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Mawfish hung alongside a blind Whale Fish.

The Mawfish is a large fish found in the Serano Ocean, these large, green fish is identifiable from its large maw-like mouth that latch onto larger animals like Whales and feed on its flesh and blood.

As such, they are external parasites. Their round, barrel-shaped bodies and tiny tailfins makes them poor swimmers whilst their belly spines deter predators. Their maws are lined with inwards facing teeth that allows the fish to remain firm on a host whilst it rips out a hole in the flesh of the victim.

Despite this, they are a popular form of gamefish, with fishermen in the Riftworm Village hanging their heads as trophies and even selling them as a food source.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Mawfish are a direct reference to the hagfish, which also have a similiar maw and function. They are also edible.
    • They may also reference the cookie-cutter shark which bites fist-size holes onto its victims.



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