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The Meadow Skirmish is a small skirmish between a group of Gears and the Lambent.

Order of Battle[]


As Bernie is a former farmer, Colonel Hoffman sends her looking for the missing cows and bull of the Edlar Farm with Lieutenant Anya Stroud, Sergeant Alex Brand, Private Samantha Byrne and her dog Mac for backup. As the group investigates a meadow five kilometers south of Edlar Farm, Barid contacts them to let them know that the missing bull has been found and it had turned Lambent and killed Eugen. Searching, the group finds a few sheep that escaped being captured and one of the cows. Cautious in case the cow is Lambent, Bernie heads for it with Mac and her Lancer and Longshot. At first the cow is calm, but suddenly a second cow charges and Bernie is forced to kill them both, only finding out that they aren't Lambent when they don't explode. Trying to figure out what set the cows off, they realize its Lambent Stalks when Mac won't stop barking and the birds in nearby trees flee. Mac is able to lead them to where the stalk will emerge and the group prepares to deal with the Lambent that emerge from it.

Stalk emergence[]

A small stalk emerges about four meters in height and instead of polyps coming out of the ground with it, blisters on the sides open up and release dozens of Lambent Dogs, surprising the squad. They quickly open fire, killing a lot of the dogs, but one jumps at and nearly kills Bernie, but Mac slams into it, causing it to explode. Mac is only slightly injured and Bernie holds him back while the squad finishes off the Lambent.


Afterwards, they search for and find an intact leg of one of the Lambent Dogs and take it with them as they know Chairman Prescott wants samples. Along with the Lambent Bull, the dog attack proves that Lambency is spreading and is jumping the species barrier into various animals.

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