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"We got Mauler Elites! Two of em'."
"Careful with your shots-their shields deflect fire!"
"A deadly combination!
—Zeta Squad battling RAAM's Mauler Elites

The Mauler Elite was a unique, more powerful class of the Locust Mauler seen after Emergence Day. Equipped with a horned, gothic-styled helmet and a modified Boomshield, the Mauler Elite was a deadly foe on the battlefield.


Locust War

Destruction of Halvo Bay

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Elite Maulers were encountered numerous times by Kilo Squad in Halvo Bay and the areas around it such as Onyx Point and Seahorse Hills.

Evacuation of Ilima

Two Mauler Elites took part in the Battle of Ilima. They escorted General RAAM through the city, using their explosive flails and deflective Boomshields to deadly effect. When Zeta-Six was trying to find a new route back to the Orphanage, the Maulers engaged them with the assistance of many Locust. But their attempts were utterly futile against Zeta-Six and died at their hands.

Behind the Scenes

  • Mauler Elites first appear in the RAAM's Shadow DLC for Gears of War 3.
  • You are able to play as one of two Mauler Elites in the DLC. As a Mauler Elite, you have the same abilities as a normal Mauler except that your Boomshield is modified to deflect bullets shot at you.


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