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"Control, we're headed into the furnace. Divert the carts. Anya, we're moving into the fire! Rerout! Anywhere! Now!"
Marcus Fenix exclaiming Anya to divert the carts from a furnace.

A Mine Cart is a small vehicle used to ferry mined resources. It was a fast and convenient way for these resources to be transported out of a mine; the resources could vary from silver, osmium to Imulsion.

Mine Carts were originally pulled by hand or by Horse. However, the advancements of technology allowed these vehicles to be automated by a computer. They were large enough to transport two personnel, although it was not recommended.


Lightmass Offensive[]

During the Lightmass Offensive, Delta Squad drove to the Lethia Imulsion Facility to set off the Sonic Resonator in hopes of fully mapping out the Hollow and destroying it via the Lightmass Bomb.

As they delved deeper in the facility, Delta Squad used several Mine Carts to transport them deeper into the mine. Anya controlled these carts via remote back at CIC, however, the lack of intel almost led Anya to jettison Marcus and Dom into a furnace before gaining control and rerouting the carts.[1]

Mission to Nethercutt Mining[]

In order to gain access to the frozen underwater facility of the Mount Kadar Laboratory. Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker traveled to an abandoned Nethercutt Mine for explosive materials. Here, they discovered several Mine Carts left to the forces of nature, which was than used as cover against Swarm attacks. Del later found a abandoned Nethercutt Tunnel Boring Machine and used its Phosphorous Canister as the ideal explosive needed to breech the thick ice.[2]



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