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The Minotaur was a model of flatbed cargo truck manufactured by the Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. The massive, armored vehicles were used for transporting cargo and personnel.


In 42 A.E., a fleet of Minotaurs were used to evacuate the civilian residents of Settlement 2 during a Swarm attack. One Minotaur was driven by Lizzie Carmine, niece of Clayton Carmine.[1] As the evacuation progressed, the damage caused to the Settlement obstructed a number of streets, causing Lizzie's convoy to be rerouted multiple times. When Lizzie attempted to pick up JD Fenix and a group of other COG Gears, she was cut off by the sudden appearance of a large Swarm force that included three Swarmaks. Her convoy came under fire, and a round from a Boomshot struck the passenger-side door of her Minotaur, but did not penetrate the metal plating. After JD had Damon S. Baird call down the Hammer of Dawn to destroy the Swarm in order to protect the convoy, Baird lost control of it and the weapon went wild. While the civilians in Lizzie's Minotaur were able to escape, Lizzie was unable to force open the damaged passenger door even with JD's help. The Hammer's beam struck the Minotaur, destroying it, killing Lizzie, and severely injuring JD.[2]



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