Merris Farm was a farm in the southern part of Vectes run by Dilland Jonty.


Stranded RaidsEdit

The Merris Farm was often subject to Stranded raids by Massy's Territory, and farmer Dilland Jonty defended the property with his shotgun and three dogs.[1]

Arrival of the COGEdit

When the remnants of the COG arrived on Vectes, Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and Sgt. Marcus Fenix visited Marris Farm, and Bernie negotiated a food supply deal with Jonty, in exchange for extra hands to work on the farm.[1]

The Final RaidEdit

Fourteen weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto,[2] a group of Stranded insurgents raided the farm, killing Jonty and his dogs, and lit the farmhouse and barn on fire. COG forces responded, sending out a firetruck to put out the fires and deploying six squads to hunt down the Stranded who had attacked the farm.[3]


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