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Gears 2 meatflag

Franklin, Chaps, and Hanley all together.

The Meatflag is only available and seen during the Multiplayer game-type Submission. There are only 3 known meatflags; Franklin, Chaps, and Hanley. They are all equipped with a Gnasher Shotgun. It also seems that they are invincible (besides the part they can be downed) and are an indestructible meatshield. They also will kill Locust and Gears alike, which is ironic since all of the meatflags are seen in Gears of War helping Delta Squad as the Stranded. Note that the meatflag is invincible and as such when you have the meatflag as a meatshield, you will take damage no matter what until you are downed and drop the meatflag.[1]


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