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"You don't look like a medical man, and neither does your bagman."
—Mikail Enador to Hoffman at the VNB infirmary, before the interrogation by Miran Trescu

Mikail Enador was a Stranded Insurgent.


Stranded InsurgencyEdit

Battle of VectesEdit

Enador was one of three insurgents that was tracked down by Mac after the Packhorse P-Twelve incident. He was "the guy in brown" [1] that got simply knocked flat by the dog and nearly got torn up.

Interrogation by Miran TrescuEdit

After he was taken captive by the COG, and while he was still in the infirmary, Col.Victor Hoffman handed him over to Cdr.Miran Trescu to interrogate him and Edwin Loris about the whereabouts of the Stranded camps and arms caches. When they refused to speak, Trescu called in Burkan who brought in Mikail's son, Nial. Since they still kept silent, Trescu executed Loris in front of their eyes with his sidearm, threatening Nial that he would do the same to his father, if he wouldn't tell him everything he wanted to know. [2]


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