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Doctor Mauris Ivo was a UIR scientist who worked on the Hammer of Dawn technology at Aspho Point.


Working on Satellite Technology[]

In the seventy-fifth year of the Pendulum Wars, Ivo was working for the UIR from the School of Applied Physics at Bonbourg University. He and his team made a breakthrough in how satellite navigation technology could be improved for greater accuracy. Ivo spoke to Engineering Today about his discoveries, and an article was published about his work. This alerted the COG to the UIR's satellite weapons program, as well as Ivo's involvement.[2]

Raid on Aspho Point[]

Ivo was on the shortlist of scientists to be killed or captured by COG commandos as part of Operation Leveler. When the commandos entered the building and brought out the residents, Ivo demanded to know who they were. Major Victor Hoffman forced him to admit who he was, and handed him off to a Pesanga soldier who handcuffed him. He was then taken down to the shore with fellow scientist Collun Bettrys and Anna Meurig's daughter and put in a Marlin for extraction.[3] He was either killed or wounded when Khimera attack choppers hit the commandos escape boat as they left Aspho Point, or survived and was held prisoner by the COG.[4]


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