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"Thank the Sovereigns for that."
—Kim at the start of the Evacuation of Ilima

Lieutenant Minh Young Kim (COG tags CSID 274823-M24I24-NN)[2] was a Gear officer who served in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army during the Locust War, most notably during the Evacuation of Ilima and the Lightmass Offensive. A firm, honorable soldier with a "by-the-book" leadership style,[3] Kim was extremely loyal to the ideals of the COG. He led the mission to rescue Marcus Fenix from Jacinto Maximum Security Prison despite his reservations about a man he regarded as a deserter. He was killed only hours later by General RAAM.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Minh's early life except he was born and raised in Ephyra, the capital of both the nation of Tyrus and the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Either through his family or own discovery, Minh grew to become a patriot and uphold the views bestowed by the Allfathers that make one a true citizen, and eventually soldier, of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

Kim and his squad on Emergence Day.

"Hold these stairs with that Hammer. I'll be back when I can."
—Kim, to his squad as he enters the House of Sovereigns

Corporal Kim was in the capital city of Ephyra when the Locust Horde first emerged; a day that would come to be known as Emergence Day. In charge of a three-man squad, Kim was on approach to the House of Sovereigns to rendezvous with Colonel Victor Hoffman's convoy of commandeered civilian vehicles. However, after deeming the House of Sovereigns a red zone, Kim contacted Lieutenant Anya Stroud and requested that they divert Hoffman's convoy. Anya responded by saying that the whole city was a red zone. Kim stated that he understood, and moved in with his Gears as the convoy arrived. However, the convoy came under immediate attack as it arrived outside the House of Sovereigns, and Kim and his squad assisted Hoffman and Anya in defeating the Locust. One of his Gears acquired the Hammer of Dawn from the convoy's van, killing a Corpser. After defeating the Locust incursion, Hoffman chose Kim to be his and Anya's escort. Anya then insisted they get inside quickly, and Kim unlocked the door to the entrance of the House of Sovereigns, telling his Gear squad to guard the entrance before following Hoffman and Stroud inside.[4] Kim survived the battle, though his squad outside weren't so lucky and were killed due to the Hammer of Dawn going offline.

Evacuation of Ilima[]

Minh and Barrick talking during the evacuation.

Ambush on Checkpoint Zeta[]
"After sundown, this place is going to be a nightmare."
—Kim, after they finished loading the last of the citizens

In 9 A.E., Kim had been promoted to Lieutenant and was in charge of Zeta-Six, and went to help with the evacuation of Ilima, which was under threat from a Kryllstorm. Four hours before the Kryllstorm was expected to hit, they were working at an evacuation point to get citizens out of the city. Kim asked Pvt. Alicia Valera for an update, and she informed him that Pvt. Tai Kaliso had finished loading the last of the civilians. Kim was relieved by this, and commented that the city would be a nightmare once the sun went down. Cpl. Michael Barrick reassured him that they still had several hours before the Kryllstorm hit to prepare for the Locust and get the rest of the city evacuated. As they watched the transports leave, a Corpser emerged in the middle of the street and dragged an Armadillo underground as Kim screamed in horror. As the Gears scrambled to defensive positions, Kim contacted Commander Walker and informed her that the city was under attack and that they needed reinforcements. As the Gears fought to defend the evac station, another emergence hole opened up within their perimeter, but they managed to close it. As more Drones, Reavers, and Boomers assaulted the outpost, Kim told Walker that they needed backup immediately, but she told him they were still inbound. Kim responded that they needed to use the Hammer of Dawn then, and she authorized them to use the mobile command center at the evac point. Barrick used the command center to wipe out the Locust, and Kim contacted Walker again and told her that what was left of the area was secure. Walker told him that contact with Echo-Five had been lost, and to head to their evac point at Ilima Savings and Trust to try and find them and the civilians they were escorting. As they made their way through the alleys toward the financial district, they spotted a Brumak. Barrick wanted to take it out, but Kim told him not draw its attention, since they were supposed to be evacuating civilians, not counterattacking. After killing several Wretches and more Drones, they overheard the sounds of a battle, and entered a plaza outside the bank just in time to see the last members of Echo-Five get killed. They killed the attacking Locust, but did not see any civilians nearby. Kim suggested they check inside the bank, but more Locust emerged before they could enter it. They killed the new wave of Locust, and Kim contacted Walker and informed her of Echo-Five's demise, and that they were heading inside the bank.[5]

Zeta rescuing Jace from the main vault of the bank.

Assault on Ilima Savings and Trust[]
"This is Lieutenant Minh Young Kim. We're here to help."
—Kim, calling out for survivors in the bank vaults

After entering the bank, Tai suggested that the civilians might have hid in the vaults, but Barrick pointed out that those were also underground. Kim told them they needed to find a way downstairs fast, and when they found a security gate leading to the vaults, he sent Barrick to find a way to open it. After Barrick got the gate open, they began heading downstairs, and felt rumbling from below. Tai remarked that thunder always followed lightning, and Kim agreed with him, saying that there were likely Locust nearby. They found the bodies of several civilians in the halls leading to the vaults, and fought through a pack of Wretches. As they entered the vault, Kim called out to see if there were any survivors, and said that they were there to help. JACK began working to open a security gate deeper into the vault, and when they entered, they encountered Drones, Wretches, and Flame Grenadiers searching the vault as well. They engaged them and wiped them all out, but then heard someone calling for help behind one of the vault doors. They opened it to find a teenager trapped behind some bars with several Wretches trying to get at him, and they quickly shot all the creatures. Valera freed the kid from the cage, and he told them that his name was Jace Stratton, and that no one else had made it to safety in the bank.[5]

Minh telling Jace he needs to leave with the convoy.

"And control... we've spotted Locust elite and General RAAM. This is more than just a simple ambush."
—Kim informing Walker about spotting RAAM and his bodyguards

They headed back upstairs, and Jace explained to them how he had gotten separated from the rest of his group as they left the bank. Kim told him they would try to find the others as they headed for a convoy rendezvous point, and after the rest of the squad explained to Jace about the Seeders inking the sky for the Kryll, they felt the ground begin to shake, and Kim told everyone to keep on alert. They spotted General RAAM emerging in the street accompanied by several Locust elites and a Tremor. They felt more rumbling, and Kim asked Walker what was going on. She told him she was not sure, but that they had lost contact with the last evacuation checkpoint. She asked them if they had found any survivors, and he told her they had found just one, and were heading to the checkpoint now, and asked where the convoy was at. Walker told him they were encountering some resistance, but were heading for their position, and that they did not have much time to reach them. Kim thanked her for the information, and they exited the bank out onto a heavily defended street filled with Locust. They fought through several groups of Drones, and Kim directed Barrick to take out a Mortar team that had pinned them down. After finishing off the Locust, they entered an abandoned COG camp, and spotted Nemacyst over the evac point. Kim contacted Walker and informed her about the creatures, and she told him that they needed to find and kill the nearby Seeders before the evac convoy arrived. Kim then informed her about seeing RAAM and his elite forces emerge, and she confirmed that Locust forces had emerged throughout the city, and that Chairman Richard Prescott had deployed the Onyx Guard to the city. Kim was glad for the reinforcements, and after signing off from Control, he told the rest of Zeta to hurry to the evac point so they could kill the Seeders. When they reached the evac point, Kim ordered the squad to wipe out all the Seeders, Drones, and Nemacyst before the convoy arrived. Tai suggested collapsing a nearby building onto the Seeders to kill them, and Kim approved of the plan. Once the Locust were dead, Kim told Walker it was safe to send the convoy in. However, when the convoy arrived, the felt the ground shaking, and Walker told Kim that a Brumak was heading for their position. They managed to kill it, and escorted Jace down to the vehicles. Kim told him it was his ticket out of the city, but Jace protested, telling them that his guardian, Dr. Gregory Wisen, was still at Ilima High School. Kim told him the convoy couldn't wait any longer, and Valera promised him that they would try to find and rescue Wisen. Jace accepted this, and thanked them, wishing them good luck.[6]

Mission to Ilima High School[]
"It's a shame to see an empty school... no learning, no achievements..."
—Kim, as Zeta began searching Ilima High School

Kim led Zeta to the streets near the high school, where they found signs pointing to it as a COG evacuation point. Kim contacted Walker and asked if it was an official evacuation zone, and she told him it was, but that they had lost contact with it once the battle started. Kim thanked her for the information, and told Zeta that they needed to hurry and search the school before dark. They found the front entrance blocked and entered through a side window, and as they began searching, Kim remarked on how sad it was to see a school abandoned. After searching a few hallways, they found abandoned supplies but no sign of anyone. Kim contacted Walker and told her about their situation, and she responded that Command was ordering all units to pull out before the Kryllstorm hit. Kim told her he understood, but that he wanted to finish searching for Wisen before leaving. As they began searching again, they heard a recording by Wisen asking for everyone to come to his office and that there were Locust approaching. They decided to find his office, and as they set out, they heard something moving around them and had several things thrown in their path. Kim called out for any survivors to show themselves, but none came out. Barrick wished for something to fight, but Kim warned him to be careful what he wished for. After activating a switch that opened up a gate to the lower levels, they proceeded down into partially flooded halls. They were then trapped by Wretches, and while JACK cut through a gate so they could escape, they fought off the Wretches and killed them all. They continued through the school, finding an abandoned refugee camp near an exit to a courtyard. When they entered the courtyard, they were fired upon by a Drone with a One-Shot. Kim told the others to move across the courtyard using cover, and they fought off dozens of Drones before reaching the steps up to where the Drone with the One-Shot was. They killed him and finished off the remaining Locust, and then re-entered the school. They heard more Wretches growling over the PA system, and Kim told the others to stay on their toes. They reached the principal’s office and found several Wretches inside, quickly killing them along with several more that arrived. They then heard another prerecorded announcement by Wisen telling the people at the school to go to the gymnasium, and that they would then go to his orphanage. Barrick commented that it seemed like Wisen had already left, but Valera pointed out they could be tapped in the gym. Kim agreed, and they decided to search there before leaving the school for the orphanage.[7]

Zeta standing over the vanquished Berserker.

"The COG does what it can for its people, Corporal. That's why we're here. Keep moving."
—Kim to Barrick, after he complained that the COG could not even protect kids at an evac center

As they began heading for the gym, Barrick commented that the school seemed like a graveyard. Valera hoped it was not, and asked Kim what Control had said about the evacuation status of the people there. Kim told her that Walker had said they had lost contact with them, and that if anyone had been left behind, they had to get them out. They entered the cafeteria, and dozens of Tickers came at them from under a massive maze of tables. They managed to fight them off, but Kim complained that he was covered in shit now from the exploding creatures, causing the rest of the squad to laugh. After exiting the cafeteria, they encountered more Locust in a hallway, but defeated them. They entered a classroom, where they found the dead bodies of several people, including some children. Barrick complained that the COG could not even protect an evac center with kids in it, but Kim countered that the COG was doing the best it could, and that it did what it needed to for its people. Barrick shot back that the COG had blown up his home, taken everything he had, and then when he was at his lowest, gave him a gun and sent him off to do the same to others. Zeta then entered a locker room that was filled with Giant Serapede webs and eggs, and they soon encountered them supported by Locust. They managed to kill them, and Kim told Zeta to move out, and that they were not far from the gym. They entered it to find dead bodies all over, and Kim ordered Barrick to unblock the bleachers and lower them so they could reach the other side of the gym. When they got there, a Berserker emerged from a barricaded room and attacked them. They managed to climb the other set of bleachers and escape outside, but the Berserker followed them. They were able to kill the Berserker by tricking it into running into cars and making them explode, setting the monster on fire and weakening its skin enough for them to shoot and hurt her. Once the Berserker was dead, they looked up at the sky and realized it was almost completely inked, and that the Kryll were preparing to descend upon the city.[7]

Battle of Downtown Ilima[]
"Get inside city hall. If the mobile command center is still online then we can use it to bring down the Hammer."
—Kim, forming a plan to take out the Seeders

Kim led Zeta to downtown Ilima, hoping to link up with other COG forces. He attempted to contact Walker and inform her of their situation, but was unable to reach her. They heard thumping in the distance, and Valera pointed out that Seeders were likely jamming their comms. Kim told them they needed to reestablish comms if they had any hope of finding survivors, so they needed to find and kill the Seeders. They entered a parking lot and fended off a wave of Tickers, and then defeated a group of Locust that came out of two E-Holes. They entered a parking garage and fought their way up several levels, before eventually finding the exit guarded by two Boomers. Barrick killed them with a car, and they exited out onto the street near a former evac point. They saw several dead Gears scattered around the street, and a heavy Locust presence guarding a Seeder at the end. Kim noted there were too many to take on directly, so he decided to split up along the street and rooftops in order to surprise the Locust. He teamed with Valera along his chosen route, with Barrick and Tai going along the other. They provided covering fire for the other team when they needed it, and eventually regrouped at the end of the street. They went through the evac building and found themselves outside of Ilima City Hall, which had several Nemacysts in the air above it. Kim formulated a plan to retake city hall and use the mobile command center within to take out the Seeders. They entered the courtyard outside of the hall and began fighting dozens of Drones, which were supported by Reavers and various Boomers. After a long fight, they managed to defeat all of the Locust and entered city hall. They fought through more Locust and located the command center. Kim, Valera, and Tai defended the center as Barrick used it to take out the three nearby Seeders. Once they had killed the last of the Locust, they headed for the back exit of city hall. Before they went outside, Kim tried contacting control, and managed to reach Walker. He told her he was glad to hear her voice, and replied it was good to hear his too. She asked if he was responsible for the unauthorized Hammer strikes, and said they were, and explained that they were at city hall, and that he hoped they had bought the evacuation some time. Walker informed him that the evacuation was over, and that they were the last squad known to still be in Ilima. She began to send the last APC to pick them up, but Kim told her to hold off on that, and that they were heading for the orphanage because Wisen and some kids may have made it there. Walker informed him that additional Seeders had sped up the Kryll storm, and that command had ordered all units to withdraw. Kim told her they were not leaving, and that if command wanted them to leave, they would have to pick them up at the orphanage. Walker understood, and wished him luck in reaching the orphanage.[8]

"Let's get moving, Zeta. We need to reach that orphanage before the sky's inked over."
—Kim, as Zeta navigates a construction site

Kim and Zeta exited city hall and began working through an alleyway towards the orphanage with twenty minutes until the Kryllstorm hit. They entered a construction site that was filled with Locust and began fighting their way through. Barrick found a Mechanical Loader and got in it, picking up a large shovel with it. Kim told them they needed to find a way to the other side of the construction zone, and Valera spotted a path they could use, but noted that there were two Troika Heavy Machine Guns defending the other side. Barrick used the Loader to cover the others while charging down the path, and kicked a dumpster onto the Troikas. They entered the next construction zone and encountered dozens of Drones, Theron Guards, and Tickers, which were supported by two Boomers and two Bloodmounts. They managed to defeat them all and close several Emergence Holes, and they then located a large crane they could use to make a way out. Barrick began asking Kim if it was okay to use the crane, because he did not want him to have to violate any COG regulations. Kim ordered Barrick to stow it, and as Barrick used the crane to clear the path, they saw thousands of Kryll flying through the air. Kim told them they needed to hurry if they were going to reach the orphanage before the sky was completely inked over. Valera thanked Kim for deciding to check the orphanage, but he told her to thank him when they were done. Kim also ordered Barrick to not say anything else, and that they needed to move quickly.[8]

Minh and Valera defending the orphanage.

Battle of Dr. Wisen's Orphanage[]
"Control! The orphanage is under heavy attack. APC is down, repeat transportation is destroyed. We need an exit strategy ASAP!"
—Kim to Walker, as RAAM led a massive attack on the orphanage

They reached the orphanage without further incident, and found Wisen there with several others, including children. Wisen was ecstatic to see them, and Kim told Wisen not to worry, and that they would be safe now. He contacted Walker and asked her to send the APC in to pick them up, and it arrived moments later. Jace arrived aboard the vehicle as well and waved at Zeta, but as the driver got out to begin the evacuation, he was shot in the head by a Locust sniper. Kim yelled for everyone to take cover, and Zeta began fighting against a large wave of Locust that descended on the orphanage. He ordered the civilians to get inside while the Gears covered them, but RAAM arrived behind them and caught Jace as he attempted to flee. Valera managed to rescue Jace, but was impaled upon RAAM's blade as Kim, Barrick, and Tai cut down the last of the Locust. Jace's yell of horror as Valera was killed alerted Kim and the others to RAAM's presence, and they turned around and fired upon the General. RAAM's kryllshield protected him, but they forced him to flee on his personal Reaver. More Locust approached from across a nearby bridge, and Kim led Zeta and Jace, who had picked up Valera's Lancer, across the bridge to stop them. The bridge was destroyed by RAAM's Reaver, cutting the Gears off from the orphanage. Kim reported to Walker that they were under heavy attack, and that they needed a new ride out of Ilima. She told him they were arranging air transport, but that it would be tight getting them out before the sky was completely covered. Kim told her to do whatever it took, since they had civilians to rescue. As they fought against dozens of Drones, Kim told the others they needed to find a way back to the orphanage. As they fought, they spotted two Gears get killed in the distance by a Theron Elite, which worried Kim. Once they finished off Locust coming out of two emergence holes, they engaged two Mauler Elites and managed to defeat them. They worked their way down to the canal through a nearby building, but were attacked by the Theron Elite at the bottom. After a difficult fight, they managed to kill the Elite Locust, and began working their way up through a building to the street outside of the orphanage.[9]

Minh getting pulled back by Barrick from charging at RAAM through a Kryllshield.

"This is for Valera!"
—Kim, as he charges General RAAM

When they reached the street, they witnessed a Gear get killed by a Kryll Grenade fired by RAAM's Reaver and several Drones gathered outside of the orphanage. Kim ordered Zeta to get over there and protect it, and they killed the Locust outside quickly. RAAM landed on a nearby building and fired Kryll Grenades at Zeta, which drew his Kryll shield away from his Reaver. Kim and the others avoided the grenades and fired on the Reaver, injuring it and forcing RAAM to take off again. Several Emergence Holes opened around them as they attacked RAAM's Reaver whenever it landed, eventually causing it to crash and RAAM to fall off. As his Reaver left without him, the Gears confronted RAAM on the ground, avoiding his Kryll and attempting to kill him while also dealing with several new Emergence Holes. RAAM's Reaver eventually returned, and he took back to the skies after having been injured by the Gears. Two more Reavers joined him, and Zeta fought to bring them all down. After killing the other two Reavers, they killed RAAM's, sending him crashing down behind the orphanage. Kim ordered Barrick to get everyone else to the roof to be evacuated, and then went over to Valera's body and retrieved her COG Tag. He grieved over her death, but then heard RAAM screaming in the distance. Kim headed towards RAAM's crash site, and heard Barrick calling for him from the roof to get up there for evacuation as KR Eighty-Four arrived. He ignored Barrick, and located RAAM amidst a fire with a badly injured leg. RAAM spotted him, and Kim yelled at him that this was for Valera before charging him with his Chainsaw Bayonet. RAAM summoned a Kryll shield to protect him, forcing Kim back, but he attempted to get through the shield anyway. Barrick arrived and pulled him back, telling him that today was not the day to do this. Kim and Barrick ran as RAAM sent dozens of Kryll after them, but managed to reach the Raven as it took off from the roof of the orphanage. It flew towards the last patch of clear sky out of the city, escaping with Kim, Barrick, Tai, Jace, and the civilians from the orphanage.[9]

Kim and what remained of Zeta escaping the Kryll storm.

Demotion and Reassignment[]

Sometime after being rescued from the Kryll storm that engulfed Ilima city due to his refusal to follow Command's orders to withdraw and the resulting effects of said refusal, Kim was "demoted" and reassigned to Delta squad.[10][11] This was the start of a run of bad luck for him. Now left leading the misfits of Delta Squad, Kim felt undervalued and overlooked, which gave him the urge to prove himself again in the eyes of his superiors.[12]

Kim is briefed by Col. Hoffman on his mission.

The Lightmass Offensive[]

Battle of Embry Square[]
"Will we have air support?"
"What, are you kidding? You are the support son!
—Kim and Hoffman, after Hoffman briefed Kim on his squads mission

During the beginning of the Lightmass Offensive four years later, Anya Stroud was ordered by Colonel Hoffman to get in contact with Kim and setup a rendezvous with him so Hoffman could brief him on the Lightmass and give him as much intel as they had on the deployment.[13] But before they could meet, Kim's Raven was diverted to extract Delta-Two from The Slab. When his Raven arrived at the Slab, he radioed Dom telling him that they were getting him and Marcus out. He also stated that they could see ground deformation outside the walls and that there was something emerging from the ground. Dom wasn't too happy hearing Kim's voice over the radio, even wishing that it was someone else other than him extracting them.[14] Kim flew in KR Six-Four to the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, where he picked up Cpl.Dominic Santiago and Pvt. Marcus Fenix, who Dom had just broken out of the prison. Only the strength of Dom's faith and scarcity of experienced soldiers convinced Kim to consider bringing former prisoner Marcus Fenix into the squad.[12] He welcomed Marcus to Delta Squad, and informed them that they were heading to Embry Square to meet with Col. Victor Hoffman and be briefed on their mission. After reaching Embry Square, they were greeted by Hoffman, who was less than pleased to see Marcus. He explained their mission to Kim, which was to locate Alpha Squad, who were carrying a Sonic Resonator that needed to be deployed in the Hollow so that the COG could gain targeting coordinates for the newly developed Lightmass Bomb. While Hoffman briefed him, they came under attack by a group of Locust, and they rushed into cover. As they fought the Locust, Kim asked Hoffman if they would have air support during the mission, but he was informed that they were the support. Once the Locust were killed, Hoffman left in his Raven, and Kim and the rest of the squad began making their way through the city towards Alpha's last known position. After fighting through more Locust, they found the remains of several Gears, but were unsure if they were part of Alpha. Kim contacted Lt. Anya Stroud at Control, and she told them to make their way to the House of Sovereigns, where Alpha was last seen.[15] They fought towards the House of Sovereigns, but became pinned down in an empty fountain by Locust emerging from Emergence Holes. After fighting off the Locust and sealing the holes, Kim divided the group when they reached two paths in the ruins of a building. He paired up with Dom to provide covering fire for Marcus and Pvt. Anthony Carmine, as they did the same for them in different parts of the building. After they regrouped, they took out a Troika Heavy Machine Gun position and moved on to the House of Sovereigns.[16]

Lt. Kim with Pvt. Carmine seconds before the latter is killed.

Mission to House of Sovereigns[]
"I have the code."
—Kim, as he unlocks several doors around the city

As they approached the House of Sovereigns, Kim ordered Marcus and Dom to clear the courtyard and front rooms of Locust while he and Carmine provided covering fire. After all the Locust were killed, Kim gathered the squad in the courtyard and asked for a status report. Carmine told him that his Lancer kept jamming. He stood up and showed it to Kim, which exposed his head, and he was shot by a Locust sniper, which signaled several other Locust to attack the Gears.[17] After they fended off the Locust counterattack and finished grieving Carmine's death, Kim lead Marcus and Dom into the House of Sovereigns, finding and rescuing a lone Alpha soldier, Pvt. Augustus Cole, from a group of Locust. Cole told them that the rest of his squad was near the Tomb of the Unknowns, but that he was unable to contact them because their radios were being jammed by Seeders. Marcus suggested that they make it their top priority to find and kill the Seeders, and Kim agreed. He then tried to contact Control to tell them that they had found Cole, but was unsuccessful. They fought through the halls of the House, encountering Wretches and more Locust. After finding two Hammer of Dawn target locaters, Kim ordered Marcus and Dom to use them to eliminate three Seeders they found throughout the House's grounds.[18]

Ambush on the Tomb of the Unknowns[]
"You've got a lot of nerve, soldier. I know all about your trial."
—Kim, after Marcus says that there are a lot of lies in the House of Sovereigns

Having eliminated the three Seeders, communication was re-established between Delta, Control, and Alpha Squad. They were contacted by Pvt. Damon Baird, who told Kim that they were pinned down inside the Tomb of the Unknowns by Troikas on the House of Sovereign's rooftop. After fighting through more Locust, they reached the House of Sovereigns main chamber, and Kim remarked to the squad that there was a lot of history in the room. However, Marcus replied that there were also a lot of lies. Kim angrily replied back that he knew about Marcus's trial, and that Marcus has a lot of nerve to say that, but Dom managed to cool them both down.

They then reached the roof and killed the Drones there, using the Troikas to clear the air of Nemacyst and of Locust on the ground, saving Alpha Squad. Having cleared the area, they proceeded down to the street and met up with what remained of Alpha. Kim then called in a King Raven to extract both squads and the Sonic Resonator. However, the helicopter was destroyed while en route by Nemacysts, and it crashed into the middle of the street, cutting Kim off from the rest of the Gears. Dozens of Locust soldiers then arrived, severely outnumbering Alpha and Delta, and attacked the stranded Gears.

Kim's death at the hands of General RAAM.


Kim yelled at the others to retreat into the Tomb, and returned fire at the Locust approaching on his side of the street. All of a sudden, General RAAM snuck up behind him, Kim attempted to kill RAAM using his Chainsaw Bayonet however RAAM blocked this with his bare hand, disarmed him and kicked him to the ground, before picking him up and staring Kim in the face. RAAM then pulled out a blade and impaled Kim, in much the same way he had killed Valera in Ilima. RAAM threw Kim's body onto the ground as the remnants of Alpha and Delta retreated into the Tomb.[19]

Kim's COG Tags being found by Kait outside the remains of the Tomb of the Unkown.


Marcus reported Kim's death to command, and he was placed in command of Delta Squad,[20] and they went on to complete the mission, mapping the Hollow and launching the Lightmass Bomb, which destroyed the outer Hollow. During the Battle on the Tyro Pillar, RAAM was finally killed by Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago, avenging the deaths of both Kim and Valera.[21] One week later, during the Evacuation of North Gate, when Hoffman was on the verge of having his position overrun by Locust forces, he wondered if his death would be like Kim's, impaled upon a Locust knife.[22] Following the end of the Locust War, Kim's name was inscribed on a postwar memorial wall outside the Tomb of the Unknowns in honor of fallen Gears for their service and sacrifice. Over twenty five years later, his COG tags were found hanging from a Retro Lancer bayonet outside the Tombs of the Unknown by Corporal Kait Diaz during the Swarm attack in Ephyra's ruins. Kim's tags we're placed by the postwar memorial memorial along with other items belonging to Gears who fought and died during the Locust War, including the other members of Zeta Squad.

Kim deeply saddened by Valera's death.

Personality and Traits[]

"Goddamn. It had to be Kim, didn't it? Mr. Sovereign's Regs. By the book."
—Dom thinking to himself after hearing Kim's voice over the radio while calling for an extraction from the Slab

Kim was a "by the book officer", following Sovereign's Regulations firmly and with loyalty. His style was always to fight honorably, and he believed that the Gears, along with the Coalition of Ordered Governments, were the last defense against the Locust Horde for all of humanity's sake. Kim believed in fighting in the trenches with his men and would never give an order he wouldn't follow himself.[23] He was a firm believer in Alexiy Desipich's Socialist ideology which the COG was firmly established upon. Kim embraced the COG and its society, as well as its history and its core values and ideals. Even when he and Zeta-Six see dead students lying on the floor in a classroom in Ilima High School during the Evacuation of Ilima, he remarks that, "The COG does what it can."[7][24] Despite having a slight disliking for Marcus Fenix, viewing him as a traitor, Kim still cared for him as he gave him water after he was rescued by Dom in prison as well as agreed with him when the situation depends on it. He believed that the House of Sovereigns held "a lot of history", and became very angry when Marcus said it held "a lot of lies" as well.[19] While Kim normally followed all his orders without question, he would never leave civilians behind if there was even the smallest possibility of rescuing them.[8] It has also been shown that Kim cares for his fellow Gears, becoming very upset over Alicia Valera's death, even going to the extreme to avenge her death by hunting down and charging at General RAAM while he was injured.

Appearance Gallery[]

Behind the scenes[]

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Minh's character model on a stretcher during the Jacinto Medical cutscene.

  • Originally, Minh Young Kim was written as a supporting female character.[25]
  • Kim's model is used for Anthony and Benjamin Carmine, along with every other helmeted Gear in Gears of War 2. Also, in Gears of War 2, if you look at Anthony or Benjamin Carmine's shadow, you'll see Kim's head sticking out instead of a helmet in place of either Carmine brother.
  • Kim was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.
  • Originally Kim wasn't going to appear in RAAM's Shadow, his role was originally meant for Jonathan Harper. But the writers ended up deciding that fans would probably like to see Kim again since RAAM was already part of the story.[26]
  • In Gears of War 2 if you choose not to train Benjamin Carmine in the following cutscene on one of the stretchers in the background you will see a Gear that looks a lot like Kim. This was an unintentional error[27], someone forgot to give this particular Gear his helmet and since Kim is the base character model for all the Gear soldiers its his face that is seen.
  • In Gears of War 4, Kim's armor is slightly different from previous games, with plating on the upper arm and pads on the elbows.

Action Figures[]


  • Minh Young Kim is playable character for the COG team in Gears of War Multiplayer.
  • In Gears of War 2 multiplayer, Kim can be unlocked, requiring the player to have earned the "A Time To Remember" achievement, which is unlocked by finding 10 COG tags in Gears of War. However, you must be linked up to Xbox Live to unlock him.
  • Kim was added as a multiplayer character in the RAAM's Shadow DLC for Gears of War 3 on December 13, 2011.
  • An achievement added in the RAAM's Shadow DLC requires the player to execute Kim while playing as RAAM.
  • In Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer, Minh Young Kim can be unlocked by requiring the player to have earned 10 stars on any difficulty in campaign.
  • In Gears of War 4 multiplayer, there are two skins for Minh: E-Day Minh and Zombie Minh.
  • Kim was added to Gears 5 multiplayer as playable COG Team character during Operation 4 Drop 2 as part of the Anniversary bundle.[28]



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