took command over from Marcus, and ordered the crew to stand by to repel the Lambent, and that the Emerald Spar was Gorasnayan soil. The King Ravens tracked the Stalks to the platform, and as they neared, Trescu yelled for the defenders to stand to ready positions. However, the Stalks went under the rigs defenses and came up in the middle of the platform.[18] Polyps poured onto the platform, and Trescu assisted in defending compartments from them alongside his men and the Gears. However, they were beginning to become overwhelmed, and several fires were breaking out all over the platform. Marcus suggested they evacuate during a lull in the battle, and Trescu contacted Stefan Gradin to get a sitrep on how far the fires were spreading. When he learned they could not be controlled, he agreed with Marcus, and began the evacuation of the platform via a lifeboat on the bottom level and by King Ravens on the landing platform. He told Marcus to direct the Gears to a gangway access on the flame boom in order to reach the lifeboat, and they began running through the rig, closing doors behind them as they went to prevent the polyps from following them. As he evacuated to the boat, he helped one of the rig crew who had been badly burned get aboard, and ordered the ship to launch, telling Marcus they needed to leave now in order to still have enough light to find people in the water. After they landed in the water, they helped rescue people from the ocean, and then headed back to Vectes after Emerald Spar burned down and sank into the ocean.[19]

Preparing for the Worst[]

"I don't like Prescott, and I certainly don't like you. But I trust you, Hoffman, and I do not trust him. Better a bastard I can trust than sociable company who would put a knife between my ribs."
—Trescu, explaining to Hoffman why he was more willing to work with him than Prescott

Trescu had gained several injuries during the battle, including several burn marks and a badly burned hand. However, he headed straight for a meeting with Prescott and Hoffman at the Admiralty House, while trying to hide his injuries from them. Prescott asked him how long it would take to restore the wells at Emerald Spar, surprising Trescu, since he was more worried about the Lambent. He told Prescott that he didn't think they had the capability to restore the rig since most of the equipment needed to do so no longer existed. They decided they needed to come up with a plan to deal with the Lambent if they ever attacked Vectes, and Trescu suggested they might be able to use the Stranded. Prescott was skeptical, but Trescu pointed out that even the Stranded would recognized how large a threat the Lambent were, and might be willing to trade information. Hoffman wanted to know if he meant ally with them or ask them not to attack them while they dealt with the Lambent, but Trescu replied that he didn't know, and suggested they find the largest gang and try to feel out how they would feel about an alliance. Prescott still didn't like the idea, but did not forbid Trescu from exploring the option. Trescu then suggested they begin to fortify the island, and he would discuss the technical details with Hoffman later, but that right now he needed to go talk to his people about the current situation. Hoffman came with him, and as they left the office, they ran into Major Aleksander Reid and emergency management chief Royston Sharle. Reid told them that Sgt.Bernadette Mataki had killed three Stranded. After Hoffman ordered Reid to send Ravens out scouting, he followed Trescu out of the building. Trescu observed that Hoffman did not like Reid, Prescott, or him, and that Trescu did not like them or Hoffman either. However, he did trust Hoffman, while not trusting Prescott at all. Hoffman agreed with the assessment, and told him he was in favor of finding a way to make a truce with the gangs. Trescu decided that it would likely be a long-term plan, since it had taken fifteen years to get rid of the Locust. Hoffman then asked what his and the rest of the Gorasni's problem with the Stranded was. Trescu told him that if they ever went back to the mainland, he would show him the cities where the Stranded had killed thousands of his people. They decided to make contact with the Stranded, and Trescu headed off to explain the situation to his people.[20] While speaking to his people, he told them that he could trust Hoffman, and that he would never lie to Trescu because he enjoyed using the power of the truth so much in order to avoid having to keep secrets.[21]

Rallying the Citizens[]

"I don't ask you to forgive, and I don't ask you to forget. But I demand you focus on what will save our lives. We have a new war coming. You don't need to resurrect another old one."
—Trescu, to a gathering of Gorasni citizens

Trescu later attended a rally where Prescott spoke to an assorted group of COG, ex-Stranded, and Gorasni citizens, urging them to continue fighting. One of the Gorasni in the crowd started heckling Prescott about the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, but Trescu entered the crowd and stopped him, cuffing him the back of the head. He told the gathered Gorasni that while he did not expect them to forgive or forget what the COG had done, they had a new war coming, and they did not need to restart an old one. He rejoined the others on the podium, and after Prescott got the crowd on his side, Trescu went with Hoffman and Michaelson to the CIC. They discussed the Stranded fleet heading towards the island to pick up the remaining insurgents and evacuate them before the Lambent arrived, and wondered why it had stopped near the island. Trescu suspected they were waiting for something, but that he couldn't imagine what. Hoffman asked Trescu if he was going to give back the Enador's when they reached the island. He told Hoffman that it was his call since they were his prisoners, but before he got an answer, Lt.Donneld Mathieson interrupted them, and said the Stranded leader, Lyle Ollivar, was trying to contact Hoffman. Ollivar told them that he was going to land troops to help the COG fight the Lambent, because if they were not defeated, they would come after the Stranded eventually. Trescu encouraged Hoffman to agree to the offer, since it was time the Stranded actually did something useful, and Hoffman accepted Ollivar's offer.[22]

Battle of New Jacinto[]

"There's a Gorasni crew out there as well. So I take Baird's place."
—Trescu, volunteering to help kill one of the Leviathans

After the Lambent attacked New Jacinto, Trescu met up with Hoffman, Ollivar, Mathieson, and Delta-One in the CIC at Vectes Naval Base. They listened on radio traffic as Commander Garcia of the Clement and the crew of the Zephyr tracked one of the Lambent Leviathans attacking the town, and planned to kill it with torpedoes when the order was given. They then decided to attempt to kill the remaining Lambent Leviathan using the Hammer of Dawn, with a boat as bait, but this would risk destroying part of the city. Ollivar asked if they were going to vote on the issue, since he didn't care if the COG and the Gorasni were wiped out, and that both could rot in hell. Trescu began to get angry at Ollivar, but Hoffman cut in and said there wouldn't be a vote, and that this was what they were going to do. Trescu volunteered to join Delta on that mission, since Baird would be the one using the Hammer of Dawn, saying that he didn't want to be left out when a Gorasni crew was putting their lives on the line. As they left the CIC, Marcus stopped Hoffman, telling him that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to come, since if he died, Prescott and Reid would have full control of the government and army, and Michaelson would likely be excluded from the planning. Trescu gave a look to Hoffman to show that he agreed with Marcus' assessment, and Hoffman decided to stay behind with Baird. Trescu then went with Delta to the CNV Falconer, where they joined Michaelson in crewing the boat. He stayed in contact with the Zephyr over the comms, and told Michaelson that the submarines were ready to kill the Leviathan they were tracking, and recommended that they do it now, since the creatures likely wouldn't stay in place much longer.[23] They submarines succeed in killing the Leviathan, and Trescu and the rest of the crew on the Falconer were able to steer the other one into position to be killed by the Hammer of Dawn, but at the cost of one third of the city.[24]

Picking up the Pieces[]

"I did you a favor. I knew you would be torn. The COG took away your natural sense of justice and replaced it with a rule book to deal with people who respect no rules. What are two more executions to the Gorasnaya? Retribution. What are two more to you? A dilemma you cannot handle."
—Trescu, explaining to Hoffman why he had the Enador's executed

After the battle, the Stranded left the island, but Trescu executed the Enador's instead of letting them go. He explained to Hoffman that he did this as a favor to him, since he knew Hoffman was so torn on what the right thing to do with them was, and to get more revenge against the Stranded for what they had done to the Gorasni.[25] He also attended a meeting with Hoffman and Michaelson the day after the battle.[26] In the weeks that followed, Trescu gained more information about the past of some of the key Gears in the COG from Yanik Laas, who had befriended Mathieson and learned more about them from him. Yanik told him that Hoffman relied on the same people a lot due to regimental ties to the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry,[27] and that both Dom and Anya had lost their brother and mother respectively at the Battle of Aspho Fields.[28] He also learned that Dom had spent ten years looking for his missing wife, before finding her as a lobotomized slave in the Hollow and euthanizing her.[29]

Scouting Vectes[]

"I know the feeling, Hoffman. I know what it's like to be afraid that your mistakes could mean the end of your people."
—Trescu's inner thoughts, upon noting how terrified Hoffman seemed to be of failure

A few weeks later, Trescu hurried to the helicopter landing zone, wanting to join in on a scouting mission for Lambent around Vectes, since he did not want to have to wait to get the information from Hoffman or Prescott. He saw Hoffman briefing Marcus, Dom, and Cole, and noted how much Hoffman seemed to rely on the same core group of people even though he had a couple of brigades left. As he approached them, he thought about how his father would disapprove of and hate him for his decision to ally with the COG, but knew that the real enemy now was extinction, and that required making some compromises. Hoffman then greeted him, and Trescu asked if he was flying reconnaissance today. Hoffman said they were, and Trescu said he would like to join them so he could pass on the information learned firsthand to his people rather than relaying it from him. Hoffman asked if he meant that they wouldn't swallow his imperialist COG bullshit, and Trescu said that was it exactly. Hoffman took the comment in stride and directed him to get on KR-239, and Trescu decided that he could have liked Hoffman had the world been different. Lt.Kevan Mitchell greeted him as he boarded the Raven, and handed him a radio headset. Trescu noted how young he was, and realized that the Pendulum Wars would be just a distant memory from childhood for him, and how differently he must view the world from older Gears like Marcus. Mitchell told him that they were going to recon the interior of the island, and as he messed with a camera, he told Trescu not to tell Baird he had taken one of his bot video feeds. Trescu asked if Baird would notice that the images from the recon were from a bot, but Mitchell told him it wouldn't matter by then. Trescu then asked him if he had liberated his camera, which had a news corporation logo on it as well, and Mitchell said that reporters were too busy working on farms now to do any reporting. Marcus, Dom, and Hoffman then boarded the Raven, and it took off immediately. Hoffman placed a map on Trescu's knee, and said that they were going to fly along the lines of the volcanic fault lines on the island, since they believed that was how the stalks were able to emerge inland. Trescu examined the map and noted that that meant the stalks couldn't reach New Jacinto or Pelruan, but Hoffman was worried there were fissures they did not know about.

Trescu observed the others as they flew over the forest, and when Dom, Marcus, and pilot Lt.Mel Sorotki began debating about where the Lambent and polyps came from, Trescu asked them if they knew why the polyps detonated, and if they wandered around looking for victims to kill. Dom said they did not know, and Trescu pointed out how most organisms that exploded as a matter of routine usually did so as a means of reproduction. Marcus thought that was a good point, and noted that they had not thought of it before. Trescu said that the Gorasni were very pessimistic, and it saved time in finding answers. Hoffman said it didn't matter much, since if that was how they spread and they had no way to stop them except for destroying them, it would be a lose-lose situation. Trescu did not have an answer to that, and returned to observing the relations between each of the Gears, and noted the tight bonds between them, as well as some tension between Hoffman and Marcus. A few minutes later, they discovered a small dead zone in the forest, with two stalks right in the middle. They realized that the loss of land might be a bigger threat than the Lambent, and Hoffman said they had to hope that the contaminated zones could not spread far. Trescu asked what they would do if they could, and Hoffman said that would end up teetering on the ledge, and would have to decide when to jump.[30]

Trescu aboard the Zephyr trailing Prescott's boat.

Collapse of the COG[]

After Prescott abandoned the COG, it was run by Trescu, Hoffman and Michaelson. The three led the civilization while fending off the Lambent threat as best they could. Trescu accompanied Hoffman and Delta on a search for relocation sites when it became clear that Vectes would likely need to be abandoned and was surprised to find that Marcus Fenix was the one who dropped the Hammer of Dawn strike on the Lambent Brumak that sank Jacinto while they overflew the sunken city. Eventually Vectes was abandoned after the Flooding of Pelruan and Third Battle of New Jacinto and Trescu decided to take his people home as the COG had no choice but to disband. Trescu was given the CNV Timgad which Trescu renamed Generale Egar Trescu in honor of his father. Trescu and his men departed the COG when they left the island, but Trescu promised to remember their kindness, saying grudges aren't all the Gorasni remember.

Trescu aboard a King Raven telling Marcus over the comms to get to his fathers office.

Battle of Azura[]

"They are appearing everywhere, Fenix. Stand by... we are diverting a Raven to your position. Just get your father's weapon deployed and finish this!"
—Trescu, when the Lambent appeared during the Battle of Azura

Around fourteen months later, Trescu and his people were found by Baird, Carmine and Cole, who requested his help in retaking the island of Azura from the Locust, in order to rescue Adam Fenix and activate a weapon that would wipe out the Lambent and Locust. Trescu agreed to help them, and led his fleet to the island alongside other COG forces. They gained access to the island after Marcus and Delta Squad shut down the Maelstrom device, allowing Trescu to began landing his forces and Gears, directing the operation from his ship. Landing ships assaulted the beaches, while King Ravens provided covering fire for the ground forces. Shortly into the battle, Marcus contacted Trescu and told him to hold back the Ravens because the Locust had Siegebeasts set up as anti-air. Trescu pulled the helicopters back, and Anya eventually contacted him saying that they had taken out the catapult and Gas Barges, so he could send the Ravens back in. Trescu informed her that he had gotten reports that there were at least two more Siegebeasts deeper into the island, and that he could not send the Ravens in until they had been taken out. Marcus told him to stand by, and they would inform him when they had destroyed the Siegebeasts. A few minutes later, Anya informed him that they had captured another Siegebeast, but to watch out for Reavers. Marcus eventually contacted Trescu and the others, and informed him that it was safe to being landing the Ravens again. However, Lambent Stalks began emerging in the ocean and on the island. Marcus asked Trescu if he could see them, and Trescu informed him they were appearing everywhere. He diverted a Raven to Delta's position, and ordered Marcus to get to his father's weapon and finish the war,[31] which Marcus was able to do, destroying both the Locust and Lambent completely.[32]

Personality and Traits[]

Trescu was in his mid-forties with a close-trimmed beard and buzz-cut hair.[33] After leading his people for so many years, he had developed an air around that said he was in charge, which often brought him into arguments with Prescott.[34] He hated having to work from a desk, and preferred to be hands on, with a willingness to get his hands dirty. When the Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform came under threat, he headed to defend it personally in order to assist his people. This behavior bought him undying loyalty from those under his command. The only thing that seemed to scare Trescu was the thought of losing his people.[35] Trescu did not like Prescott or Hoffman, but trusted Hoffman to never stab him in the back and to be loyal to his men. He hated the Stranded for what they did to his people on the mainland.[7] While Trescu remembered his grudges, he also promised to remember the kindness of the COG when departing from Vectes. He showed that he didn't forget or abandon them when he showed up at the Battle of Azura to help, showing he honors his promises and alliances.[31]

In his younger years, Trescu's hatred of the COG was so high, particularly after the Battle of Bonbourg, that he commanded Major Garron Paduk to mutiny and launch the UIR's Hammer of Dawn satellites in order to continue the Pendulum Wars and prevent peace with the COG.[6]

Behind the Scenes[]

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